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Craftsman 113.248510 Owner's Manual

12-inch band saw
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Model No.
Single Speed
Band Saw
with Leg Set
Model No.
Two Speed
Band Saw
with Leg Set
Model No.
Two Speed
Band Saw with Leg Set
Model No.
Two Speed
Band Saw with Cabinet
Model and s_rial numbers
may b_ found
at the
side of the bas_.
You should
record both
model and s_rial number
in a safe place for futur_
• assembly
• operating
• repair parts
Sold by SEARS, R OEBUCKAND CO., Chicago, IL. 60684 U.S.A.
Part No. SP5292
Printed in U.S,A




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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 113.248510

  • Page 1 Two Speed Band Saw with Leg Set Model No. 113.248440 Two Speed Electronic Band Saw with Leg Set Model No. 113.248510 Two Speed Electronic Band Saw with Cabinet S_rial Number Model and s_rial numbers may b_ found at the left-hand side of the bas_.
  • Page 2 FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN BAND SAW If within one year from the date of purchase, this Craftsman Band Saw tails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Sears will repair it, free of charge. WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE...
  • Page 3: General Safety Instructions

    GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ALL MODELS 1. KNOW YOUR POWER TOOL Read and understand the owner's manual and labels affixed to the tool. Learn its application and limitations as well as the specific hazards peculiar to this tool. 2. GROUND ALL TOOLS This tool is equipped...
  • Page 4: Before Using The Saw

    Adjust the saw so the table is level and the saw does not rock. c. Bolt the saw to the floor if it tends to slip, slide, or tip over during operations like cutting heavy boards.
  • Page 5: Whenever Saw Is Running

    To avoid slips and jams causing injury: 1. Choose the right size and style blade for the material and the type of cutting do. Use this band saw to cut and sand only wood, wood like products 2. Make sure the blade teeth point downward toward the table.
  • Page 6: Glossary Of Terms For Woodworking

    ALL MODELS POWER SUPPLY Motor Specifications The A-C motor used in this saw is a capacitor-start, non-reversible type having the following specifica- tions: Rated H.P..Maximum Developed H.R ... Voltage ...
  • Page 7: Wire Sizes

    2. If the motor fails to start, turn the power switch to the "OFF" position immediately. TOOL. Check the saw blade to make sure it turns cord freely. If the blade is free, try to start the motor Labora- again.
  • Page 8: General Information

    Model 113.248440: Electronic Band Saw; 27 x 23 inch work table; two speed; % H.P. motor that develops 11/8H.P.; legset. Model 113.248510: Electronic Band Saw; 27 x 23 inch work table; two speed; 5/8 HP. motor that develops 11/8H.P.;23 inch cabinet with door.
  • Page 9: Table Of Loose Parts

    To prevent scratching lay a piece of the packing box under the following items: 1/4 x 80 ... Belt 1/2 x 80 ... Asembly Parts #508014 #507741 ... (Electronic Models Only) Assembly (Model 113.248510 Only) leave the saw.
  • Page 10 ALL MODELS LIST OF LOOSE PARTS IN BAG #507968 ITEM DESCRIPTION A Truss Head Screw 1/4-20x12 B Lockwasher Ext. t/4 ... C Hex Nut 1/4-20 ... D Leveling Foot ... E Hex Jam Nut 3/8-16 ... F Bracket Leg ... LIST OF LOOSE PARTS IN BAG #508014 ITEM DESCRIPTION...
  • Page 11: Assembly And Alignment

    WARNING: After the legset has been attached to the basic saw assernbly, it will be necessary to adjust the leveling feet so the saw does not rock. assembly and alignment Qty.
  • Page 12 Iockwashers, Make sure that the four (4) holes in each corner of the saw line up with the four (4) holes in the top of each leg. At this time only put bolts through thesides of the saw assembly notthe front. Onlyfinger tighten nuts.
  • Page 13: Assembling Cabinet

    It may be necessary to slightly tilt the saw as- sembly backwards in order to get the four (4) holes in each corner of the saw to line up with the four (4) holes in the top of each leg. Finger tighten nuts at this time.
  • Page 14 MODEL 113.248510 2. After layout of cabinet parts, take the lower shelf and turn upside down on floor. Small front flange should be pointing upward. 3. Locate the two (2) corner brackets, four (4) 1/4- 20 x 1/2 truss head bolts, Iockwashers, Attach the corner brackets to the front flange in holes as illustrated.
  • Page 15: Mounting The Saw To The Cabinet

    LEVELING FEET MUST BE ADJUSTED THAT SAW DOES NOT ROCK. To adjust leveling feet so the saw will sit properly: a. Move saw to desired location. b. With 9/16-inch wrench loosen bottom nut. c. Back off top nut by hand.
  • Page 16: Mounting Door

    MODEL 113.248510 2. Place saw on cabinet so that holes in bottom saw line up with holes in top of cabinet. 3. Install bolts, Iockwashers, and nuts as shown. Tighten securely using a 7/16-inch socket. The front two bolts hold the saw, lower...
  • Page 17: Mounting The Motor

