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Sony LF-X1 Troubleshooting Manual page 10

Sony lf-x1 digital multimedia broadcaster: user guide
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Please note that NetAV is an Advanced User Function of LocationFree™ TV. Although the
following information may help you identify some responses to common questions, it is highly
recommended that you refer to the 1) NetAV Quick Set Up Guide, 2) the Operating Instructions,
and 3) the Advanced Users Guide. All can be found at
or at
Q: I don't understand why a connection was not established even though I touched the
"NetAV" icon. Is there a problem with my LocationFree™ TV?
A: Check to confirm the following:
You cannot use NetAV unless the Base Station is turned on and has been
prepared for Internet connections. Make sure all settings are configured correctly.
Before using NetAV, be sure to turn on the Base Station.
Make sure the Internet connection settings for the Monitor are correct. It is
possible that the IP address is conflicting with that of another device. Try
reconfiguring the settings.
Before using NetAV, the Monitor, the Base Station, and connected routers must
be properly configured.
Make sure the domain name has been correctly entered in the "Enable/Disable
NetAV" window "Making the Base Station accessible by NetAV". (see page 56 of
the Operating Instructions)
It may take time to renew the Dynamic DNS address code. Wait for at least 10
minutes and retry connecting.
It may take time to obtain an IP address when the LAN connection under
"Monitor" is set to obtain one automatically (DHCP). Also, settings do not
become effective unless you select "Set".
If the NetAV LED on the Base Station is lit red, the "Dynamic DNS" setting on the
"NetAV Settings" window authentication has failed. Check that the setting is
configured properly. When the "NetAV" indicator on the Base Station is lit red,
the settings for "Dynamic DNS" are not correct.
If you are using a router, verify the router's port forwarding settings.
Turn the router OFF and then ON again.
Q: Why is the picture sometimes distorted when I use the NetAV function?
A: Because NetAV communicates through the Internet, when there is heavy traffic on the
line, images may not be sent or received smoothly. To correct this try a slower bit rate.
Also, confirm that you have at least 300 kbps of bandwidth available (uplink from the
Base Station to the internet and downlink from the internet to Monitor). If there is less
than 300 kbps of bandwidth, distortion will increase. Please check with your provider.
Q: My connection halts while the "Connecting to the Base Station." message is shown. Why
does this happen?
A: Transmission may take time depending on where the Monitor and Base Station are
located. A high level of traffic on the communication lines connecting the Monitor and
Base Station can also affect transmission times.
Q: Why does NetAV cut out suddenly?
A: In most cases it is more likely that some problem on the Internet caused the NetAV
session to terminate. Please try accessing the Internet again. If you have an additional
LocationFree™ TV monitor registered it may have begun receiving AV content. Only one
registered LocationFree™ TV monitor can access AV content at once.


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