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D-Link DVC-1000 Product Manual

D-Link DVC-1000 Product Manual

Broadband videophone
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(PAT US7, 164, 435 B2)
Broadband VideoPhone


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  • Page 1 DVC-1000 i2eye (PAT US7, 164, 435 B2) Broadband VideoPhone Manual v2.40...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    LEDs.........................6 Getting.Started....................7 Using.the.Remote.Control................7 Using.the.Onscreen.Keyboard.................9 Using.the.Setup.Wizard..................10 Using.a.Telephone.with.the.DVC-1000............14 Using.the.DVC-1000..................15 Using the Configuration Menu................24 Using.the.DVC-1000.with.D-Link.Routers............42 Using the DVC-1000 with Routers, Gateways or Modems......43 Troubleshooting....................48 Frequently.Asked.Questions................55 Glossary.of.Terms...................58 Technical Specifications.................61 List.of.Country.Codes..................63 Contacting.Technical.Support.................65 Warranty......................66 Registration....................69...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    The. D-Link i2eye DVC-1000. Broadband VideoPhone.accomplishes.this. D-Link i2eye of.videoconferencing. over.the. Internet,. to.bring. you.and.,. friends. and. colleagues. together,. in. real. time,. anytime!. The. previously. complicated. process of conducting a videoconference is simplified with the i2eye DVC-1000.., videoconference.over.the.Internet..The,. an.optional.standard.telephone.for.privacy,
  • Page 4: Package.contents

    Cat.5.RJ-45.Ethernet.Cable  Note: Using a power supply with a different voltage than the one included with the DVC-1000 will cause damage and void the warranty for this product. System Requirements Connection. to. broadband. Internet. (Cable. modem,. DSL. modem,. or. ...
  • Page 5: Features & Benefits

     Speed.Dialing Built-in.Caller.ID  Answer.incoming.calls.using.telephone.or.remote.control   Auto.mapping.of.IP.address  Video.and./  Adjustable.tilt.and.focus.lens   High.quality.352.x.288.resolution  Automatic.detection.of.system.upgrades   1.Year.Warranty Connections The connection diagram above also appears underneath the DVC-1000 to assist you in setting up your VideoPhone.
  • Page 6: Leds

    LEDs stands.for.Light-Emitting.Diode..The.i2eye DVC-1000.has.the. following.LEDs.for.monitoring.its.operation. i2eye Call Monitor Status Power Front LED Location and Activity Power This LED turns on briefly at power up. It is then off during Status normal.operation Call Monitor in.progress Activity Link Status Back LED Location and Activity S t e a d y .
  • Page 7: Getting.started

    BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Read the section on using the DVC-1000 with routers, gateways or broadband modems starting on page 43 in this manual if you are using the DVC-1000 VideoPhone with a router, gateway or broadband modem. The. DVC-1000. needs. to. be. setup. before. use.. You. can. use. the. Quick Installation Guide.
  • Page 8 Remote Control Layout When. a. numeric. input. is. required,. ( e . g . , . a . t e l e p h o n e . n u m b e r . o r . I P. address)
  • Page 9: Using.the.onscreen.keyboard

    Using the On-Screen Keyboard The. DVC-1000. uses. a. keyboard. that. appears. on-screen. to. enter. text. into. the. Setup Wizard screens.. When. the. cursor. is. located. in. a. setup. screen., . on-screen.keyboard. .“typed”. the.characters.that.are.needed. When you are finished entering text and numbers, move the cursor to highlight OK;
  • Page 10: Using.the.setup.wizard

