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MOTOROLA Vodafone 702MO User Manual

3g mobile phone.
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Welcome to the world of Motorola digital wireless
communications! We are pleased that you have
chosen the Vodafone 702MO 3G mobile phone.
This model was designed using Vodafone Group's
global standard specification based on the standards
set by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project).
Therefore, some operating procedures and functions
may differ from those of previous Vodafone models.
• MOTOROLA and the Stylised M Logo are
registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.
• Java and all other Java-based marks are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
• V-appli and Chaku-video are trademarks of
Vodafone K.K.
• Chaku-uta
is a trademark of Sony Music
Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
All other product or service names are the property of
their respective owners.
© Motorola, Inc., 2004.
Software Copyright Notice
The Motorola products described in this manual may
include copyrighted Motorola and third-party software
stored in semiconductor memories or other media.
Laws in the United States and other countries preserve
for Motorola and third-party software providers certain
exclusive rights for copyrighted software, such as the
exclusive rights to distribute or reproduce the
copyrighted software. Accordingly, any copyrighted
software contained in the Motorola products may not be
modified, reverse-engineered, distributed, or
reproduced in any manner to the extent allowed by law.
Furthermore, the purchase of the Motorola products
shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by
implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any licence under
the copyrights, patents, or patent applications of
Motorola or any third-party software provider, except for
the normal, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use
that arises by operation of law in the sale of a product.
While Products specifications and features may be
subject to change without notice, we are making
every possible effort to ensure that user manuals are
updated on a regular basis to reflect product
functionality revisions. However, in the unlikely event
that your manual version does not fully reflect the
core functionality of your product, please let us know.


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for MOTOROLA Vodafone 702MO

  • Page 1: Introduction

    • Chaku-uta is a trademark of Sony Music that arises by operation of law in the sale of a product. Entertainment (Japan) Inc. While Products specifications and features may be All other product or service names are the property of subject to change without notice, we are making their respective owners.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Predictive Conversion....45 Basics ....... . . 21 Editing Text .
  • Page 3 Setting the Menu View ....90 Camera ......102 Personalising the Menu .
  • Page 4 Monitoring Phone Use ....114 Web....... . . 130 Using Handsfree Features .
  • Page 5 When V-appli is Running....180 Web ........164 Adjusting V-appli Volume .
  • Page 6 Customer Service ..... . . 198 Index ....... . . 199...
  • Page 7: Safety And General Information

    Safety and General Information 3.1 Safety Precautions • The following symbols indicate the different 3Safety and General Information degrees of injury or damage that may occur if IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON SAFE AND information provided is not observed. EFFICIENT OPERATION. READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE USING YOUR...
  • Page 8 3.1.1 Handset, Battery & Charger 3.1.1 Handset, Battery & Charger • The following icons are categorised to describe terms that must be followed. DANGER Indicates a prohibited action. Indicates not to disassemble the device. • Use only the specified battery, charger or holder.
  • Page 9 Handset, Battery & Charger 3.1.1 • Do not use the handset in locations such • Do not use or leave the handset in as gas stations where there is a risk of locations subject to high temperatures, explosion or fire.
  • Page 10 3.1.2 Handset • If a child is using the handset, have a • When instructed to do so, turn OFF the guardian teach them the proper handling handset when aboard aircraft. procedures. In addition, check that the Any use of a handset must be in child is using the handset as directed.
  • Page 11 Note: Example of such devices includes equipment. hearing aids, implanted pacemakers and defibrillators, other electronic medical • If you have a weak heart, take extra devices, smoke detectors, automated precautions when setting functions such doors and other automated devices. as the vibrator and ring tone volume for Confirm with the manufacturer or retailer incoming calls.
  • Page 12 3.1.2 Handset • Do not place a handset in the area over • The materials used in this handset may an air bag or in the air bag deployment cause an allergic reaction in some area. people. Air bags inflate with great force. If a...
  • Page 13 Handset 3.1.2 • Do not use the handset if the antenna is • While charging, do not cover with paper, damaged. cloth, or blankets, or allow your skin to The broken antenna may cause burns or come into contact for a long period of other injuries if in contact with skin.
  • Page 14 The battery may leak, overheat, explode or catch fire. • Do not force the battery when connecting to the charger. • Do not use or store near fire, heat source The battery may leak, overheat, explode or in extreme heat. or catch fire.
  • Page 15 • If there is leakage or abnormal odour, avoid fire sources. May catch fire/burst. WARNING • If battery fluid gets on skin or clothes, rinse with clean water immediately. Failure to do so may result in rashes. • Do not use a damaged charger or In-Car Charger cord.
  • Page 16 Electric shock may occur. connected to a power outlet. Also, do • Be sure to unplug charger or In-Car not allow any part of your body to come Charger before a long period of disuse. into contact with the charger terminal.
  • Page 17 Equipment may be near. Implanted pacemakers or defibrillators This section is based on “Guidelines on the Use of may malfunction due to radio waves. Radio Communications Equipment such as Cellular Telephones and Safeguards for Electronic Medical Equipment”...
  • Page 18 WARNING • Do not take handset into operating rooms, Intensive or Coronary Care Units. • Keep Memory Card out of the reach of • Keep handset OFF in hospitals. children. • Keep handset OFF in hospital lobbies. It may be accidentally swallowed. If Electronic equipment may be near.
  • Page 19: General Notes

    • Japan Mode (3G mode) is only available in Japan. (see page 198) or your nearest Vodafone dealer. 3.2.2 In Automobiles • Do not use the handset while driving. Doing so is 3.2 General Notes dangerous. • Do not park illegally to use handset.
  • Page 20 • Do not touch the terminals with your hands or metal objects. • If handset is left with no battery or an exhausted one, data may be altered/lost. Vodafone is not • Memory Cards have limited product life span. After liable for any resulting damages.
  • Page 21: Basics

    4.1 About This Manual 4.2.3 Soft Key 4Basics Press the Soft Keys to operate functions that appear This manual describes the basic features and on the bottom right and left of the screen. Vodafone live! services of your Motorola mobile phone.
  • Page 22: Installing The Usim Card

    Your 3G USIM (Universal IC Card) contains your phone number, service details, and Phone Book/ ③ message memory. Caution: Do not bend or scratch your card. Avoid exposing your card to static electricity, water, or dirt. ① Battery Cover Remove Button ②...
  • Page 23: Memory Card