    %6) ... C Flanged Locknut #10-32 ... D Wing Nut %6-18 ... E Motor Pulleyw/Set Screw (Model 113.248320, 113.248440, 113.248510) ... F Belt Tension Stud ... G Motor Pulleyw/Set Screw (Model 113.248210) ... H Poly "V" Belt ... Key 3/%Sq. x 1%6 (Model 113.248320, 1!3.248440,...
  • Page 18 ALL MODELS 5. Place the Poly "V" belt into the motor mount as shown on the underside of the band saw. 6. Look atthe motor mount and find the slot that is nar- rower than the other three. When mounting the motor, the motor stud without a spacer goes into this slot.
  • Page 19 10. Install a flanged lock nut onto this motor stud. Tighten the flanged lock nuts, using a %-inch wrench, until almost tight. It will be easier to tighten lock nuts if the head is tilted to approximately 45 ° . See page 34 for instructions on tilting head.
  • Page 20: Connecting The Motor

    This is the motor cord. WARNING: FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, NEVER PLUG I_HE SAW IN UNTIL ALL ASSEMBLY STEPS ARE COMPLETED. 2. Loosen the two screws holding box cover on the back side of the motor. Swing the cover open.
  • Page 21: Selecting Blade Speed

    113.248320, 113.248440 & 113.248510 SELECTING BLADE SPEED The band saw has two speed settings: 3000 FPM for normal operation and 1500 FPM for operation requir- ing more control of the work piece, RECOMMENDED SPEED SETTINGS 1. 3000 Feet per Minute a.
  • Page 22: Attaching Trim Caps

    1. Find the left and right trim caps. 2. There are two plastic stubs on the back of each trim cap. 3. These stubs will snap into matching front corner of each saw. 4. Snap the left & right trim caps in place. holes at the TRIM...
  • Page 23: Getting To Know Your Band Saw

    Loosening it will decrease the tension. Clockwise to tension, counter clockwise to loosen. 3. Electronic IndicatorSystem--(Models113.248440 and 113.248510) Digital readout for blade tension, bevel angle and blade speed (FPM). 4. Setting Bevel Angle--Pull the bevel lock knob and adjust the band saw to the desired angle by turning the handwheel, then push in the bevel lock to secure.
  • Page 24 MODEL 113.248440 & 113.248510 BATTERY COVER RELEASE SLOTS & OPEN BATTERY ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT DIGITAL READOUT DISPLAY The Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD, on this saw gives the user the ability to accurately blade and monitor the set-up.
  • Page 25: Function Keys

    3000 2800 *2600 2400 2200 2OOO The band saw motor wilt stall if the blade speed drops two steps* below operating INDICATOR NOTE: cutting efficiency fast as possible. Do not feed the work piece too rapidly,...
  • Page 26: Installing The Blade

    WARNING: TO AVOID INJURY FROM ACCIDENTAL STARTING, MAKE SURE THE POWER CORD IS UNPLUGGED BEFORE REMOVING FROM THE SAW. 1. Remove the blade guard by loosening the two (2) mounting screws with a phillips screwdriver lifting the blade guard upward. 2. Loosen...
  • Page 27 4. Loosen the setscrew which locks the blade guide support and push the support Repeat for lower blade guide support. 5. Loosen the setscrew which locks the upper back up bearing and push the bearing back. Repeat procedure for lower back up bear- ing.
  • Page 28: Aligning Blade & Assemblies

    ALIGNING BLADE GUIDE ASSEMBLIES This band saw comes equipped blade, This band saw can be used with blades of width from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch. The align merit steps must be followed for proper tension, and bearing adjustments for each different...
  • Page 29: Blade Guide Assemblies

    NOTE: Letting the blade teeth guides while using the band saw will ruin the blade. The set of the teeth and the sharpened edge of the teeth would be damaged. adjustment of the upper and lower blade guide assemblies will prevent this from happening.
  • Page 30: Mounting The Front Table

    ALL MODELS 6. To insure the backup bearing is properly porting the blade, push the bearing toward the blade until it almost touches wheel, by hand, checking the backup bearing to make sure it is not turning. turning the blade is too close. slightly away from blade and tighten with 1/8"...
  • Page 31 3. Locate the two (2) oval point setscrews 1/2 and use an 1/8-inch hex "L" wrench to install in the two holes, as illustrated, but do not allow the screws to extend beyond the underside of the table. 4. Locate thetwo(2)table latches,two(2)3/8 "...
  • Page 32: Squaring The Blade To The Table

    ALL MODELS 10. Mount the front table to the base as follows: a. Makesurefronttablelatchesarepositioned high as they will go. b. Hold the front edge of the table. Position the rear edge of the table so that the two flat springs slip under the two tabs on the rear table.
  • Page 33: Adjusting Front Table

    ADJUSTING FRONT TABLE 1. Adjust the front table so it is the same height as the rear table as follows: a, Lay a straight edge across front table to rear table. b. Gentlytap the fronttable down until it is in line with the rear table, c.
  • Page 34: Location And Function Of Controls