    The phone number you enter is one you create for family, friends and others to call you over the Internet from another DVC-1000 VideoPhone. You can use your regular phone number or make up a new one. Only your name will be displayed at the other end of the video call.
  • Page 11 Using the Setup Wizard (continued) Network Address Screen The.Network choose.from:.DHCP,.Fixed, your.ISP.or.Network.Administrator.for.assistance. that.offers.dynamic.IP.addressing. or.when.behind.a.router/DHCP. server.that.offers.static.DHCP. Fixed to. a. broadband. connection. that. offers. static. IP. addressing. or. when. behind. a. router. that. is. not. configured. for. static.
  • Page 12 Your. Internet. Service. provider. may. require. you. to. provide. a. host. name. to.,, MAC: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx MAC (Media Access Control) is an unique identifier for the Ethernet network hardware of your DVC-1000. If you need to know the MAC address of your DVC-1000,
  • Page 13 Using the Setup Wizard (continued) DNS (Domain Naming System) Screen If. you. chose. Fixed. IP. on. the. Network Address. screen. (described. on. the. previous. page).you.will.see.the.screen. f o r . s e t t i n g . D N S . s e r v e r. addresses..
  • Page 14: Using.a.telephone.with.the.dvc-1000

    Using a Telephone with the DVC-1000 Although.optional, the.telephone.connector.on.the.back.of.the.DVC-1000.VideoPhone... The telephone that you use for the DVC-1000 VideoPhone will not be connected to your phone wall jack. You will use the telephone as a means of conducting and receiving calls over the Internet only.
  • Page 15: Using.the.dvc-1000

    Window.then. displays the self-view when a call is connected. To flip the images that are in the.Main Window.and.Self-View the.remote.control.. Status Icons The Status Icons appear only briefly at startup. The DVC-1000 uses icons to Screen.., will.disappear.after.the.operation.completes..If.the.icon.appears.with.a.yellow. “X”,
  • Page 16 Using the DVC-1000 (continued), icon.appears, ., complete,.the.icon.disappears.. If. the. DVC-1000. cannot. connect. to. the. update. server,. the. operation. was.,.this.means.the. The.Public.IP.Status.Icon, as, The. Directory. Service. Status. displayed. at. startup,. showing. the. .
  • Page 17 ENTER. key. when. the. “Answer”. button. on. the. screen. is. . If the telephone attached to your DVC-1000 is a cordless model, press TALK on your phone to accept the call. Placing a Manually Dialed VideoPhone Call with the Telephone Handset Pick.up.the.telephone.handset.
  • Page 18 The.Speed Dial List appears, to. the. party. you. want. to. call.. Press. the. speed. dial. number. on. the. handset. The. DVC-1000. VideoPhone. rings. while. you. wait. for. your. call. to. be., If the other party has activated their video privacy, you will not see them;...
  • Page 19: Speakerphone Mode

    Using the DVC-1000 (continued) Placing a Speed-dial VideoPhone Call with the Remote,.please.see. pages.2. From the Main Menu, select Dial..In.the.Dial.screen.the.Speed Dial List box is highlighted and the first speed dial entry is selected., Speakerphone Mode The.DVC-1000.has.a.Speakerphone
  • Page 20 Using the DVC-1000 (continued) Switching from a Private Call to a Speakerphone Call,.Speakerphone. Mode can be enabled: Press. the. Speakerphone. button. on. the. DVC-1000. remote. control., Speakerphone Mode is now active. When in Speakerphone Mode with the built-in microphone, you should face
  • Page 21 Using the DVC-1000 (continued) Entering Phone Numbers The.DVC-1000.can.connect.with.other.DVC-1000.VideoPhones.throughout.the. world..During.the.setup.of.the.DVC-1000,.you.entered.a.Country code.into.the. Personal Information.screen, code.and.a.Phone number..,.you.enter. Videocalls can be made using the remote control from the Manual Dial screen,.the.Country.code.and. After.entering.the.number.into.the.Phone,.click.on.the Dial Calling a VideoPhone with the Same Country & Area Codes In.the.Manual Dial.screen,
  • Page 22 Using the DVC-1000 (continued) Calling a VideoPhone with a Different Area Code,.but.a. different.Area.code.(i.e.,.“a.long-distance”.call),.enter.the.Area.code.and.Phone.!) Example:.The. VideoPhone. you. are. calling. has. an.Area. code. of. 4. and. a. phone.number.of.555-1212,,. 5551212 Calling a VideoPhone with a Different Country Code,.an.
  • Page 23* The DVC-1000 supports domain name lookup. This means you can use the domain name of a Web site as the IP address if a VideoPhone is connected to this Website. For example, you can avoid entering an IP address number and instead use the on-screen keyboard to dial an address such as:
  • Page 24: Using The Configuration Menu