    Slot Cover or V-appli, they will be saved to the Memory Card. To view a list of what is saved to either the Memory Card or the Phone Memory, press and select 4.5 Battery Tips Memory Card/Phone Memory.
  • Page 24: Installing The Battery

    -10°C (14°F) or above 45°C (113°F). Always take accessories. your phone with you when you leave your vehicle. • It is normal for batteries to gradually wear down ② and require longer charging times. If you notice a ② ③...
  • Page 25: Charging The Battery

    Action New batteries are shipped partially charged. Before Plug the rapid charger into your phone with the you can use your phone, you need to charge the release tab facing up. battery as described right. Some batteries perform best after several full charge/discharge cycles.
  • Page 26: Handset Parts And Functions

    Handset Parts and Functions 4.8 Handset Parts and Functions 4.8.1 Handset Basics...
  • Page 27 Dial phone numbers or enter numbers and m Camera KeyY characters. Activate camera or take pictures. 9 Microphone n Headphone ConnectorP a Charger Terminals Connect Stereo Earphone Microphone. b Earpiece The connector cover on the bottom of the handset c Internal Camera is not provided. Basics...
  • Page 28 :Secure circuit connection :Normal packet communication to sites :Secure packet communication to sites :Packet communication 4 Roam Indicator (3G) appears in Japan. The network in use ( : 3G, : GPRS, : GSM) appears when using abroad. 5 Call Status Indicators appears during calling and talking.
  • Page 29: External Display

    External Display 4.8.3 4.8.3 External Display 7 Message Indicator Shows the status of Received Message. The time and phone status appear on the external :Unread SMS or MMS display when the handset is closed. :Unread MMS 2 3 4 5...
  • Page 30 :Packet communication :Received Message memory full. Message 4 Roam Indicator forwarded to Voicemail (3G) appears in Japan. The network in use ( :Received Message memory is full with unread : GPRS, : GSM) appears when using MMS. Message forwarded to Voicemail abroad.
  • Page 31: Navigation Guide

    Navigation Guide 4.9 Navigation Guide Main Menu V-appli Messaging Data Folder • V ア プ リ ダウ ン ロー ド • Create Message • Pictures (Downloading V-appli) • New SMS • Sound&Ringtone • Football • New MMS • Videos • Skipping Stones •...
  • Page 32 Shortcuts • [New Shortcut] • メ ロデ ィ ダウ ン ロー ド (Downloading Melody) • ピ ク チ ャ ーダウ ン ロー ド (Downloading Picture) • V ア プ リ ダウ ン ロー ド (Downloading V-appli) • ムービーダウ ン ロー ド...
  • Page 33 • Language • Call Drop Tone Ring Styles • Battery save Security Set • Style • Brightness • (current ring style) Detail • Phone Lock • DTMF • Lock Application • Master Reset Diverts • Show Private Entries • Master Clear •...
  • Page 34: Turning Your Phone On

    4.10 Turning Your Phone On 4.12 Adjusting Volume Press the up or down volume keys to: Action Press and hold F for 2 seconds to turn on the • increase or decrease earpiece volume during a call phone. • increase or decrease speakerphone volume...
  • Page 35: Making A Call

    Off: the phone when you are finished Press answer the call Tip: You can also close the phone to end the call. Note: DIVERT divert the call to your voicemail or • When making a voice/video call to an ISDN...
  • Page 36: Changing The Call Alert

    4.15 Changing the Call Alert 4.15 Changing the Call Alert In the home screen, press the down volume key to switch the alert for incoming calls and other events to vibrate alert, then silent alert. Press the up volume key to reset ring alert.
  • Page 37: Entering Text

    Entering Text Tip: You can select a text entry mode in any text entry Mode Press the key in a text entry screen to change the 5Entering Text Entry Mode. screen by pressing M > text entry mode. The mode you select remains active until you select another mode.
  • Page 38 Assignment of Keypad Keys • When entering text in alphabet mode, press 1 Text Kanji/ Katakana to 0 for 1 second to switch to numeric mode. entry Alphabet Numeric Hiragana mode mode mode mode mode (single-byte) Text Kanji/ Katakana entry...
  • Page 39 Assignment of Keypad Keys Text Text Kanji/ Katakana Kanji/ Katakana entry Alphabet Numeric entry Alphabet Numeric Hiragana mode Hiragana mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode (single-byte) mode (single-byte) g up Move Moves cursor up Move Move cursor down...
  • Page 40 (single-byte) mode (single-byte) g left Move Moves cursor left Erase one character left of cursor cursor left (Press for 1 second: Erase all text being (When edited) converting Line break text: Enter a space Change (Press for 1 second: Enter multiple spaces)
  • Page 41: Entering Characters

    3 Press g right. Cursor moves right. 4 Press 7 five times. “ も ” appears. 5 Press 4 five times. “ と ” appears. 6 Press 3 two times and press *. “ じ ” appears. PREDICT is pressed 7 Press 9 five times.
  • Page 42 Entering Characters Entering Small Characters (っ , ッ , etc.) Press g up or down Small characters are assigned to keys just like normal select a character or word characters (see page 37). Conversion predictions Entering Dakuten/Handakuten Marks appear in the following...
  • Page 43 Note: For keypad key assignments, see page 37. Note: For keypad key assignments, see page 37. Tip: To convert hiragana into katakana, press the KANA-EI-SU key after entering hiragana, select the desired...
  • Page 44: Entering Numbers

    Entering Characters Entering Numbers Entering Pictographs In a text entry screen: Switch to hiragana mode or alphabet mode and enter pictographs. Press Press Mode switch to numeric mode (multiple times) open the pictograph list keypad enter a number select a pictograph...
  • Page 45: Predictive Conversion

    By using predictive conversion, kanji conversion g up or down candidates automatically appear every time you press select an emoticon the keypad, allowing for more effective text entry. SELECT enter the emoticon 5.4.1 Setting Predictive Conversion Entering Spaces...
  • Page 46 5.4.2 Entering Text Using Predictive Conversion 5.4.2 Entering Text Using Predictive Press Conversion show the predictive conversion settings screen In a text entry screen: CHANGE Press g up or down select Mode switch to hiragana mode SELECT set predictive conversion to...
  • Page 47: Editing Text

