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Sony LF-X1 Troubleshooting Manual page 9

Sony lf-x1 digital multimedia broadcaster: user guide
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CompactFlash card (LF-X5) check if you have saved them in the appropriate folder in the
Memory Stick or CompactFlash card) .
Q: Why don't saved images appear in the top left of the "Picture List" window?
A: Check the date and time settings and make sure they are correct. (see page 128
Operating Instructions).
Q: A picture that I was drawing can no longer be seen. What caused this?
A: Did you adjust the "Brighter" or "Darker" functions while you were drawing? If you select
"Brighter" or "Darker" repeatedly, the original picture may disappear depending on the
color you used to draw your picture. Select "Restart" or "Return to hold" to begin another
In the future you can temporarily save your drawings by touching the "Hold" button. This
allows you to experiment with the Drawing function and restore the image to the place
where you touched the "Hold" function.
Q: When I was using the album application I saw a "?" in the place of a thumbnail. Why did
this happen?
A: ? marks appears in the album application, when a thumbnail link to a picture is broken.
The "Album" application will not show unsupported format files. For example: if there is
a .xls file in a Memory Stick and you try to view it on the LocationFree™ TV, the .xls file
will not appear in the album.
Public Wireless Access
While LocationFree TV can access the vast majority of hotspots, some hotspots may not be
compatible. Please note that some wireless hot spots require a fee.
Q: I just cannot seem to connect to a "hot spot". Is there something I can do?
A: There are several possible solutions to your problem:
When connecting to a network for the first time, you must configure it.
You may be trying to connect to a No Encryption network. Try switching to the
"No Encryption" setting. Don't forget to press [Set] when you have finished
You cannot connect to a network that does not have a plus (+) symbol under
"Signal" and "Avail.". After pressing "Search/Update", try to "Connect" again.
Even if there is + in the avail column, it does not mean it is configured correctly.
Check the connection configuration and try again.
LocationFree™ TV may not be able to access all wireless hot spots.
Q: Why can't I connect to a network even though the SSID and band appear under "Current
A: Check that the target device is correctly connected to the LAN. Also check that an IP
address is acquired from "Monitor > On the go > Wireless Monitor Settings", or "Monitor
> On the go > Wired Monitor Settings".
Q: Can I use Base Station as wireless home router for my notebook PC with wireless card?
A: Yes, you can; but for basic routing functionality only.


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