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Motorola DEFY - WITH VODAFONE 360 Manual

With vodafone 360
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with Vodafone 360
Motorola XT300



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola DEFY - WITH VODAFONE 360

  • Page 1 MOTOROLA DEFY with Vodafone 360 Motorola XT300...
  • Page 3 • Answers: Touch MOTOROLA DEFY with Vodafone 360 You can also flick your home screen left or right to Because life is full of challenges, we’ve designed a see the Getting started and Tips & tricks widgets. phone that handles everything life throws your way.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Hold - on/off. Calls ........12 11:35 Contacts.
  • Page 5: Let's Go

    Let's go Note: The cover must be locked for the phone to be water-resistant. let's get you up and running Set up & go Assemble & charge Create or log into a Vodafone 360 account to store SIM in MicroSD in (may your contacts, social networking and content—in one...
  • Page 6 Photobucket Picasa Wi-Fi connect Yahoo! Mail Twitter Vodafone 360 If you want to use a Wi-Fi network for even faster Finished adding accounts > Settings Internet access, touch Menu > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings. Note: This phone supports data-intensive apps and Cool content &...
  • Page 7: Connector 2

    Touch & hold • Allow your phone to air-dry for at least 1 hour before To open special options, using it again. touch and hold an icon or Wallace Mans •...
  • Page 8 Contacts, touch Jennie Jenkins From the home screen, touch and hold Home then drag your Contacts show the last few apps you used, then touch an app to list up or down. open it. Tip: When you drag or flick...
  • Page 9: Home Screen

    Quick start: Home screen The home screen gives you all your latest information Adjust volume in one place. It's what you see when you turn on the Press the volume keys to change the ring volume phone or touch Home from a menu.
  • Page 10 “View account updates & features” on page 11 and hold Home to see what apps are already open, “Update your status” on page 10. then touch the one you want. You can view up to the last six apps that you ran. • resize...
  • Page 11 Notifications & phone status 10:30 What time are we going out? At the top of the screen, icons on the left notify you about new messages or events. Icons on the right tell Tip: To see today’s date, touch and hold the status bar you about phone status.
  • Page 12: Social Networking

    (“Set up & go” on . To close it, touch again or touch Home page 3). You can log into this account from a PC to upload contacts, reset your password or get help. Tip:...
  • Page 13 View account updates & features If you skipped setting up a Vodafone 360 account when you first turned on your phone, you can set it up After you add a social networking account, you can see and respond to friends’ updates with the Social later.
  • Page 14: Calls

    Touch and hold an account, then touch Open account Calls to edit it, or touch the account, then touch Remove it’s good to talk account to remove it (along with its contacts and messages). Quick start: Calls Dialling options Dialler...
  • Page 15 Dialler > enter phone number > During a call, touch Menu Find it: adjust the Voice quality settings. Your touchscreen Favourites goes dark to avoid accidental touches. To wake it up, press Power Dialler > Favourites Find it: Tip: You can touch Home...
  • Page 16 To put a call on hold, touch Menu Settings > Call settings > Call forwarding When you’re on a call and a second call comes in, Call Enter numbers during a call waiting lets you answer it by touching Answer. You...
  • Page 17 (see “GPS & AGPS” on page 58). Restrict outgoing calls To restrict your phone so that it can only dial a few numbers: Find it: From the home screen, touch Menu >...
  • Page 18: Contacts

    With a MOTOROLA DEFY with Vodafone 360, you’ll know what everybody’s up to and when. Every time Kat Bleser you pick up a call, check a message or look up a Kristin Cullen friend’s contact info: you’ll not only see their name and number, but you’ll see their social network status and...
  • Page 19 To find a contact, just type the name. combine these two contacts: Contacts Touch a contact to open their details. To start a call Find it: or compose a message, just touch their phone Touch a contact to open it, then touch Menu >...
  • Page 20 To show only one group in your Contacts, touch Where are contacts saved? Your phone saves new Contacts at the top of your screen and choose the contacts in its memory, your Vodafone 360 account, and other accounts you select: In Contacts, group name.
  • Page 21: Messaging

    The best part is you don’t have to dig through any apps, screens or menus—every message sometimes it’s best to text or IM or email . . . streams right to the phone, viewable exactly the way you want. That’s the magic of Vodafone 360.
  • Page 22 Instant messages Email is for most personal email accounts. It is • To send and receive instant messages, you can use an really easy to set up and you can set up more than instant messaging app or your browser. Messaging...
  • Page 23: Text Entry

    “App menu” on page 10. You can open a display keypad by touching a text field. • If you don’t see an app for your IM provider, you can To close the keypad, touch Back Browser, use your web browser. Touch >...
  • Page 24 To change your Swype settings, touch Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > Swype. Swype lets you enter a word with one continuous motion. To enter a word, just drag your finger over the Tips: letters in the word. •...
  • Page 25 • To change the language and the style for your To... touchscreen keypad, touch Select locale. Cut, Copy or Paste text you Touch and hold the • To change the sounds, corrections, automatic selected text box to open the correction settings and other settings for your touchscreen keypad, touch Multi-touch keyboard.
  • Page 26: Web