    5.5.2 Deleting Letters and Words Place the cursor to the right of the text you want to delete, and then: Action Press U to delete one letter at a time. Press and hold U to delete the entire text.
  • Page 48 Recent Calls entry. Option Description Highlighting Text Copy Text Copy the text you are about In a text editor, to highlight and copy or cut text: to highlight (see the following “Highlighting Text”). Find the Feature Copy Text Cut Text >...
  • Page 49 Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Text 5.5.3 Pasting Text In a text entry screen: Press move the cursor to the position to paste text open the menu g up or down Paste scroll to SELECT paste the text Inserting Text In a text entry screen:...
  • Page 50: Phone Book

    Phone Book 6.1 Storing Phone Book Entries 6Phone Book 6.1.1 Phone Book Entry Items Description Description Option Option Handset USIM Card Handset USIM Card Store To Handset or USIM Handset or USIM Name Kanji, hiragana, Kanji, hiragana, card card katakana, alphabet,...
  • Page 51 50 single-byte 50 single-byte Find the Feature Phone Book > characters characters Tip: The new Phone Book entry screen appears when no entries are stored in the Phone Book. Press h and go to the following step 2. Phone Book...
  • Page 52 12 g up or down Type scroll to If the search method is set to 13 h Type select Jump To, press M on the 14 g up or down...
  • Page 53 Tip: The new Phone Book entry screen appears when Email select no entries are stored in the Phone Book. Press h and 10 keypad enter an e-mail address go to the following step 2. store the e-mail address...
  • Page 54 Note: If your phone does not recognise the first pause Note: You cannot store a number that contains a character, try inserting two character on the USIM card. (pp). Insert Wait M >...
  • Page 55 The Phone Book entry screen with the selected phone number entered A check appears next to the appears. selected Phone Book entry. Enter the other items in the entry and store the You can select additional data. entries. set selected members DONE...
  • Page 56: Options When Storing Phone Book Entries

    RECORD Press the key again and say the entry’s You can record a voice name for a new or existing name (within 2 seconds) to record the voice Phone Book entry. A voice name lets you call the name.
  • Page 57 6.2.2 Changing Speed Dial Number 6.2.3 Setting Categories Speed dial numbers are automatically assigned. Find the Feature Phone Book > Alternatively, you can assign a speed dial number to an entry. Action Find the Feature Phone Book Press g to scroll to the entry.
  • Page 58 (see page 85). Street 2, City, County, Zip/Postal Code, and Country Enter the same way. 6.2.6 Setting Ringer ID You can set a distinctive ring tone for each Phone Book entry. Find the Feature Phone Book > Phone Book...
  • Page 59 Select a ringer ID with g and press the SELECT key. 6.2.8 Adding Phone Numbers You cannot store more than one phone number for a Note: You cannot set a ringer ID for an entry Phone Book entry. However, you can store more stored on the USIM card.
  • Page 60 Select Phone Book Entry Enter the desired phone number and press the key. When you enter multiple phone numbers for the same name, you can specify the primary number. 6.2.9 Adding E-mail Addresses Find the Feature Phone Book >...
  • Page 61: Using Phone Book Category Views

    Using Phone Book Category Views Note: Option Description • Depending on how the Phone Book list is sorted, Name Enter the category name. the primary number is listed first, or is the only number that appears for a Phone Book entry.
  • Page 62: Deleting A Category

    Edit the category information as described in the previous section. • You cannot delete the categories. General Note: • When you delete a category, all entries in the • You cannot edit the category. category revert to General. • You cannot edit the name of the category.
  • Page 63 View You can set your phone to use ringer alerts to notify You can view all entries in the Phone Book list, or view you when you receive a call from an entry in a only the entries in the category you specify.
  • Page 64: Using The Phone Book

    Press g up or down scroll to the entry 6.4.1 Dialling a Phone Book Entry make the call You can call the entry stored in the Phone Book. Find the Feature Phone Book To make a video call, press >...
  • Page 65: Searching The Phone Book

    • Follow the same steps to switch back to the yomigana search screen. Changing the Search Method You can set the Phone Book list to show entries in Phone Book Japanese alphabetical order when selected. Find the Feature Phone Book >...
  • Page 66: Copying Phone Book Entries

    Note: The voice name sort is identical to the name sort, except that the entries with voice name tags are You can copy one or more Phone Book entries to a listed first. new speed dial location on the phone or USIM card.
  • Page 67 Send Message scroll to g up or down scroll to entries you want to SELECT Send Message copy select g up or down New SMS New MMS scroll to Press h to add an entry to the copy list. Phone Book...
  • Page 68: Editing A Phone Book Entry

    6.4.6 Sending Phone Book Entry Contents as SMS Messages Press Press SELECT SELECT New SMS select the option select Enter message text and recipient’s e-mail Name, phone number, and address/phone number, and send the other information are inserted message. into the message text.
  • Page 69: Deleting A Phone Book Entry

    SELECT select the menu Edit the options on the entry. 6.4.8 Deleting a Phone Book Entry You can delete one or all Phone Book entries. Find the Feature Phone Book > Press g up or down...
  • Page 70: Camera

    Camera You can do much more with your phone than make The active viewfinder image appears. 7Camera and receive calls! This section describes some of your phone’s highlight features. Remaining 7.1 Taking and Sending a Photo pictures you can Note: You can send pictures, videos, sounds,...
  • Page 71 Taking and Sending a Photo Point the camera lens at the photo subject, then: Option Description Go To Pictures View pictures and photos Press stored on your phone. CAPTURE take a photo Memory Card/Phone Memory Select the memory card or...
  • Page 72: Using Photos And Pictures

    Vodafone live!, contact Vodafone Customer perform other options Centre (see page 198). Note: The files that you download or receive as Tip: To assign a stored picture to a Phone Book entry, attachments might have a lock that keeps you from Edit > Picture.
  • Page 73 7.2.2 Pictures Menu Press to open the from the picture list. Option Description The menu can include the following options: Move Move pictures from the phone memory to the memory card, or Option Description from the memory card to the...
  • Page 74: Recording Video Clips

    Note: When copying/moving encrypted content files, Find the Feature Record Video > select files one at a time. If multiple files are selected, some files may not be copied/moved. The active viewfinder image appears. To adjust your phone’s wallpaper and screen saver Press images, see page 86.
  • Page 75 Recording Video Clips Videos Menu Point the camera lens at the video subject, then: Press to open the when the camera is active. The menu can include the following options: Press Option Description CAPTURE start the video Go To Videos...
  • Page 76: Using Video Clips

