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  • Page 1 4400 P h a s e r ™ L a s e r P r i n t e r Support Guide...
  • Page 2 Copyright © 2002, Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States. Contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission of Xerox Corporation. Copyright protection claimed includes all forms of matters of copyrightable materials and information now allowed by statutory or judicial law or hereinafter granted, including without limitation, material generated from the software programs which are displayed on the screen such as styles, templates, icons, screen displays, looks, etc.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Xerox Supplies and Options ........
  • Page 4: Web Links

    Web Links Xerox provides you many resources to learn more about your Xerox Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer. Use these web sites to obtain information on your printer. To link to product and supplies information, download printer drivers, view documents, and...
  • Page 5: Xerox Supplies And Options

    When the front panel prompts you that an item is low or needs to be replaced, make sure that you have replacements on hand. To order supplies and accessories, contact your local reseller or visit the Xerox web site at:
  • Page 6: Paper And Media

    Xerox Premier 80 Xerox Premier 80 Xerox 4024 DP statement Xerox 4024 DP Xerox 4024 DP folio Xerox 4024 DP legal Transparencies Item Xerox 3M Type L transparencies Xerox Clear transparencies Labels Item Xerox Xerox Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer Description Up to 10,000 images on A4 or letter-size paper at 5 percent coverage.
  • Page 7: Printer Options

    Part Number 097S02917 (LLM) Part Number 097S02880 (LDR) Part Number 097S02923 (LPG) 097S02912 (LLC) 097S02913 (LLD) 097S02914 (LLE) Part Number (20 lb. bond) paper. 097S02878 (LDN) Part Number (20 lb. bond) paper. 109R00448 Part Number 097S02879 (LDP) Xerox Supplies and Options...
  • Page 8: Sheet Stacker

    Offsetting separates print jobs or collated sets of a single job by approximately 25 mm (1 in.). Phaser 4400B to 4400N Upgrade Feature Adds networking capability to Phaser 4400B Laser Printer base model. Enables 64 Mbytes of standard memory. Enables True 1200 x 1200 dpi print quality. Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer...
  • Page 9: Printer Warranty

    In the maintenance of the product, Xerox may use new or equivalent to new parts or assemblies for equal or improved quality. All defective parts and assemblies become the property of Xerox. Xerox, at its option, may request the return of these parts.
  • Page 10: Consumables Warranty

    Consumables warranty Xerox warrants that print cartridges will be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the original Xerox toner has been depleted. All other Customer Replaceable Consumables (CRCs) will be covered for a period of ninety (90) days (six (6) months where longer periods are required by law) from the date of installation, but not more than one (1) year from date of shipment.
  • Page 11 Acts or cause any part or all of this warranty to be void, is called a “Non-excludable Condition.” To the full extent permitted by law, Fuji Xerox’ sole and total liability to the customer for a breach of any Non-excludable Condition (including for any consequential loss suffered by the customer) is limited, except as otherwise stated herein, to (at Fuji Xerox’...
  • Page 12: User Safety Summary

    The power cord is attached to the printer as a plug-in device at the back of the printer. In the event it is necessary to remove all electrical power from the printer, disconnect the power cord from the power receptacle.
  • Page 13: Laser Safety

    Follow all warnings and instructions marked on, or supplied with, the printer, options and supplies. Place the printer in a dust free area where the temperature range is 41 degrees F to 95 degrees F (5 degrees C to 35 degrees C) and the relative humidity range is 15 percent to 85 percent.
  • Page 14 Do not place the printer in line with the cold air flow from an air conditioning system. Place the printer on a level, solid surface with adequate strength for the weight of the machine. The base printer weight without any packaging materials is approximately 25 kg (55 pounds).
  • Page 15: Symbols That May Be Marked On Your Product

    Hot surface on or in the printer. Use caution to avoid personal injury: The surface is hot while the printer is running. After turning off the power, wait 30 minutes: Avoid pinching fingers in the printer. Use caution to avoid personal injury: Use caution (or draws attention to a particular component).
  • Page 16: Printer Specifications (english Only)

