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Sony LF-X1 Troubleshooting Manual page 12

Sony lf-x1 digital multimedia broadcaster: user guide
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Another registered Monitor may be using NetAV already. Press the "Get AV"
button on the bar at the bottom of the screen to begin viewing content.
The settings for NetAV have not been configured correctly. (Refer to the
"Causes and remedies" for "Connection will not be established even though
"NetAV" is pressed".)
Settings have not been configured correctly. Refer to page 57-60 of the
LocationFree™ TV Operating Instructions and reconfigure the settings.
There is a problem with some other network setting.
Another Monitor may be viewing content with NetAV.
There is a problem with the line. (Not enough bandwidth, etc.)
Q: I understand I need to register with a Dynamic DNS service to use NetAV. Does SONY
offer such a service?
A: No. Sony recommends that users register with Dynamic Network Services Inc., a
provider of Dynamic DNS service and other network services. Please register through, which is currently provided free of charge.
If you have questions about registering with, or about configuring your
LocationFree TV for Dynamic DNS service, please contact SONY Customer Support at 1-
800-222-SONY (7669).
Q: I was using my LocationFree™ TV and the Monitor suddenly turned off. I checked to
make sure the battery was charged up and it was. What could be the problem?
A: Check to make sure that the "Sleep Timer" feature has not been activated. You should
also check to make sure the "Power Save Timer" (Auto Dim Timer) has not been
activated. Both features can be found in the "Basic" menu which is accessed through the
"Settings" menu.
It's also possible that the temperature reached its safety limit (LF-X5 only). If so, it shut
down to protect it from overheating.
Q: Why don't the on-screen buttons don't respond when I touch them?
A: When the "Index" window or a dialog message is displayed, you cannot select any button
outside of that window or message.
If you are referring to the dimmed buttons, some can only be selected after selecting a
check box.
Q: I touched a button and a totally different button responded. Why did this happen?
A: The screen is not aligned with the stylus. You need to access the "Stylus Calibration"
function found in the "Basic Settings" mode. To get to the "Basic Settings" mode touch
the "Settings" button.
Q: Sometimes I can't seem to turn off the Monitor or Base Station. What can I do when this
A: Hold down the power button for at least 3 seconds. This will force your LocationFree™
TV to turn off.


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