Motorola  Hint QA30 Quick Start Manual
Motorola  Hint QA30 Quick Start Manual

Motorola Hint QA30 Quick Start Manual

Cdma wireless phone
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  • Page 1 QA30 Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 3 Congratulations on your new Motorola hint CDMA wireless phone, with all the features you want in a sleek, stylish design. • More Ways to Keep in Touch — Everything you need to stay in touch is right at your fingertips: Email;...
  • Page 4 Messaging Speakerphone Micro USB Port...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    contents menu map ........5 main menu....... . 5 settings menu .
  • Page 6 settings ....... . . 39 music player tips ......41 accessories .
  • Page 7: Menu Map

    menu map main menu Recent Calls • Received Calls • Missed Calls • Dialed Calls • All Calls • Timers Messaging • Create Message • Conversations • Inbox • Outbox • Drafts • Voicemail • Email Contacts Multimedia • Music & Sounds •...
  • Page 8: Settings Menu

    settings menu • Sounds • Call Ringtone • Message Ringtone • Voicemail Ringtone • Ring & Vibrate • Alert Reminders • Service Alerts • Power On/Off • Voice Readout • Keypad Volume • Volume Sidekeys • Display • Banner • Backlight •...
  • Page 9: Get Started

    battery get started Note: For battery use and battery safety information, see your User’s Guide. install the battery While pressing down on the battery cover, slide it toward the top of the phone, then lift it from the phone. With the gold contacts facing down and toward the lower end of the battery, insert the battery, lower end first.
  • Page 10: Charge The Battery

    charge the battery New batteries are not fully charged. Before you can use your phone, install and charge the battery. Some batteries perform best after several full charge/discharge cycles. Using the charger: Insert the charger into your phone’s micro USB connector. Plug the other end of the charger into an electrical outlet.
  • Page 11 Typically, USB high-power connectors are located directly on your computer. Both your phone and your computer must be turned on, and you must have correct software drivers installed on your computer. Cables and software drivers are available in Motorola Original data kits, sold separately.
  • Page 12: Memory Card

    memory card Note: Optional accessory required. install & remove memory card Remove the battery door from your phone (see page 7). If necessary, remove the battery. With the gold contacts down, place the memory card into the card opening, then slide the card into the slot.
  • Page 13: Format Memory Card

    To remove the memory card, press down on the plastic tab at the end of the memory card, then slide the memory card out of the slot. format memory card Caution: Formatting the memory card erases any data stored on the card. Find it: Main Menu >...
  • Page 14: Basics

    basics turn it on & off basics To turn on your phone, press and hold the power for a few seconds, or until the display turns back on. If prompted, enter your four-digit unlock code. To turn off your phone, press and hold make &...
  • Page 15: Using Menus

    using menus Press the left soft to open the Main Menu. Press the navigation up, down, right, or left, to highlight a menu option. Press the center to select the highlighted option. basics Main Menu Recent Calls...
  • Page 16: Store A Phone Number

    store a phone number To store a phone number in Contacts: Enter a phone number in the home screen. Press Save. With Create New Contact highlighted, press Select the number type (Mobile 1, Mobile 2, Home, Work, or Fax) and press Enter a name for the phone number, and enter other information as desired.
  • Page 17: Call A Stored Number

    call a stored number From the home screen, scroll to press Scroll to Contact List and press Scroll to the entry you want to call. Shortcut: In your Contact List, use the keypad to enter the first letters of an entry you want. Press to call the entry.
  • Page 18: Shortcuts

    home screen shortcuts shortcuts You see the home screen when your phone is powered on and idle. The icons on this screen give you a quick and easy way to stay in touch or enjoy your phone’s multimedia features. Note: This is the standard home screen layout.
  • Page 19 To select a home screen shortcut: Press the navigation key to highlight a feature. Press the center key home screen shortcuts Contacts Messaging Email These features are described in the following sections. shortcuts up, down, right, or left, to select the feature: Browser Multimedia Û...
  • Page 20 contacts From the home screen, scroll to For more information on using Contacts, see page 14 in this guide, and see your User’s Guide. messaging From the home screen, scroll to press Select Messaging to send and receive text and multimedia messages, participate in Conversations and select many other messaging options.
  • Page 21 shortcuts browser Note: Network/subscription feature. Use your phone’s browser to surf your favorite Web sites, upload videos to a video blog, and download files and applications to your phone. Log onto your internet-based email account to check your email. To access the browser, from the home screen, scroll to Browser and press To use the browser, you must configure it with the appropriate settings for Internet access, and you need to...
  • Page 22 shortcuts multimedia Multimedia gives you quick access to a variety of multimedia fun. You can enjoy your favorite tunes on the music player; take, view, and share photos and video clips; and record and play sounds. To access Multimedia, from the home screen, scroll to Multimedia and press For more information on using the music player, see page 25 in this guide.
  • Page 23: Personalize

    personalize ringtones personalize To set ringtones for incoming calls and for other events (such as new messages): Set Master Volume to High, Med High, Medium, Low Med, Low, or 1 Beep. Then select and assign ringtones. set master volume From the home screen, Volume press the volume keys up or Keys...
  • Page 24: Set Ringtones