    Using the Configuration Menu Main Screen Ready for call After starting the DVC-1000 VideoPhone, the Main Screen is displayed. The The.following.buttons. reside.on.the.main.screen: Set. up. a. speed. dial. list. and. choose. from. several. methods. Dial, address, View Allows. you. to. specify. what. is. seen. on. the. main. application.
  • Page 25 Manual Dial screen.above,.the.window.below.will.appear..To.enter.the. phone.number.or.IP.Address,. use.the.remote’s.number.pad. or.the.on-screen.keyboard.. Note:. Click. Dial. to. start. a. Recent Calls The. Recent. Calls. feature. displays. a. list. of. recently. dialed.calls..To.access.this.feature,.select.Recent Calls.on. number.
  • Page 26 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Dial (continued) To.add.a.Speed Dial.entry, (’s.number.pad.or.the. on-screen.keyboard. John Smith 555-1212 Click.OK to.complete.the.addition.of.a.Speed Dial.entry. Remove Removes.a.selected.entry.from.the.Speed Dial.List. Edit Allows the modification of either the name or number (or IP.address).of.a.selected.Speed Dial.entry. Closes.the.Dial screen, Close Speed Dial.List. If this Warning screen appears, an invalid IP address has been...
  • Page 27 This. view. is. the. same. as. the. default. view. with. Display Connection the. addition. of. connection. status. information. Status appearing. in. the. lower. left. corner. of. the. main. screen. Details (Button) the.connection. details.. View Connection Details be.viewed.only.while.the.DVC-1000.VideoPhone.
  • Page 28 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings The. Settings. screen. contains. six. buttons. that. allow. the. DVC-1000. to. be. .,.listen.and. General use.the.DVC-1000.VideoPhone. Personal Contains.information.about.the.user.and.allows.editing.of. Information user.information. Network The Network Settings screen has five buttons that allow,.DNS.address,.public.IP.
  • Page 29 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings >General Always answer Selecting. this. checkbox. allows. the. DVC-1000. to. incoming calls . . received, Turn on video privacy, when answering calls,.this.will.block.a.caller.from.seeing. you.
  • Page 30 Enter. your. name. here.. When. a. call. is. placed. from. your. VideoPhone,, Country between.countries, Code system..The.Country.code.for.the.United.States.and.Canada. is.“1” Enter.your.,.family,.and. Area Code & Phone #,. remembering.the.number.easier, . The. DVC-1000. can. support. global. phone. number. formats.. . ( supported).
  • Page 31 Public IP This. screen. controls. how. a. Public. IP. address. is. obtained.. If. the. Public. IP. button. is. “grayed. out”. it. means. that. your. . more than 30 seconds, the DVC-1000 will most likely not find Speed
  • Page 32 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings > Network > Address DHCP to.a.broadband.modem.that.offers.dynamic.IP.addressing.or.when. behind.a.router/DHCP.server.that.offers.static.DHCP. Fixed IP Fixed. IP. is. used. when. connecting. to. a. broadband. connection. that. offers. static. IP. addressing. or. when. behind. a. router. that. is. not configured for static DHCP.
  • Page 33 The. username. and. password. are. only. used. with. a. Password PPPoE.connection..Consult.your.ISP.for.this.information. Host name (optional) optional. MAC (Media Access Control) is an unique identifier for MAC: xx:xx:xx:xx: to know the MAC address of your DVC-1000, it can be found.on.this.screen.
  • Page 34 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings > Network > DNS When this screen appears, Click OK to save the changes and restart the system. Enter.the.Primary.Internet.DNS.(Domain.Name.System).. Primary DNS able to obtain from your router configuration settings, ISP
  • Page 35 PC), you typically will need a router to accomplish the sharing of the connec- tion. Your router will usually have a Network Address Translation (NAT) mode installed. The NAT affects the IP address of the DVC-1000 and any other devices sharing your Internet Connection. See the Glossary on page 59 for a description of a NAT.
  • Page 36 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings > Network > Network Speed The.Network Speed Overestimating these settings may affect the call quality and is not recommended. Contact your ISP, network administrator, or look in your modem manual for correct values.
  • Page 37 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings > Network > PING PING. is. a. network. or. Internet. utility,. used. to. test. a. network. or. Internet. . VideoPhone.after.the.setup.of.the.DVC-1000,.you.can.use.the.PING.function. To.use.the.PING.function,.from.the.remote.control,.enter.a.known.IP.address. . Host the. PING. button.. If. the. IP. address. is. valid,. and. the. connection. is. made. .
  • Page 38 Main Screen > Settings > Update The.Update.screen.has.several.functions: Click. the. box. to. automatically. check. for. updates. of. the. DVC-1000. Displays.the.current.version.information. Set erase.all.speed.dial.entries.that.have.been.added. Clicking.YES will begin an update of the firmware in the DVC-1000. A restart
  • Page 39 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings > Video Note:.You.may.see.“”.in.older.versions.of.the. . DVC-1000.Hardware. by. default,. allowing. automatic. adjustment. of. the. video. contrast. every. 30. seconds.. To. manually. adjust. the. Video. settings,. you. must. uncheck. • Color Saturation •...
  • Page 40 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Settings > Mic Vol You. can. adjust. the. sensitivity. of. the. built-in. microphone. from. the. Volume To.adjust.the.volume Settings.screen. Note:,
  • Page 41 Using the Configuration Menu (continued) Main Screen > Privacy Audio Audio Privacy, Video Privacy Video Privacy. keeps. your. video. from. being. sent. to. the.remote.caller..The.person.on.the.other.end.of.the. Do not Disturb you, unavailable.
  • Page 42: Using.the.dvc-1000.With.d-Link.routers