    To use a wireless network, from the home screen, > Settings > Wireless & networks. Quick start: Browser touch Menu Touch Wi-Fi to turn it on, then touch Wi-Fi settings to Browser Find it: > search for nearby wireless networks. Touch a network to connect.
  • Page 27 Touch Add to add the current Browser. To launch the browser, touch > page to your list. Find the app you want to download and touch the Windows View the browser windows that download link. are currently open. Manage your downloads Refresh Reloads the current page.
  • Page 28: Location

    Google Maps™ toss away your maps Quick start: Google Maps Navigation™ Where am I? Where do I want to go? Don’t worry—let Google Maps™ find out for you. Your phone comes with Google Maps Navigation, a  Maps navigation system with voice guidance that shows you Find it: >...
  • Page 29 Select your mode of transport (car, public transport GPS satellites and/or Use wireless networks. or walking), then touch Go. Your directions are shown as a list. To view your directions on a map, Find your location touch Show on map.
  • Page 30 Don’t worry, your location is not shared unless you Accept and share back—see your friend's location, • agree to it. You need to join Latitude and then invite and your friend can see yours. your friends to view your location or accept their Accept, but hide my location—see your friend's...
  • Page 31: Youtube

    > Privacy > Turn off Latitude. Touch Menu Note: This feature is not available in all areas. Check with Vodafone. Quick start: YouTube Post that great video you’ve taken and see how many hits you get.  YouTube Find it: > 11:35...
  • Page 32 See popular video categories, such as Most viewed, the fields, then touch I accept. Most discussed and Most recent. Touch a category, then touch the video to start playing it. To see more Upload videos > Categories. video categories, touch Menu...
  • Page 33: Apps For All

    > screen, touch installed apps are listed and available for download. Get all the fun games and cool apps you want! Android Market provides you with access to software developers everywhere, so you can find the app you want. If you need help or have questions about >...
  • Page 34: Bluetooth™ Wireless

    From the home screen, touch Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth To connect with a new device, you need to pair with it. settings You only need to do this once for each device—to connect again, just turn on the device.
  • Page 35: Wi-Fi

    Quick start: Wi-Fi To manually reconnect your phone with a paired device, touch the device name in the Bluetooth Use a wireless network for fast Internet access and to devices list. download data. Find it: From the home screen, touch Menu >...
  • Page 36 You need to subscribe to a Wi-Fi hotspot service to use this feature. Contact your service provider. Turn Wi-Fi on or off You can set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to Find it: From the home screen, touch Menu >...
  • Page 37: Dlna

    Channel—Select a channel that minimises potential interference. You may need to try different channels DLNA lets you expand the ways you can enjoy your after your hotspot is active for a time. photos and videos on a DLNA Certified HDTV or Touch Save when the settings are complete.
  • Page 38: Tips & Tricks

    Turn flight mode Press and hold Power > Flight mode. Shortcuts on/off To... View and control Touch and hold an empty spot Bluetooth™, on your home screen, then Return to the Touch Home touch Motorola widgets > Wi-Fi and GPS home screen...
  • Page 39 History or Your phone is like a small computer, giving you a lot of information and apps, at 3G speed, with a touch flick the screen to the right to see their Status updates.
  • Page 40: Personalise

    Vodafone 360 (“Edit & delete accounts” on To create a new widget: page 11). Find an empty spot on your home screen where you • GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ use: Touch and hold an want to add a widget, then touch and hold.
  • Page 41 > Settings > > Settings > Sound & display Tip: To silence calls, try Menu touch Menu Sound & display > Double tap to silence or Smart > Brightness. profile: face down. • To set animation, from the home screen, touch >...
  • Page 42: Photos & Videos

    Photos & videos The photo you’ve just taken is shown on the screen. Touch the photo, then: see it, capture it, share it! • the photo as a wallpaper or contact photo, touch Set as. Photos • send the photo in a message or post it online, Take &...
  • Page 43 Share your photo gallery Videos Gallery Find it: > Record & share videos To send your photo in a message or post it online: Camcorder Find it: > Touch and hold a photo, then touch Share. Resolution (touch Choose how you want to share—like Email, Picasa,...
  • Page 44: Music

