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D-Link VoiceCenter DVX-2000MS-10 Brochure & Specs

Ip-based phone system
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+ A Microsoft
Response Point™ Phone
+ Designed with Simplicity in Mind: Easy
to Install, Use, and Manage
+ Scalable – Add Up to 50 Phones and
Phone Lines
to a Network
+ No Fees or Licenses Required for
Adding More Phones or Gateways
+ Auto Phone and Gateway Discovery
Feature Makes Installing Hardware
Quick and Easy
+ One-touch Voice-activated Dialing and
Voicemail Access
+ Automated Attendant for Directing
Retrieving Calls
+ 3-way Call-conferencing
+ Voicemail to E-mail Forwarding
+ Incoming Call Notification on a PC
+ Microsoft Outlook Contact Integration
+ Two-click Backup and Restore
DVX-2000MS-5 / DVX-2000MS-10
VoiceCenter™ IP-based Phone System
What is VoiceCenter
VoiceCenter™, a Microsoft
phone system, is an IP-based phone system designed for
small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) with support
for up to 50 users. VoiceCenter provides numerous
advantages over traditional PSTN (analog) phone
systems while retaining the reliability of PSTN phone
for accepting inbound and making outbound calls.
Unlike previous generations of complicated, hard-to-use
IP-based products, VoiceCenter is easy to install, manage,
and maintain. Rather than taking days, it only takes a short
amount of time to get the phone system up and running.
VoiceCenter is also portable - businesses that need to
relocate offices can easily take the phone system along.
In addition, while D-Link provides solid phone system
hardware, the integrated Microsoft Response Point
phone system software provides state-of-the-art features
such as Voice-activated Dialing and Voicemail Access,
Automated Attendant for routing calls, and Automatic
Phone and Gateway Discovery that allows for a simplified
setup process.
What is Included with VoiceCenter?
There are two VoiceCenter bundles: the DVX-2000MS-5
and DVX-2000MS-10. They both include one DVX-2000MS
PBX/Base Unit, one DVG-3104MS PSTN Gateway, and
the Microsoft Response Point phone system software. In
addition, the DVX-2000MS-5 includes five DPH-125MS IP
Phones while the DVX-2000MS-10 includes ten phones.
There are no additional fees or licenses required to add
more phones or Gateways to the system. Simply add more
as needed - up to 50 phones and 50 PSTN lines
How Does It All Work Together?
The DVX-2000MS PBX/Base Unit is the heart of
VoiceCenter that runs the Microsoft Response Point
phone system software. It is also responsible for routing
all inbound/outbound calls as well as internal calls. Using
the Microsoft Response Point phone system software
on a networked PC, the DVX-2000MS can be configured
and easily managed. In addition, the software facilitates
hardware setup by providing Automatic Phone and
Gateway Discovery feature that automatically detects
when new IP phones or PSTN gateways are connected
to a network.
The DVG-3104MS PSTN Gateway enables SMBs to
Response Point™
connect PSTN lines
system on a network. The Gateway provides four PSTN
(FXO) ports for connecting up to four separate PSTN
. More Gateways can be added to a network to
accommodate additional PSTN lines
The DPH-125MS IP Phone includes many standard and
advanced features not found in analog phone systems.
With the built-in Microsoft Response Point (RP) button,
users have one-touch access to Voice-activated
commands. Voice-activated Dialing is one of the
Voice-activated commands that enable users to reach
anyone in the company directory or their Microsoft
Outlook address book by simply saying their name. Users
can also transfer, park, and retrieve calls the same way.
Voicemail to e-mail forwarding is another convenient
feature. Installing the DPH-125MS is a breeze since there
is no need to run additional Ethernet cables to desktops.
This phone provides two Ethernet ports for connecting
to a network and PC. Setting up new phone extensions
is just as easy and only takes a few simple steps to
Next-generation SMB Phone System
By building a solid, dependable hardware platform to run
a powerful yet easy to use, install, and manage phone
software, D-Link and Microsoft have accomplished
creating the next-generation SMB phone system. D-Link
VoiceCenter, a Microsoft Response Point phone
system, is the clear choice for today's productivity and
efficiency-minded small to medium-sized business.
to a VoiceCenter IP-based phone


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  • Page 1 VoiceCenter is also portable - businesses that need to relocate offices can easily take the phone system along. In addition, while D-Link provides solid phone system hardware, the integrated Microsoft Response Point phone system software provides state-of-the-art features...
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