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Sony LF-X1 Troubleshooting Manual page 13

Sony lf-x1 digital multimedia broadcaster: user guide
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Q: I think I have a defective battery. Many times my battery runs out immediately after I
have it inserted into the battery compartment on the stand. I've tried replacing the
battery with one that has been recharged, but some times I can't even get the battery
indicator to turn on. What's the possible problem?
A: Check to make sure that the battery is inserted correctly. Disconnect the power cord,
remove the battery, and reseat it in the stand. If the battery light is flashing after you do
this it could mean that there is a problem with the battery and you may have to replace
If you are sure it has been seated properly it's possible that the battery may be damaged
or in need of replacement. Battery capacity gradually decreases with each recharging.
Battery life is also shortened when the battery is used at extremely high temperatures.
Q: All of a sudden I noticed that the clock on my LocationFree™ TV Monitor is incorrect. I
reset it but very soon after I have the same problem.
A: The built-in battery used to keep the clock accurate may be dead. Under most conditions
this would only happen if you left the Monitor uncharged for a very long period of time
but in some instances the battery could die. When this happens, the clock will stop once
the Monitor's rechargeable battery depletes. Contact your Sony dealer for more
information on replacing the built-in clock battery.
Q: What are the USB connectors on the Monitor (LF-X1 only) and the Base Station for?
A: Monitor USB: External keyboard (LF-X1 only)
Base Station USB: Future applications.
Q: TV and video pictures are distorted when the Base Station is used as a wireless LAN
access point. Why is that?
A: When a computer receives or sends data through a wireless LAN while you are watching
TV or video on the Monitor, pictures on the Monitor or audio may be distorted. It takes
awhile for the picture to appear. Transmission may take time due to a high level of traffic
on the lines connecting the Monitor and Base Station, or due to the location of the Base
Station and Monitor.
Q: I was using the Capture function and I received a message that said "Capture is currently
blocked." I wasn't able to capture the image that was being displayed. Is there
something wrong with my LocationFree™ TV?
A: There is nothing wrong with your LocationFree™ TV. Sony recognizes Digital Rights
Management (DRM) and as such have included Macrovision on LocationFree™ TV which
allows a studio to control their content and restrict its usage in a variety of different ways.
We can only recommend using the Capture function to capture


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