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Sony LF-X1 Troubleshooting Manual page 11

Sony lf-x1 digital multimedia broadcaster: user guide
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Q: I simply cannot connect to a network or use NetAV. Any suggestions?
A: You need to verify the following just to make sure everything was set up correctly:
In order to use NetAV, the Base Station and the Monitor must be appropriately
configured. This configuration must be completed before you use the NetAV
Is the NetAV function enabled? You can do it with "Settings > Base Station >
NetAV Settings > Enable/Disable NetAV"
Unless you are contracting with your ISP to receive a fixed IP address (for which
you usually need to pay extra), you usually need to subscribe to a Dynamic DNS
(DDNS) service. Sony recommends users register with Dynamic Network
Services Inc., a provider of Dynamic DNS and other network services. Please
register through, which is currently provided free of charge.
If you have questions about registering with, or about configuring
your LocationFree TV for Dynamic DNS service, please contact SONY Customer
Support at 1-800-222-SONY (7669).
Have you completed registration to a Dynamic DNS service? Have you entered
necessary information in the "Settings > Base Station > NetAV Settings >
Dynamic DNS" and successfully updated the Dynamic DNS information?
Have you entered correct information in the "Settings > Monitor > NetAV
Settings > NetAV Connection"? Make sure that your Static IP address (if you are
using fixed IP address) or domain name (if you are using Dynamic DNS) is
correct. Check that the port number for NetAV corresponds to the one in
"Settings > Base Station > NetAV Settings > Dynamic DNS".
Is the router configured appropriately? You'll need to set DMZ or Port forwarding
in order to let the Monitor access the Base Station from the internet. You will
also need to configure the Base Station using a static IP address (if you are using
fixed IP address) in order for DMZ or port forwarding to work correctly.
Is the password set under "NetAV Settings"-"Registration for Binding" correct?
Are the "Alias" and "Serial number" that appear under "Register Other Monitors"-
"Registered Monitors" for the registered Base Station correct?
Have the IP address and domain name of the registered Base Station been input
correctly under "NetAV Settings"-"NetAV Connection" on the registered other
Q: I seem to be able to connect to a network, but I still cannot use NetAV. Why?
A: Have you completed the "Registration for Binding" setting? (Settings > Monitor > NetAV
Settings) If you are using more than one Monitor have you registered it to the Base
Station? If not, see page 57-60 of the LocationFree™ TV Operating Instructions to
perform registration. Other possible causes may include:
On the registered Base Station
"Enable/Disable NetAV" is not set to "Enable" on the registered Base Station.
If the check box by "Allow AV interception by registered Monitors" under
"Register Other Monitors"-"Registered Monitors" is not selected, you may not
be able to connect to the NetAV server because another Monitor is
connected with NetAV or is receiving AV content.
Settings have not been configured correctly. Refer to page 57-60 of the
LocationFree™ TV Operating Instructions and reconfigure the settings.
The power is turned off.
The Base Station may not be able to connect to the Internet.
On the registered Monitor


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