    4 WARNING: The locking feature provided is to help prevent unauthorized use of your saw. Always remove the yellow key and keep it in a safe place. To remove yellow key, hold thumb on the end of red lever to keep switch in "Off"...
  • Page 35: Adjusting Bevel Lock Knob

    MODEL 113.248440 & 113.248510 TILTING HEAD FOR BEVEL CUT 1, Unlock bevel lock by pulling outon knob located under the left front edge of the table, 2. Turn handwhee4 counter-clockwise the tilt angle of the blade. The digital display will read out the angle of the blade to the table.
  • Page 36: Basic Band Saw Operation

    BEFORE USING THE BAND SAW. A band saw is basically a "curve cutting" machine. It is not capable of doing inside cutting. Your Craftsman Band Saw is not only capable of the usual band saw operations, but it can be converted into a sander as well.
  • Page 37: Installing Sanding Attachment

    ATTACHMENT WARNING: TO AVOID INJURY FROM UNEXPECTED STARTING, MAKE SURE POWER CORD IS UNPLUG- GED BEFORE MAKING ADJUSTMENTS SAW PARTS. NOTE: The sanding bett cuts very rapidly. Practice with some scraps of wood first before you attempt to sand your actual workpiece.
  • Page 38: Maintenance

    "L" wrench that has a 4-inch leg, reach between the spokes of the lower wheel to the capscrews. Adjust the capscrews the bevel action is smooth and the saw wilt hold its position before the bevel lock is locked. 9-22222, 9-22221 Clamp for Miter Gauge ...
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Blade does not run in Lower positioned the approximate center shaft. of the lower wheel. Belt too loose. Band Saw slows down when cutting. Cutting Duil blade. Overloading Blades breaking. blade. Kink cutting...
  • Page 40: Low Voltage

    Repair service is available at your nearest Sears store. with 1. Do not use other appliances same circuit when using the saw. 2. Increase wire sizes, or reduce length of wiring. See "Motor Specifications Requirements" 3. Request a voltage check from the power company.
  • Page 41 - Replace battery. Battery is 6 volt, size J. alkaline type. below 32 ° F. - Allow saw to warm above 32 ° F. above 120°F. - Allow saw to cool below 120 ° F. - Press IO"_OF_]key. Display should - Reset bevel zero reference.
  • Page 42 trouble shooting --- electronics MODEL 113.248440 & 113.2485t PROBABLE CAUSE PROBLEM Display does not 1. Wrong display function change when blade speed is changed. 2. Encoder or digital display defective. Display changes back 1. Slight variations and forth between in blade speed. 3000 &...
  • Page 43: Repair Parts

    PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN MODEL NO'S. 113.248210, Always order by Part Number--Not 818213 818163 815909 818170 STD541237 803835-1 805589-5 STD551225 STD541025 507968 *Standard Hardware Item may be Purchased 12-INCH 113.248320 & 113.248440 by Key Number Part Description Channel, Leg...
  • Page 44 FIGURE 2...
  • Page 45 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN MODEL NO'S. 113.248210, Always order by Part Number--Not FIGURE 2--DRIVE Part Description Cover, Front w/Label 507830 9-26595 1-Blade, Band Saw Tire 41815 Screw, SI. Hd. Set 816600 5/16-18 x 2-1/8 STD582062 *Ring, Retaining 5/8 41711 Washer, Spring...
  • Page 46 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN 12-INCH BAND SAW MODEL NO'S. 113.248210,113.248320, 113.248440 & 113.248510...
  • Page 47 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN MODEL NO'S. 113.248210, Always order by Part Number--Not Part i No. Description 816421 Table, Rear (Model 113.248210 only) 816420 mOATable, Rear 806036-2 Screw, Locking Set 1/4-20 x 1/2 Cover Base 816423 (Model 113.248210 only) 815868 Relief, Strain 810214-2 Screw, Low Hd.
  • Page 48 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN MODEL NO'S. 113.248210,113.248320,113.248440 28 30 12-INCH BAND SAW FIGURE 4 & 113.248510...
  • Page 49 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN MODEL NO'S. 113.248210, 113.248320, Always order by Part Number--Not FIGURE 4--BEVEL Part Description 1 816499 Handwheel Assembly 816386 Knob, Bevel Lock 816381 Pinion, Handwheel STD541110 * Nut, Hex 10-32 8t6384 Gear, Handwheel 816543 Cover, Bevel Gear...
  • Page 50 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN FIGURE 5--PARTS Always order by Part Number--Not Part Description 805589-5 Screw, Truss Hd. 1/4-20 x 1/2 Skirt 23" 815900 STD551225 * Lockwasher, Ext. 1/4 ISTD541025 *Nut, Hex 1/4-20 STD600603 * Screw, Pan Hd. Ty "T" 6-32 x 3/8...
  • Page 51 NOTES...
  • Page 52: How To Order Repair Parts

    Be sure to provide all pertinent The model number of your fl2-1nch Band Sawwill b_ found on a plate attached to your saw, at the I_fft-hand side of the base. WHEN ORDERING REPAIR PARTS, A LWAYS GIVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: PART NUMBER MODEL NUMBER 113.248210,...