    If you have other routers or you are having difficulty with.the.DVC-1000, To complete the configuration that allows the DVC-1000. to. work. with. your. . D-Link. router,. please. view. D-Link’s. WBR-2310. router. screen. above.. In. the. WBR-2310 configuration utility, go to the Advanced >Virtual Server.screen..
  • Page 43: Using The Dvc-1000 With Routers, Gateways Or Modems

    15329 15330 15331 15332 15333 The. router. or. gateway. that. you. are. using. may. be. different. from. the. D-Link. . WBR-2310.wireless.router.example.shown.on.the.following.pages..However,. . D-Link.router,.look.for.Virtual Server,.Firewall Rules,.Port Forwarding, Advanced or Firewall in your router’s configuration utility.) In the example that follows we begin by opening the WBR-2310 Web configuration >...
  • Page 44 To open these ports, please do the following: A..Click.Enabled B..Give.the.Virtual.Server.a.Name.( C..Under.Private IP,.enter.the.IP.address.obtained.from.the..DVC-1000 (How to obtain an IP address from the DVC-1000: Turn the DVC-1000 on. Using the remote control highlight the Settings button on the Main Screen. Navigate to Settings>Network>Network Address >IP address) D..Under.Traffic Type,.choose.Both (TCP.and.UDP)
  • Page 45 Using the DVC-1000 with Routers, Gateways or Broadband Modems (continued) Opening Ports on Your Routers and Gateways (continued) Repeat.steps.A through.G.five more times for each one of the following five ports:.15329,.15330,.15331,.15332.and.15333. Repeat.steps.A  . Choose.TCP as the Traffic Type ...
  • Page 46 Using the DVC-1000 with Routers, Gateways or Broadband Modems (continued) From. the. following. sections,. choose. the. heading. that. best. applies. to. your. equipment or networking configuration. Network With Multiple Public IP addresses A Public IP address is visible on the Internet. (Most commonly found in business environments.)
  • Page 47 Broadband Modem Only This. section. applies. only. in. the. instance. that. the. broadband. connection. is. used. exclusively. with. the. DVC-1000. VideoPhone. and. there. are. no. PCs. or. other. devices. connected. to. the. broadband. modem.. Broadband. cable. modems. allow. this. type. of.
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    It. may. take. the. VideoPhone. up. to. 10. minutes. to. register.. Verify. all. network.settings,.including.DNS... The other party is not registered with the Directory Service.. . If. you. are. calling. someone. who. has. an. videoconference. . endpoint.besides.a.DVC-1000.VideoPhone, and. you. cannot. connect. to. them. via. the. Directory. Service,. they. are. probably.not.registered.
  • Page 49 Troubleshooting (continued) 5. Picking up the phone displays a window with speed dial list or brings up a message about no entries in the speed dial list. VideoPhone is not registered with the Directory ervice. Sometimes.,.including.DNS.. 6..Telephone doesn’t ring with an incoming call. VideoPhone is set for
