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Getting Started; Unpacking The System; Back View; Installation - RCA RS2650 User Manual

5cd audio system
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Getting Started

Unpacking the system:

You should have the following:
one main unit (with 2 main speakers);
one remote control;
one AM loop antenna;
one user's guide;
one safety leaflet.
Owner registration Card

Back View

1. FM Pigtail Antenna
2. AM Loop Antenna Connector
3. Main Speaker Jacks
Using the FM and AM Antennas
Before you use your audio system, you'll want to make
sure both the FM and AM antennas are positioned
properly. Uncoil the FM antenna at the back of the unit,
making sure it is fully extended (you may even want to
tape it to the wall behind the unit if possible. The higher
the better.) You'll also need to connect the AM antenna
loop to the back of the unit if you listen to AM stations.
Rotate the AM loop antenna for better reception.
9:54 AM
Page 6
Connecting the Speakers
Match the red wire (on the left speaker) to red terminal
for the left speaker (L) on the back of the unit and the
black wire (on the left speaker ) to the black terminal
for left speaker (L). Follow the same procedure to con-
nect the right (R) speaker.
Speaker Wire Connection
Push Speaker terminal tab
down to insert wire.
NOTE: Make sure the insulation is completely removed from the
ends of the speaker wires at all connection points.


To ensure sufficient ventilation, keep the spacings
shown below free from other surfaces:
Front View
4 inches
4 inches
Side View
4 inches
Release tab to lock wire in
the terminal.
4 inches

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