    Music Video options In the viewfinder, touch the screen to open the when music is what you need... Scenes, Effects, Light and Switch to options. Your music community > Settings to open In the viewfinder, touch Menu Listen to the radio, watch videos, read music news a menu.
  • Page 45 Set the data mode: Tap > Settings > Data usage. Menu Tip: When a song is playing, you can add it to a playlist > More > Add to playlist. Quick start: Music by touching Menu Touch, touch, play—instant music. Just open your To listen to music during a flight, turn off all your music library, then select what you want to play.
  • Page 46 CD to your PC. card. Your phone supports removable microSD To rip a music CD on your PC, you can use Microsoft™ memory cards up to 32 GB capacity. To make sure Windows™ Media Player. You can download Windows your memory card is installed, go to “Assemble &...
  • Page 47 Motorola Music library micro USB data cable from your phone’s micro USB Open your music library, then select what you want to port to a USB port on your PC. Your phone should play. show in the status bar.
  • Page 48 Your music will continue to play. play/pause Touch When you see in the status bar a song is playing, flick down to see details. Touch the song to return to previous/next Touch the music controls. volume Press the side volume keys.
  • Page 49: Memory Card & File Transfer

    Memory card & file transfer Playlists To add a song from the music library to a playlist, touch copy photos, music and more to your phone and hold the song then touch Add to playlist. Choose an existing playlist, or touch New playlist to create a Memory card new playlist.
  • Page 50 > Settings > Wi-Fi on or off, touch Menu Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi If your phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it Show All recent activity, or only Choose your language. asks you to connect. Touch OK to open the Wi-Fi...
  • Page 51: Tools

    MPP home screen! To turn on an alarm, touch the tick box. Connect through a USB cable When an alarm sounds, drag Dismiss to turn it off or Turn on your phone and touch the screen to snooze. computer and connect >...
  • Page 52: Management

    > Find it: From the home screen, touch Menu > Touch a file or folder to open, or touch and hold a file Settings > Wireless & networks for options. Manage all your wireless connections: Wi-Fi, To manage your folders and transfer files, see Bluetooth™, flight mode &...
  • Page 53: Security

    From the home screen, > Settings > About phone > touch Menu 11:35 System updates to see if your phone is up to date. If Location & security settings it isn’t, touch Update. Security Screen lock Turn on.
  • Page 54 Follow the instructions to draw > Settings > Location home screen, touch Menu your lock pattern. & security > Set up SIM card lock > Lock SIM card. Enter your SIM PIN code. When prompted, draw the pattern to unlock the phone.
  • Page 55: Troubleshooting

    Lost, stolen, broken, cleared Don't you just hate it when your life is on your phone and it all goes wrong? Lose it, break it, reset it, or even worse—stolen! Relax, Vodafone 360 can help find your phone, clear it (if you need to) and best of all, restore all your stuff.
  • Page 56: Safety, Regulatory & Legal

    Therefore: • (in English only) • Don’t dry a wet or damp battery with an appliance or heat source, such as Disposal: Promptly dispose of used batteries in accordance with local a hair dryer or microwave oven.
  • Page 57 It is always a good idea to hold the screen away from your eyes, leave the lights on in the room, take a 15-minute break every hour and stop use if Responsible and safe driving is your primary responsibility when behind the wheel you are tired.
  • Page 58 RF energy. When you communicate using your mobile device, the When you are in such an area, turn off your mobile device and do not remove, install system handling your call controls the power level at which your mobile device or charge batteries.
  • Page 59 (W/kg), and the highest SAR value for this mobile device when tested at with other devices. the ear is 1.18 W/kg. As mobile devices offer a range of functions, they can be used in Follow instructions to avoid interference problems other positions, such as on the body as described in this guide.
  • Page 60 RF exposure by limiting the length of calls or by Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. using hands-free devices to keep mobile phones away from your head and body”.
  • Page 61 • Dial sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place calls when your other navigational data may contain inaccurate or incomplete data. In some car is not moving or before pulling into traffic. If you must make a call while countries, complete information may not be available. Therefore, you should visually moving, dial only a few numbers, check the road and your mirrors, then continue.
  • Page 62 • Use your mobile device to call for help. Dial 999 or another local emergency account and how to use security features such as remote wipe and device number in the case of fire, traffic accident or medical emergencies (wherever location (where available).
  • Page 63 Please do not dispose of mobile devices or electrical accessories (such as chargers, mobile device, avoid prolonged or extreme exposure to those conditions and please headsets or batteries) with your household waste or in a fire. These items should be observe the following: disposed of in accordance with the national collection and recycling schemes operated by your local or regional authority.
  • Page 64 You must inform Motorola of the lack of conformity to the applicable specifications The Motorola website also contains information of any of the Products within a period of two (2) months from the date on which you regarding Motorola's use of open source.
  • Page 65 Motorola's Authorised Repair or Service Centre in In no event shall Motorola be liable for damages nor loss of data in excess of the the original configuration and packaging as supplied by Motorola. Please avoid...
  • Page 66 Motorola approved battery chargers specified for the Defects or damage resulting from use of the Product in other than its normal charging of the battery, (ii) any of the seals on the battery are broken or show and customary manner.
  • Page 67 Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the its fees for such a repair or it may refer you to an authorised third party to carry out United States and other countries. Product meets or exceeds IP67 standard for such repairs.
  • Page 70 68004131014...

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