    Stretch the video to fill the display. 7.4.1 Downloading Video Clips Send in Message Insert selected video in a new To download a video clip with Vodafone live!, see message. page 170. Capture a new video. 7.4.2 Viewing and Managing Video Clips Details View video information.
  • Page 77: Making Video Calls

    Please note that both Assign to Category Assign the video to a defined participating in the video call have to be on the 3G category. network and in the 3G coverage area. Videos Setup Open the setup menu to adjust video settings.
  • Page 78: Making A Video Call

    7.5.1 Making a Video Call Options During an Active Video Call Vodafone live!. You can also send and receive messages during a video call, or start a new video call. Swapping Views Video Call Menu Press Find the Feature Swap View >...
  • Page 79 Swap View change between the primary and secondary video area on your phone display. Brightness adjust the brightness/contrast level of the display. This does not affect the outgoing video image. Setup set up camera settings: Mirror - select so that the camera captures a “mirror”...
  • Page 80: Learning To Use Your Phone

    Press the 5-way navigation key ( ) left, right, up, or 8Learning to Use Your Phone down to select one of the menu feature icons. If you select a menu icon by mistake, press F to return to 8.1 Using the Display the home screen.
  • Page 81: Using Menus

    Calls. Press main menu, then scroll to and select to scroll to and select items. Press the left/right soft keys to select the functions listed in the bottom Press to scroll to and highlight a menu feature left and right corners of the display.
  • Page 82: Using The External Display

    8.2.2 Selecting a Feature Option messages to notify you of incoming calls and other events. See page 29 for descriptions of the status Some features require you to select an option from a indicators that may appear in the external display. list:...
  • Page 83: Changing A Code, Pin, Or Password

    6 digits. > > Phone Lock Lock Now > > You can also reset your USIM card PIN code or PIN2 code, if necessary. Press To change a code or password: keypad enter your unlock code lock the phone...
  • Page 84: Unlocking Your Phone

    Press 8.6.3 Setting Your Phone to Lock open the unlock code bypass Automatically screen You can set your phone to lock every time you turn it security code keypad enter your off. submit your security code Find the Feature...
  • Page 85: Setting Up Your Phone

    9.1 Setting the Time and Date Each ring style contains settings for specific event alerts, 9Setting Up Your Phone ringer ID, and ringer and keypad volume. To change Your phone uses the time and date for the Calendar. > style Detail. Settings Ring Styles these settings, press >...
  • Page 86: Setting A Wallpaper Image

    9.5 Setting a Screen Saver Image Press Multi-key up or down scroll to You can set a photo, picture, or animation as a screen Open To Answer saver image. CHANGE select the option The screen saver image appears when the phone is...
  • Page 87: Setting Display Brightness

    Initial Setup > > Brightness > 9.7 Adjusting the Backlight You can set the amount of time that the display and keypad backlights remain on, or turn off backlights to extend battery life. Caution: The Continuous setting can decrease battery life.
  • Page 88: Personalising Your Phone

    Any changes you make are applied to the specific categories of entries in your Phone Book. current ring style. Note: To assign a ringer ID to a new or existing Phone Book entry, see page 58. Find the Feature...
  • Page 89: Setting Ringer Or Keypad Volume

    Greeting > 10.4 Setting Reminders 10.6 Personalising Home Screen A reminder is an alert that rings or vibrates at regular Icons intervals to notify you about a message that you have received, or a calendar event you have scheduled. You can change the features that your navigation key selects in the home screen.
  • Page 90: Setting The Menu View

    10.7 Setting the Menu View 10.8 Personalising the Menu Press scroll to Up, Down, Left, or Right You can reorder the items in your phone’s main menu. up or down CHANGE select the action Find the Feature Settings Personalise >...
  • Page 91: Setting Menu Scroll Behaviour

    10.9 10.9 Setting Menu Scroll Behaviour 10.11 Clearing All Stored Information Set the highlight bar to stop or wrap around when you Reset all options back to their original factory settings, except for the unlock code, security code, reach the top or bottom of a menu list.
  • Page 92: Creating And Using Shortcuts

    Press the up volume key to cycle Press to enter the menu system. back to vibrate alert, then ring Press up or down to scroll to the menu item. alert. Press and hold to open the shortcut editor. Lock your...
  • Page 93 10.12.5 Editing or Deleting a Shortcut Action Press the key to view shortcut options. The shortcut list is sorted by key. If you change a shortcut’s key, you change its place in the list. To change the keypad shortcut number: Find the Feature...
  • Page 94: Calling Features

    For more information, see page 58. 11.1 Redialling a Number 11.2.2 Outgoing Calls Press You can show or hide your phone number as an ID for the calls that you make. view the dialled calls list up or down scroll to the entry you want...
  • Page 95: Dialling International Numbers

    • In Japan Your phone keeps lists of the calls you recently received and dialled, even if the calls did not connect. You can make an international call by entering The lists are sorted from newest to oldest entries. The the Vodafone international access code oldest entries are deleted as new entries are added.
  • Page 96 Option Description Delete All make a video call to the Delete all entries in the list. entry’s number Hide ID/Show ID Hide or show your caller ID for the next call. View Store View Send Message appears above the left...
  • Page 97: Returning An Unanswered Call

    The most recent set of digits entered on the keypad are stored in your phone’s notepad memory. This can While dialling (with digits visible in the display): be a phone number that you called, or a number that Press you entered but did not call.
  • Page 98: Calling With Speed Dial

    Voicemail messages that you receive are stored on 11.10 Calling with 1-Touch Dial the network. To listen to your messages, you must To call Phone Book entries 2 to 9, press and hold the call your voicemail phone number. single-digit speed dial number for one second.
  • Page 99: Listening To Voicemail Messages

    Phone Book entry for it. Then, you can use the entry to store a number. to call your voicemail. To store these characters in a number, see page 53.
  • Page 100: Using Call Waiting

    11.12 Using Call Waiting 11.12 Using Call Waiting 11.13 Putting a Call On Hold When you are on a call or downloading a file, an alert Press tone sounds to indicate that you have received a HOLD put the call on hold >...
  • Page 101: Do Not Announce The Call Transfer

    Do Not Announce the Call Transfer 11.14.2 Press Transfer up or down scroll to SELECT Transfer select confirm the transfer 11.14.2 Do Not Announce the Call Transfer Find the Feature Transfer > Press keypad dial the number where you are transferring the call...
  • Page 102: Getting More Out Of Your Phone