  • Page 50 Place the IP address of the VideoPhone in the DMZ of the firewall. help.on.doing.this. Port forward the appropriate ports to the VideoPhone. The. VideoPhone.needs.ports.120.(TCP).and.ports.15328-15333.(TCP.and. UDP) the DVC-1000 with Routers, Gateways or Broadband Modems,.or.consult. your.router’ doing.this. VideoPhone is not functioning properly behind NAT.
  • Page 51 Port forward the appropriate ports to the VideoPhone. The. VideoPhone.needs.ports.120.(TCP).and.ports.15328-15333.(TCP.and. UDP) the DVC-1000 with Routers, Gateways or Broadband Modems,.or consult. your.router’ doing.this. VideoPhone is not functioning properly behind NAT.. Go. to. the Settings>Network>Public IP screen.. Select. “Auto. detect. public. IP.
  • Page 52 Troubleshooting (continued) 13. Audio has an echo. Other party television is too 14. Excessive delay during a conversation. Incorrect network speed settings (too fast).. Decrease. the. send/ receive.speeds.from.the.Settings>Network>Speed screen and.attempt. 15. Error displays on Main Screen. Unable to find the Update Server. No connection to the Internet.
  • Page 53 Troubleshooting (continued) 18. VideoPhone cannot obtain IP address automatically Not properly connected to a DHCP,. by verifying a link light on the back of the VideoPhone. Make sure that’s.user.manual. IP address is not accessible to the VideoPhone. .,.subnet.mask,.gateway.and.DNS.
  • Page 54 Troubleshooting (continued) 21. Public IP button is not enabled. VideoPhone hasn’t been able to detect IP address yet. The. VideoPhone. can. take. up. to. several. minutes. to. auto. detect. the. public.IP.address..Also,>DNS. screen. 21. Incorrect network speeds. Incorrect entries for network speed.. Consult. your. ISP. or. network. administrator.
  • Page 55: Frequently.asked.questions

    “phone. number”. with. your. DVC-1000. VideoPhone.. When. someone.with.a.DVC-1000.dials.this.“phone.number”,.your.DVC-1000.will.“phone.number” a. broadband. modem. will. have. the. capability. of. using. the. Directory. Service. Can I use the DVC-1000 with a computer and monitor instead of a of.a.TV..However,.you.will.need.a.TV.Tuner./.Video.Capture.device.or.a.
  • Page 56 Can I use the DVC-1000 with a non-D-Link directory service?. No..The. DVC-1000. is. designed. to. automatically. connect. to. the. D-Link. . a.DVC-1000..The.Directory.Service.allows.for.calling.another.DVC-1000. Do I need a PC to use i2eye?,.’
  • Page 57 What devices can I connect to with the DVC-1000? compatible, PC with a Windows operating system, you can use Microsoft NetMeeting with any webcam to connect to the DVC-1000. NetMeeting is a common What standards drive i2eye? protocol..This.ensures.that.any.H.323.compliant.device.will.communicate.
  • Page 58: Glossary.of.terms

