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Disc Formats - RCA BRC3087 User Manual

Brc3087 product manual
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Disc Formats

This player can playback discs bearing any of the following marks:
[8cm(3")/12cm(5") disc]
Audio CDs
[8cm(3")12cm(5") disc]
Region Management Information
This unit has been designed to playback BD-video with region
cannot playback BD-video or DVD-video that are labeled for other regions. Look for the symbols on the right
on your BD-video or DVD-video. If these region symbols do not appear on your BD-video or DVD-video, you
cannot playback the disc in this unit.
Disc Function or Operation that is Not Available
When the symbol
available at that time. This occurs because the disc manufacturer determines the specific functions. Certain
functions may not be available on some discs. Be sure to read the documentation provided with the disc.
Icons Used on DVDs
Sample lcons
• When playing back a CD-G (Graphics) or CD EXTRA disc, the audio portion will be played, but the graphic
images will not be shown.
Titles, Chapters and Tracks
• Blu-ray Discs and DVDs are divided into "titles" and
"chapters". If the disc has more than one movie
on it, each movie would be a separate "title".
"Chapters" are sections of titles.
• Audio CDs are divided into "tracks". A "track" is
usually one song on an Audio CD.
• Numbers identify each title, chapter, and track on a disc. Most discs have these numbers recorded on
them, but some do not.
Notes on Unauthorized Discs
You may not be able to play back some discs on this unit if they were purchased from outside your
geographic area or made for business purposes.
BRC3087 ENG IB.indd 1
appears on the screen, it indicates that the function or operation attempted is not
Language selections for audio
Language selections for subtitles
Screen aspect ratio
Multiple camera angles
Region code indicator
Blu-ray Discs
[8cm(3")/12cm(5") disc]
and DVD-video with region
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