    12.1 Camera 12Getting More Out of Your Phone Option Description Resolution Set the camera to capture photos For instructions on how to take and send photos, see at the following resolutions: page 70. Medium (160x120 pixels), (320x240 To adjust picture camera settings:...
  • Page 103: Calendar

    12.2 12.2 Calendar 12.2.1 Month View When the default view is set to month, the Calendar You can schedule or organise events such as initially displays the month view. An indicator in the appointments and meetings. You must set the correct lower right corner of the date box indicates that one time and date to use the Calendar.
  • Page 104: Day View

    12.2.2 Day View 12.2.2 Day View 12.2.3 Event View VIEW Select a day and press the centre select key to see Select an event and press the key to see event the day’s events. details. Day of Week Reminder Alarm...
  • Page 105: Creating A Calendar Event

    Creating a Calendar Event 12.2.4 12.2.4 Creating a Calendar Event Press A title is required for a calendar event. All other up or down scroll to other fields and information is optional. enter information as necessary • You must create an event to use the reminder alarm.
  • Page 106: Copying An Event

  • Page 107: Alarm Clock

    If you have more than one event set up for the same store the name time, the phone displays each event in sequence. As you view and dismiss each event reminder, the next event appears.
  • Page 108 When an alarm sounds, your phone displays the 12.3.2 Enabling/Disabling an Alarm alarm name, time, and date. Alarm Clock Alarms that you set are listed by name on the Press menu. An active alarm is identified by an (alarm) or F...
  • Page 109: Calculator

    Calculator 12.4 12.4 Calculator 12.4.1 Calculating Numbers You can use your phone as a calculator and currency Find the Feature Tools Calculator > > converter. Press Entered Selected number keys enter a number Numbers Function select a calculator function number keys...
  • Page 110: Making A Conference Call

    12.5 Making a Conference Call 12.4.2 Converting Currency Connect an active call and a call on hold so that all The currency converter works just like the calculator, parties can speak to each other. but converts a currency value based on the exchange •...
  • Page 111: Diverting Calls

    Cancel All Scroll to to cancel all Tip: Repeat steps 3 to 6 to add additional parties to call diverting. the conference call. SELECT view call diverting details Divert...
  • Page 112: Barring Calls

    All Calls Use call barring to restrict outgoing or incoming voice Divert all calls (a appears in or video calls. You can restrict all calls, calls to the status bar). international numbers, or calls while roaming. If Unavailable Divert calls if your phone is unavailable.
  • Page 113: Using Dtmf Tones

    PIN code or Note: When sending long tones, you may have to credit card number. enter a single short keypress first to put the phone in 12.8.1 Activating DTMF Tones DTMF mode. You can set DTMF tones to Long, Short, or Off:...
  • Page 114: Monitoring Phone Use

    Received Calls moment you connect to Vodafone’s network to the Approximate total time spent on moment you end the call by pressing F. This time calls received since the last time includes busy signals and ringing. you reset this timer.
  • Page 115: Using Handsfree Features

    12.9.2 12.10 Using Handsfree Features 12.9.2 Using a Timer During a Call You can set a timer to beep at selected intervals Your phone includes an integrated handsfree speaker during a call, and display different types of that you can use for handsfree applications. You can information during a call.
  • Page 116: Using Applications During A Call

    12.10.4 Voice Dial from a Stereo Find the Feature Settings > Earphone Microphone Car Settings Headset > This feature lets you press the send/end key to voice Auto Answer > dial a call from the stereo earphone microphone. 2,5,10 seconds > Find the Feature Settings Headset >...
  • Page 117: Making Data Calls

    Make sure that the phone is connected and or PDA. powered on. To connect your phone, see page 120. • Use your phone as a modem to connect to the Open the application (such as dial-up- Internet. networking) on your computer, and place the •...
  • Page 118: Sending Files From Your Phone

    Receiving a Data Call 12.14 Adjusting Network Settings 12.12.3 Receiving a Data Call Use this procedure to transfer a data call to a Vodafone registers your phone to its network. In some connected computer or hand-held device. situations, such as when using the phone overseas, you may need to change the network registration.
  • Page 119 North America (including Hawaii). GSM900/1800 Search for networks when in 12.14.3 Changing Network Setup Values Asia, Europe, and Oceania. European Set how your phone searches for a network connection. 3G 2100 Find the Feature Settings Network Set > >...
  • Page 120: Monitoring Battery Charge

    You can connect your phone to a computer or whenever the network drops a call. Because digital hand-held device using a: networks are so quiet, the call drop alert may be your • USB cable only indication that a call has been dropped.
  • Page 121: Usim Applications

    Setting Up a Cable Connection 12.17.1 12.18 USIM Applications Note: Not all devices are compatible with all types of connections. Check your external device for Your USIM card may contain applications that specifications. The use of wireless devices and their...
  • Page 122: Security

    USIM card PIN code to unlock the USIM card each from Vodafone Customer Centre (see page 198). time you turn on the phone or insert the USIM card in the phone. Your USIM card PIN code is originally set Caution: In the following key sequence, each key to 9999.
  • Page 123 USIM PIN2 in a row, your phone’s USIM PIN2 protected features code and unblock PIN2 SIM Blocked are disabled and your phone displays when features you try to use a PIN2 feature. You must enter a PIN2 Security...
  • Page 124: Locking And Unlocking Applications

    Locking and Unlocking Applications 13.2 Locking and Unlocking 13.3 Security Code Applications You can set a 6-digit security code for when Unlock Code and Private Entries Code are lost, or initialising You can lock specific phone applications (such as the the handset.
  • Page 125: Centre Access Code

    (see page 198). code keypad enter new private entries 13.5 Private Entries Code code submit new private entries You can set a 4- to 8-digit number for when viewing code private data. keypad re-enter new private entries Find the Feature Settings Security Set >...
  • Page 126: Call Barring Password

    Note: If you enter an incorrect password three times SELECT Show Private Entries select in a row, the setting for Call barring cannot be g up or down Hide Private Entries scroll to changed. For more information, contact Vodafone...
  • Page 127 Call Barring Password 13.6 Press keypad enter new barring password submit new barring password keypad re-enter new barring password submit new barring password Security...
  • Page 128: Vodafone Live