    IP. addresses.. For. example,. a. DNS. server. would. translate. . DSL (Digital Subscribers Line): at.a.high.speed.through.a.user’s.telephone.line..The.most.common.DSL. is.ADSL.(Asymmetrical.Digital.Subscribers.Line) Ethernet: H.323: Standard defining videoconferencing over the Internet. Home Gateway: A. term. commonly. interchanged. with. router..Also. called. a. residential.gateway.
  • Page 59 MAC (Media Access Control): A unique identifier for the Ethernet hardware of.your.DVC-1000. NAT (Network Address Translation): and outgoing information to the correct network devices. Most NAT devices have firewall capabilities. QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) QCIF. resolution. is. 1x144.. The. DVC-1000. VideoPhone. will. send.
  • Page 60 SQCIF (Subquarter Common Intermediate Format): send. SQCIF-sized. video. only. if. the. remote. endpoint. cannot. decode. CIF.or.QCIF.. SLIC (Subscriber-Line Interface Circuit): Provides. a. phone’s. analog. dial.
  • Page 61: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Internal Processor ARM-9 ASIC Communication Processor Standards Compliant ITU.H.323.(IP.communications) Video:.H.23 Audio:.G.11,.G.23 Data Rates/Frame Rates 4.Kbps—512.Kbps Video,.QCIF.(1.x.144) Picture-In-Picture.(PIP) Automatic.brightness.control DVC-1000.Robust.Video Audio Telephone.interface-.Full.Duplex.Audio Echo.cancellation DVC-1000.Robust.Audio Half-duplex.speakerphone Input/Output Power Audio.Out Video.Out 10BaseT.Ethernet.(RJ-45) SLIC.for.telephone External Microphone Camera Manual tilt...
  • Page 62 Manual dialing with telephone handset using Directory Service Manual dialing with direct IP entry Remote Software Update Software.update,.automatic.or.manual Network Standard:IEEE.802.3,.Cable,.DSL,.or.T-1. DHCP compliant or fixed IP with subnet mask, DNS and gateway Physical DVC-1000.VideoPhone:.height.x.depth.x.width 1.50”.(38mm).x..08”.(155mm).x.8.0”.(205mm) Weight: 14.oz..(.38kg) Electrical Auto-switching.2.Amp;.5.0.Volt.output Patent Pending...
  • Page 63:

    List of Country Codes Code Country Code Country 253. Djibouti Afghanistan . Dominca 355. Albania 80. Dominican.Republic 213. Algeria 53. Ecuador 84. American.Samoa Egypt 3. Andorra 503. El.Salvador 244. Angola 240. Equatorial.Guinea 80. Anguilla 21. Eritrea 28. Antigua 32. Estonia Argentina 251.
  • Page 64 List of Country Codes (Continued) Code Country Code Country 231. Liberia 0. Saipan 218. Libya San Marino 23. Sao.Tome.and.Principe 423. Liechtenstein . Saudi.Arabia 30. Lithuania 352. Luxembourg 221. Senegal Macao Serbia and Montenegro Macedonia 248. Seychelles Madagascar 232. Sierra.Leone Singapore Malawi 421.
  • Page 65:

    You can find the most recent software and user documentation on the i2eye website. Technical.Support.through.our. Tech Support for customers within the United States: D-Link i2eye Technical Support over the Telephone: (800).3-i2EYE D-Link Technical Support over the Internet: Tech Support for customers within Canada: D-Link Technical Support over the Telephone: (800).31-525...
  • Page 66: Warranty

    D-Link’s functional specifications for the Software or to refund at D-Link’s sole discretion. Except as,,.,,;.provided.that.the.non-conforming.Software.(and.all.copies. thereof) is first returned to D-Link. The license granted respecting any Software for which a refund is given automatically.terminates. Non-Applicability of Warranty: Link’,.the.sellers,.or.the.liquidators., sold.“As-Is”.without.any.warranty.whatsoever.including,.without.limitation,
  • Page 67 D-Link. may. reject. or. return. any. product. that. is. not. packaged. and. shipped. in. strict. compliance. with. the. foregoing requirements, or for which an RMA number is not visible from the outside of the package. The’s.reasonable.handling.and.return.shipping.charges.for.any.product.that.
  • Page 68 • Reorient.or.relocate.the.receiving.antenna. • • Connect. the. equipment. into. an. outlet. on. a. circuit. different. from. that. to. which. the. receiver. is. connected. • For detailed warranty outside the United States, please contact corresponding local D-Link office.
  • Page 69: Registration

    Registration return.this.form.will.not.diminish.your.warranty.rights. Version.2.4 .(April.30,.200)

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