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Sony LF-X1 Troubleshooting Manual page 8

Sony lf-x1 digital multimedia broadcaster: user guide
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A: LocationFree™ TV supports emails systems using the SMTP or POP3 protocols.
LocationFree™ TV does support email systems that require proprietary ISP software.
Q: Can I access my AOL e-mail using the Mail function on LocationFree™ TV?
A: As stated above, LocationFree™ TV supports POP3 protocol, which is the most popular e-
mail server system. Because AOL uses a unique IMAP system for their email server, you
cannot send email from your AOL email account on LocationFree™ TV. You can; however,
access your AOL e-mail account through
Q: I don't seem to be able to send or receive mail. What can I do to fix this?
A: There are several possible solutions for your problem:
Your mail settings may be incorrect. Check them against the information you
have received from your ISP.
When sending the mail to multiple addresses, separate each address with a
comma (,).
When sending mail to an extremely large number of addresses, separate the
recipients into smaller groups, and send the mail separately to each group of
Your network settings may be incorrect. Contact your ISP.
Q: I cannot recall my mail protection password. What can I do to gain access to my emails?
A: Once the mail protection password has been set, you must input that password in order
to change or delete it. If you have lost your mail protection password, initialize the mail
settings (see page 136 in Operating Instructions). Also, the default password is set to
"0000", it is worth trying out this first.
Please note that you will lose any images that were received by email. However, if you
saved those images in the Photo Album they will not be deleted.
Q: Why am I getting a message that states "This file cannot be viewed" when using my
"Mail" function?
A: The file format is not supported by the LocationFree™ TV. You may display the file by
sending it to a computer installed with software that supports this type of image file. It
could also mean that the image has been corrupted.
Q: I tried opening up a file that was attached to an email but all I saw was a gray box. Why
did this happen?
A: When a thumbnail image link is broken in an attached mail, the mail application will try
showing it anyway or a grey box will appear. (A thumbnail is a small image that shows a
representation of the actual image being attached.) This depends on how bad the
thumbnail is.
Q: What do I do when the "Memory is full" message appears?
A: If you have opened multiple tabs on the web screen, close some tabs. You can also turn
the Monitor OFF and then ON again.
Q: I saved an image but it cannot be displayed. How can I correct this?
A: Make sure you have selected the correct location where the image is saved. Try
switching tabs. For images copied from a computer to a "Memory Stick" (LF-X1) or a


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