    General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network To connect to the Vodafone live! service, press the Vodafone live! key on your handset. If you have any connection. This type of connection is identified by a problems connecting to Vodafone live!, please (GPRS) indicator in the home screen that contact Vodafone.
  • Page 129: Messaging

    14.1 14.1 Messaging Retry Function If the other party’s phone is turned off or out of the In Japan or abroad, you can exchange text messages service area, messages are held by the Service with handset, PCs, or other devices.
  • Page 130: Web

    • When replacing a circuit board or USIM card, ® content data such as Chaku-uta and V-appli Use Web to access the Mobile Internet and a wide saved in the handset or memory card may variety of Vodafone live! content. Search for become unusable.
  • Page 131: Checking Amount Of Memory Used

    Checking Amount of Memory Used 14.5 Note: If ご希望の E- メ ールア ド レ スは既に登録 さ れ ています。 他のア ド レ ス を入力 し て く だ さ い Vodafone live! Vodafone live! > > (Address is already in use. Please select another) My Vodafone >...
  • Page 132: Locking/unlocking Vodafone Live

    You can lock the Messaging and Web functions of Vodafone live! • When Messaging is locked, Receiving messages is available but displaying the message folders is not available. • All of the services are originally set to Unlocked. Find the Feature Settings Security Set >...
  • Page 133: Messaging

    Phone Book can sender’s name appear.) Press be set to appear (see page 59). key to retrieve DOWNLOAD the message. • To mute the message ring tone during a call, see page 85. Note: • notifications for MMS messages do New Message not contain message texts.
  • Page 134: Retrieving Mms Messages From The Centre

    Centre (Resend New Message notification) If your phone is turned off or out of the service area for more than 24 hours, a new message notification is Press no longer sent. Follow the steps to the right to resend g up or down the notification.
  • Page 135: Using Received Messages

    Note: • When a reply address is included in the received message, that address is entered when replying to the message. • The reply to an SMS message is sent in the same character code as the original message. Messaging...
  • Page 136: Sending A Message

    15.4 Sending a Message 15.4 Sending a Message Calling the Sender Using the phone number from a message, you can I. Entering the Message Text (see page 138) call the sender. New SMS New MMS Select and enter the message In the message summary screen or received text.
  • Page 137 Sending a Message 15.4 Maximum Message Length For MMS messages, you can set the following options: Up to 70 double-byte characters, 140 Option Description single-byte katakana, or 160 single- byte alphanumeric characters MMS Templates Use MMS message templates (see page 139).
  • Page 138 Enter the message text. • You can send up to 300 KB of a combination of You can enter up to 160 single-byte alphanumeric file attachments, message body text, characters (70 double-byte characters or 140 single- recipient(s), and subject.
  • Page 139 Sending a Message 15.4 Note: If a media object in a template cannot be edited, you will be unable to highlight the object. • To preview an MMS message, press M, select with g, and press the key. Preview SELECT...
  • Page 140 15.4 Sending a Message Inserting a Phone Number or E-mail Address • To delete sound data, press M, select Delete Audio, and press the key. SELECT from the Phone Book or Dialled/Received Calls Inserting Quick Notes/MMS Templates In a text entry screen: Note: MMS templates are only for MMS messages.
  • Page 141 Specify the recipient. SELECT add a page For SMS, you can send the message to other mobile phone users. Note: You can view the previous page by pressing g For MMS, you can send the message to other mobile left and the following page by pressing g right.
  • Page 142 (To/Cc/Bcc). • To add recipients, repeat steps 2 to 5. You can also send to Vodafone handset numbers • You cannot send a message if you enter 184 or and mail addresses simultaneously. 186 before the phone number.
  • Page 143 Sending a Message 15.4 Editing/Deleting a Recipient Composing Messages from the Phone Book In a recipient list: Find the Feature Phone Book > Press In a search screen: g up or down scroll to a specified recipient no longer specify the...
  • Page 144: Attaching Image/sound Files (mms Only)

    After specifying a recipient (II. Entering a Recipient): You can send MMS messages with picture, sound, or video attachments. Press • You can send up to 300 KB of a combination of SEND send the message file attachments, message body text, recipients, and subject.
  • Page 145 • To attach multiple files, select [New Attachment] Tip: To preview the picture or repeat steps 6 and 7. video, select the file and • To return to the text entry screen, key > BACK DONE VIEW press the key while key.
  • Page 146 Picture/Sound/Video selected, a media file in Adding Pages the Data folder can be You can add pages to a message so that it can be inserted into the played like a slide show. You can also attach pictures, message. sounds, or videos so that they play from the message pages.
  • Page 147: Setting Outgoing Message Options (mms Only)

    Entering the Subject SELECT insert the media object You can enter up to 40 single- or double-byte MMS Menu open the characters. g up or down Set Page Timing scroll to...
  • Page 148 Note: Press • The number of characters you can enter SELECT display message options depends on the type of characters and the size g up or down scroll to of attached files. open a recipient list • When single-byte and double-byte characters...
  • Page 149: Setting Priority

    In a text entry screen: • Delivery report is originally set to Off (REMOVE key). Press • You can set this when sending a message to only MMS Menu open the one Vodafone mobile phone. g up or down Message Options...
  • Page 150: Saving A Message In The Draft Folder

    You can save messages to the draft folder (Draft Received Messages • Messages) to send later. Note: • You can edit or send messages later. • You can save up to 180 messages to the draft folder. In a text entry screen: Press Sent Messages • keypad...
  • Page 151: Checking Message Contents

    READ SELECT open the message Note: • You can view the previous message by pressing g down and the following message by pressing g up. • On the message list, you can create a new...
  • Page 152: Reordering The Message Centre Menu View (messaging Top Menu)

    15.10 Reordering the Message Centre Menu View (Messaging Top Menu) 15.10 Reordering the Message Press Centre Menu View (Messaging Top g up or down Reorder List scroll to Menu) SELECT Reorder List select g up or down The default setting of the message menu is described scroll to a menu item to below but you can change the order.
  • Page 153: Replying To A Message

    15.11 Replying to a Message 15.12 Forwarding a Message You can send a message back to the sender. You can forward messages to another party. Note: With MMS, you can send a message to up to Find the Feature Messaging >...
  • Page 154: Delivery Report

    Delivery Report 15.13 Delivery Report 15.14 Sending a Message from the Draft Folder After you send a message, you can check that the recipient received it. You can send messages in the draft folder (Draft Messages) one by one. You can also edit the message...
  • Page 155: Locking A Message