    personalize set ringtones To set ringtones for calls: Find it: Main Menu > Press to acknowledge the Shuffle Multiple message. Select Single Tone to assign a single ringtone to incoming calls, then scroll to the ringtone you want and press Note: Your phone plays each ringtone you highlight.
  • Page 25: Buy Ringtones

    personalize To set ringtones for incoming text, multimedia, or voicemail messages: Find it: Main Menu > Select Message Ringtone or Voicemail Ringtone. Scroll to the ringtone you want and press Note: Your phone plays each ringtone you highlight. Press to return to the home screen. buy ringtones Find it: Main Menu >...
  • Page 26: Wallpaper

    personalize wallpaper Set a photo, picture, or animation as a wallpaper (background) image in your home screen. Find it: Main Menu > Acknowledge the message about Shuffle Multiple by pressing To assign a single picture as a wallpaper, select Single and press press To select downloaded or captured pictures to be...
  • Page 27: Music

    get music music Note: You’ll need an optional microSD memory card installed in your phone to use the music player. Just load your favorite music onto your computer. Then, transfer the music from the computer to your phone. You’ll need: •...
  • Page 28 load music onto your computer You can purchase Microsoft® Windows® Media DRM-protected music files from supported on-line music stores (such as Urge and Napster). You can also load song files from a music CD onto your computer: Insert the music CD in your computer’s CD drive. Launch Windows Media Player 11.
  • Page 29: Transfer Music

    Insert a memory card into your phone (see page 10). Set your phone to Mass Storage mode by pressing Main Menu > Attach a Motorola Original USB cable to the micro USB port on your phone and to an available USB port on your computer.
  • Page 30: Transfer With Windows Media Player

    transfer with Windows Media Player You can Windows Media Player 11 to transfer music from the computer to your phone. Note: Windows Media Player 11 requires Windows XP or later to run. If you are using an earlier version of Windows OS, you’ll need to manually transfer music to your phone.
  • Page 31 transfer manually On your computer, double-click on the “My Computer” icon to locate the “Removable Disk” icons for your phone and memory card. Double-click the “Removable Disk” icon for your phone or memory card. In the “Removable Disk” window, create the “my_music”...
  • Page 32 Remove the memory card from the MOTORAZR V9m or MOTOROKR Z6m (see the instructions for the phone). Insert the memory card into your Motorola hint QA30 phone (see page 10), then turn on the phone. Press > Scroll to Mass Storage and press music Settings >...
  • Page 33 Attach a USB cable (sold separately) to the micro USB port on your phone and to an available USB port on your computer. You may see a message that files on the memory card are not available. On your computer, click on the “My Computer” icon to locate the “Removable Disk”...
  • Page 34: Play Music

    play music To activate your phone’s music player, press the music player key Your phone shows the Music Player menu: Highlighted Selection Press Settings to open Settings menu. To scroll through a menu or list, press To select a highlighted option, press music Music Player 1.
  • Page 35 The Music Player menu includes: option All Songs Select and play a song. Note: songs do not have Artist, Album, or Genre information. Playlists Create or play a playlist. Artists Play music by an artist. Albums Play music from an album. Genres Play music by genre (type of music) such as rock or jazz.
  • Page 36 music While a song is playing on the music player, your phone’s screen will look similar to the following: Album artwork shown, if available. All Songs Bars indicate Come a Little Bit Closer volume level. d Mac, Heroes Are Hard 00:02 04:49 Settings...
  • Page 37 Use these keys to control music playback: controls with slider open pause/play fast forward next song rewind previous song turn off music player music Press Press & hold Press right. Press & hold Press left. Press the power key right. left.
  • Page 38: Playlists

    playlists Personalize your music collection by creating your own playlists. When you name a playlist: • The name must be fewer than 32 characters. • The name cannot include these characters: / \ : * ? < > | " ! Note: Your music player includes a special playlist named ringtones.
  • Page 39: Create A Playlist

    create a playlist Press the music player key Press Options and select Create Playlist. Enter a name for the playlist and press Done. With the new playlist highlighted on the Playlists screen, press Options, then select Add a Song.Scroll to a desired song and press Repeat this step to add more songs.
  • Page 40 remove song from playlist Press the music player key Scroll to Playlists and press Scroll to the playlist and press Scroll to the song you want to remove and press Scroll to Remove from Playlist and press Yes and press delete a playlist Press the music player key Scroll to Playlists and press...
  • Page 41: Wake Up Music Player

    wake up music player While the music player is active, your phone may conserve battery power by turning off the display and keypad backlights. To turn display and backlights back on, press any key. settings From the home screen, press the music player key then select Settings.
  • Page 42 options Repeat Replay a song (when you select a single song for play—does not replay a playlist or album). Shuffle Play songs in random order. Add to Add the song that is currently playing to a Playlist playlist. Note: song is playing. Background Continue music playback while returning Play...
  • Page 43: Music Player Tips

    music player tips • If you are navigating music player menus while a song is playing and don’t press a key for more than five seconds, the player returns to the current song list screen. • Note: Optional accessory required. Turn off the player before connecting the phone to a computer.
  • Page 44 accessories accessories Bluetooth® Wireless Stereo Headphones S9HD Bluetooth® Wireless Headset H375 Bluetooth® Wireless Headset H15 Vehicle Power Adapter Bluetooth® Wireless Headset H680 Travel Charger...
  • Page 45 Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by their proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc.
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