    Minimum 90 VAC Maximum 140 VAC 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Minimum 198 VAC Maximum 240 VAC ® qualified printer NERGY Copyright © 2002 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer Relative Humidity Time Span 15 – 85 percent 15 –...
  • Page 17: Performance Specifications

    Controller specifications 266 MHz processor Memory 32 Mbytes PC133 DRAM Standard on the Phaser™ 4400B Laser Printer 64 Mbytes PC133 DRAM Standard on the Phaser™ 4400N Laser Printer 64 Mbytes PC133 DRAM Standard on the Phaser™ 4400DT Laser Printer 64 Mbytes PC133 DRAM Standard on the Phaser™ 4400DX Laser Printer...
  • Page 18: Resident Fonts

    Resident fonts 39 PostScript Type 1 fonts 81 PCL fonts Interfaces IEEE 1284 compliant parallel cable Ethernet 10BaseT and 100BaseTx (Standard on Phaser 4400N, 4400DT, and 4400DX; optional on Phaser 4400B) Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer Printer Specifications (English Only)
  • Page 19: Regulatory Information (english Only)

    The equipment described in this manual generates and uses radio frequency energy. If it is not installed properly in strict accordance with Xerox's instructions, it may cause interference with radio and television reception or may not function properly due to interference from another device. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.
  • Page 20: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of conformity Xerox Corporation, declares, under our sole responsibility that the printer to which this declaration relates, is in conformity with the following standards and other normative documents: In the European Union following the provisions of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and its amendments: EN 60950 (IEC 950) "Safety of Information Technology Equipment including Electrical Business...
  • Page 21 This product, if used properly in accordance with the user's instructions is neither dangerous for the consumer nor for the environment. A signed copy of the Declaration of Conformity for this product can be obtained from Xerox. Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer...
  • Page 22: Material Safety Data Sheet (english Only)

    SKIN: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur. INGESTION: Dilute stomach contents with several glasses of water. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur. Copyright © 2002 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer...
  • Page 23 STORAGE: Avoid high temperatures. SECTION 8 - EXPOSURE CONTROL - PERSONAL PROTECTION No special personal protection indicated, when used as intended in Xerox Phaser Ò laser printers. THRESHOLD LIMIT VALUE (TLV): 10 mg/m3 (total dust) PERMISSIBLE EXPOSURE LIMIT (PEL): 15 mg/m3 (total dust); 5 mg/m3 (respirable dust)
  • Page 24 HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS: During a fire, toxic gases may be generated by thermal decomposition or combustion. Avoid breathing smoke. SECTION 11 - TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION This material has been evaluated by Xerox Corporation. The toxicity data noted below is based on test results of similar toners. Oral LD50: >5 g/kg (rats), practically non-toxic Dermal LD50: >...
  • Page 25 SECTION 16 - OTHER INFORMATION NFPA 704: Health-0, Fire-1, Reactivity-0 Original preparation date: 12/20/01 Xerox Corporation Office Printing Business Environmental, Health & Safety P.O. Box 1000 Mail Stop 60-512 Wilsonville, Oregon 97070 Safety Information: 800-828-6571 Health Emergency: 716-422-2177 Transportation Emergency (Chemtrec): 800-424-9300 Phaser™...
  • Page 26: Index

    4 feeder, envelope part number 4 hard drive part number 4 humidity requirements 13 Copyright © 2002 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved. interfaces 15 internal hard drive part number 4 laser safety 10 maintenance kit part number 3...
  • Page 27 13 supplies and options ordering 2 temperature requirements 13 tray, 550-sheet part number 4 user safety summary 9 warranty consumables 7 printer 6 web links 1 web site contacting Xerox 1 supplies 1 support 1 Phaser™ 4400 Laser Printer Index...

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