    SELECT select the menu memory. 15.15 Locking a Message changes to Note: To unlock a message, You can lock messages so that they will not be press M, select Unlock, and deleted. press the key. SELECT Note: changes to •...
  • Page 156: Deleting A Message

    Draft - Deletes all messages in SELECT Delete select Messages Draft Messages. Your phone prompts you for confirmation. Note: Locked mail is not deleted. To delete locked messages, select Unlock. confirm the deletion Note: To not delete, press key. Messaging...
  • Page 157 M. to keep messages. Automatically Deleting Messages None No criteria. If you set received messages and sent messages to Auto Cleanup, old messages are automatically deleted, allowing you to store new messages. Messaging...
  • Page 158: Phone Numbers/e-mail Addresses In A Message

    > (see page 155). • is originally set to None. Auto Cleanup Press • When memory to store sent messages is full, g up or down Auto scroll to a criterion for messages are automatically deleted starting with Cleanup the oldest.
  • Page 159: Using Attachments

    Store scroll to attached to messages to your phone’s Data folder. SELECT Store select Note: Some files may not be stored to the Data folder. g up or down Phone Number Email scroll to Find the Feature Messaging >...
  • Page 160: Received Messages List Operations

    Screen Saver Setting a Wallpaper/Screen Saver Image SELECT set the media as a wallpaper or screen saver You can set a picture attached to a message as the wallpaper or screen saver image. 15.19 Received Messages List Note: Operations •...
  • Page 161: Mms Settings

    SELECT scroll to select the option SELECT set the option 15.21 SMS Settings 15.20 MMS Settings Setting Message Type when Replying with an SMS Message Setting Message Type when Replying with an MMS Message Find the Feature Messaging > Message Setup >...
  • Page 162 CHANGE Service Centre No. select number. keypad enter the Service Centre Do not change the number unless you receive a number notice from Vodafone. store the Service Centre • The SMS message centre phone number is number originally set to +819066519300.
  • Page 163: Storing Quick Notes

    Storing Quick Notes 15.22 15.22 Storing Quick Notes 15.23 Resetting Messaging You can store frequently used message text phrases Deleting Messages as quick notes. Find the Feature Messaging > Find the Feature Messaging > Cleanup Messages > Press Press g up or down...
  • Page 164: Web

    Cache Memory (Temporary Memory) 16Web You can use your phone to view data service contents Contents or data downloaded from Mobile Internet that support SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is a sites are temporarily stored in cache memory. transmission protocol that allows personal data to be...
  • Page 165: Accessing Mobile Internet Sites

    Accessing Mobile Internet Sites 16.1 16.1 Accessing Mobile Internet Sites 16.1.1 Accessing from the Menu You can select an item to read from the Vodafone live! You can access Mobile Internet sites and download menu and receive that data. data.
  • Page 166 You can enter a Mobile Internet site address (URL) to If you cannot connect to the connect to the Internet. Vodafone live! service, Note: You may not be able to receive data from some contact Vodafone. Mobile Internet sites. In addition, screens may differ end the Vodafone live! when viewed on a computer.
  • Page 167: Mobile Internet Site Operations

    List/Command Button 16.2.1 Moving the Cursor You can place a check in a check box or activate a function if you use g to select an item or button and You can select an item in the Mobile Internet site by using g.
  • Page 168 The phone number is dialled. If a page has a phone number (a number with “TEL:” in the front) or e-mail address, you can make a call or Sending an MMS Message Using an E-mail send an MMS message from that screen. Similarly, if Address from the Mobile Internet Site a page has a URL (an address with “http://”...
  • Page 169: Using Pictures

    Select a URL with g and press the key or h. SELECT site by selecting its link. You can store the object on your phone, and use it as a wallpaper image or a You are connected to the specified Mobile Internet screen saver image.
  • Page 170: Using Video Clips

    You can download video clips from Mobile Internet Press sites and store them on your phone. g up or down select the link to download Tip: For details on using video clips, see page 76. SELECT download STORE Downloading Video Clips...
  • Page 171: Using Sound Files

    16.5 Using Sound Files Note: • Video clips downloaded from Mobile Internet If sound (melody) is included in data, you can play sites cannot be set as Chaku-video. and store it on your phone. Furthermore, on-screen text is unavailable when Note: playing videos.
  • Page 172: My Saved Page

    My Saved Page store to 16.6 My Saved Page Note: When you store a media object (such as an You can store frequently used Mobile Internet sites to image), a screen to enter a My Saved Page for quick access. file name (Save As:) appears.
  • Page 173: Bookmarks

    My Saved Page > 16.7 Bookmarks Press g up or down select a title to change You can store frequently used Mobile Internet site show options Bookmarks addresses (URLs) to for quick access. g up or down Rename...
  • Page 174: Editing Bookmarks

    16.7 Bookmarks Press Press SELECT set the data open the screen with the bookmark data DONE Bookmarks store the URL to keypad edit the data Accessing Mobile Internet Sites in set the changes Bookmarks DONE store the changes Find the Feature...
  • Page 175: History

    History 16.8 16.8 History When this happens, you can refresh the data. In addition, you can reload the data if you were not able Accessing Mobile Internet Sites in History to receive it correctly. Find the Feature Vodafone live! History Action >...
  • Page 176: Resetting Web

    Off (Hide) scroll to 16.11.2 Resetting Mobile Web Cache SELECT confirm the setting You can delete the cache stored in your phone. 16.11 Resetting Web Find the Feature Vodafone live! Browser Set > >...
  • Page 177: Functions While Using Web

    16.13 Confirming the URL of a Mobile Internet Site While viewing Mobile Internet site, you can use the following functions. You can check the URL of the site you are viewing. Call: Make a call • While viewing site: Phone Book: View the Phone Book •...
  • Page 178: V-appli

    Go to the page that contains the application, then: Note: V-appli which is stored on a memory card from Press your phone can be used only on your phone or other g up or down scroll to the application Vodafone model with your USIM card inserted.
  • Page 179: Launching V-appli

    SELECT launch the application 17.4.2 Deleting V-appli Note: If a phone call or message is received while a V-appli is running, the V-appli is paused and the You can delete stored V-appli. incoming call/message screen appears. You can have...
  • Page 180: V-appli Home Screen Settings

    Some V-appli may not be set. Set phone actions for when a phone call/message is • When a V-appli is paused, it cannot be set as the received or a set alarm time arrives while a V-appli is home screen.
  • Page 181 Setting Phone Actions for When V-appli is Running 17.6 Option Description Press g up or down Call Priority/Alarm Priority App Priority Pause the V-appli and scroll to receive the call/message or SELECT App Priority open activate the alarm. g up or down...
  • Page 182: Adjusting V-appli Volume

    17.7 Adjusting V-appli Volume 17.7 Adjusting V-appli Volume 17.7.2 V-appli Vibration Settings You can set the vibration for V-appli. Adjust the volume of V-appli sound effects and other sounds. Find the Feature Settings V-appli Set > > 17.7.1 Setting V-appli Volume...
  • Page 183: Setting The Display Backlight For V-appli

    Setting the Display Backlight for V-appli 17.8 17.8 Setting the Display Backlight Press for V-appli g up or down scroll to You can set the display backlight for when V-appli is running. Tip: To not illuminate constantly, select Off. Option Description SELECT...
  • Page 184: Viewing Java™ Version And Available Memory

    Available Memory Data Space (both Java Memory available for and non-Java data application data (such as To view Java version information, or the amount of space) game scores or application phone memory available for V-appli: settings), and for downloaded graphics,...
  • Page 185: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check these questions first if you have problems with 18Troubleshooting Question Answer your phone. Is the earpiece While on a call, press the volume too low? Question Answer upper volume key on the side of your phone. Is your battery...
  • Page 186 Check the My phone was Report a stolen phone to the even Check SIM Card USIM card to make sure that it stolen. To whom police and to Vodafone though I have is inserted properly. should I report...
  • Page 187 Silent be set to even though obstructions such as bridges, your phone is set to an audible car parks, or tall buildings. ring style (see page 88). Also, check to be sure your I tried to place a...
  • Page 188 Your phone passwords as DTMF tones phone. commands, display should show the while on a call. You can set passwords, or volume increasing. your phone’s DTMF tones to other codes. be Long, Short, or Off. If you...
  • Page 189 (10 centimetres) from your time that the display backlight mouth, and speak directly into stays on (see page 87). the phone in a normal tone of voice. My battery didn’t Your battery’s performance is last as long as I affected by charge time, expected.
  • Page 190 My phone The beep indicates that you Some wireless networks may data cable into beeped when I are set up correctly. If you did not support data transmission. my phone but my attached the not hear a beep, make sure...
  • Page 191 14400 or 9600 I launched the You may be in an area without Kbps. browser but the service, or you may be display says: Note: A GPRS or 3G...
  • Page 192: Specific Absorption Rate (sar)

    SAR limit is 2.0 W/kg averaged over ten exposure. Please note that improvements to this grams of tissue. The value of the limit is equal to the product model could cause differences in the SAR value for later products; in all cases, products are international guidelines recommended by ICNIRP.
  • Page 193 Association of Radio Industries and Businesses: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: The technical regulation is provided in Article 14-2 of the Ministry Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment. International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Additional related information includes the Motorola testing protocol, assessment procedure, and measurement uncertainty range for this product.
  • Page 194: Pictographs

    Pictographs 20Pictographs Pictographs...
  • Page 195 Pictographs Note: • Pictographs enclosed with are animations. • Some mobile phones may not display pictographs correctly. Pictographs...
  • Page 196: Specifications

    Standby Time may decrease to less than half with a weak signal (indoors, driving, or in a purse, etc.) or out of service area in Standby. Standby Time may also vary due to battery level or temperature.
  • Page 197: Warranty And After-sales Services

    Warranty and After-sales Services Warranty After-sales Services 22Warranty and After-sales Services A warranty card is included with your phone at the Refer to “Troubleshooting” (see page 185) before time of purchase. requesting repairs. • Check that the retailer and date of purchase are If the problem persists, contact your local Vodafone filled in on the warranty card.
  • Page 198: Customer Service

    Customer Service If you have questions about Vodafone handsets or services, please call General Information. For loss or repairs, 23Customer Service please contact Vodafone Customer Centre. Vodafone Customer Centres Dial toll free 157 from a Vodafone handset for General Information Dial toll free 113 from a Vodafone handset for Vodafone Customer Centre Call these numbers toll free from landlines.
  • Page 199: Index

    107 alert new event, creating 105 backlight 87, 183 defined 85 reminders 89, 105, 107 barring calls 112 setting 34, 36, 63, 85, 88 using 103 battery turning off 34, 85, 94 call charging 25 animation alert, changing volume 36...
  • Page 200 114 unlock code. unlock code home screen 80 call waiting 100 computer language 34 caller ID 51, 59, 72, 74, 94 connecting to phone 120 personalising 89 hide/show 96 conference call 110 timeout 87 calling line identification. caller...
  • Page 201 95 earpiece volume 34 hold a call 100 emoticon 44 home keys, personalising 89 end key 27 home screen ending a call 35, 77 defined 80 Enter Unlock Code message 84 V-appli 180 camera 27 event alert 85, 88...
  • Page 202 Index Missed Calls keypad menu message 97 answering calls 85 icons, changing in idle display MMS template 139 volume, setting 89 mobile Internet site icons, converting to text 90 access 165 language, setting 34 bookmarks 173 personalising 90 cache, resetting 176...
  • Page 203 33, 36 network settings 118 private 51 numbers, entering 44 open to answer 35 ringer ID 51, 58, 61, 63, 88 reset all options 91 sorting entries 66 ring style 34, 85 speed dial number 50, 98...
  • Page 204 ID 71, 73, 94 shortcuts 33, 92 recent calls 95 PIN code signal strength indicator 28 redial 94 changing 83 silent alert, setting 34, 85, 88 reminders defined 122 SIM application 121 calendar 105, 107 SIM Blocked entering 122...
  • Page 205 34, 122, 123 SIM Disabled symbol chart 38 message 122 symbols, entering 37, 44 unblocking 122 synchronising data 117 USIM PIN code unblocking the USIM card 122 changing 83 Universal IC Card 22 defined 122 unlock entering 122 telephone number application 124...
  • Page 206 Web sessions 165 resetting 176 voice dial sessions 165 dialling a number 64 dialling from stereo earphone microphone 116 voice key illustration 26 voice name dialling 64 recording 56 voicemail 98 voicemail message indicator 29, 30 volume earpiece 34 Index...

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