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  • Page 1 EN User Manual | Dishwasher ZDF22002WA ZDF22002XA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO: Get usage advice, brochures, trouble shooter, service and repair information: Subject to change without notice. CONTENTS 1. SAFETY INFORMATION................2 2. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS................4 3. EASY START ....................5 4. PROGRAMMES....................6 5. SETTINGS...................... 7 6.
  • Page 3 • Children of less than 3 years of age should be kept away from the appliance unless continuously supervised. • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • Keep detergents away from children. •...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    • If the appliance has ventilation openings in the base, they must not be covered e.g. by a carpet. • The appliance is to be connected to the water mains using the new supplied hose-sets. Old hose sets must not be reused.
  • Page 5: Easy Start

    • The appliance can release hot steam if discontinued: door hinge and seals, other you open the door while a programme seals, spray arms, drain filters, interior operates. racks and plastic peripherals such as baskets and lids. 2.5 Service • Concerning the lamp(s) inside this product and spare part lamps sold separately: •...
  • Page 6: Programmes

    Delay button Programme knob 3.1 Indicators End indicator. Salt indicator. It is always off while the programme operates. Rinse aid indicator. It is always off while the programme operates. 4. PROGRAMMES The order of the programmes in the table may not reflect their sequence on the control panel. Programme Degree of soil Programme pha‐...
  • Page 7: Settings

    4.1 Information for test institutes To receive the necessary information for conducting performance tests (e.g. according to: EN60436 /BS EN60436 ), send an email to: In your request, include the product number code (PNC) from the rating plate. For any other questions regarding your dishwasher, refer to the service book provided with your appliance.
  • Page 8 you on the hardness of the water in your area. Set the right level of the water softener to assure good washing results. Water hardness German de‐ French de‐ mmol/l mg/l (ppm) Clarke de‐ Water softener grees (°dH) grees (°fH) grees level 47 - 50...
  • Page 9 same cycle or at the beginning of the next programme. This activity increases the total water consumption of a programme by All the consumption values mentioned in additional 4 litres and the total energy this section are determined in line with consumption of a programme by additional 2 the currently applicable standard in Wh.
  • Page 10: Before First Use

    The programme marker must be in position. 1. Press and hold and simultaneously turn the knob counterclockwise until the programme marker is in position. 2. Release when and Delay start to flash. 3. Turn the knob counterclockwise until the programme marker is in position.
  • Page 11: Daily Use

    6.1 Adding salt Before the first use, put one litre of water in the salt container. CAUTION! Water and salt can come out of the salt container during filling. To prevent corrosion, start a programme immediately after filling the salt container. 6.2 Adding rinse aid The rinse aid helps to dry the dishes without streaks and stains.
  • Page 12 7.1 Adding detergent If the programme has a prewash phase, put a small quantity of detergent on the inner part of the appliance door. 7.2 Adding multi-tablets • Do not fill the salt container and the rinse aid dispenser. • Set the rinse aid dispenser to the lowest position. 7.3 Programme selection mode ENGLISH...
  • Page 13 The appliance must be in Programme selection mode to start a programme. If the control panel does not show this condition, do the Reset. Press and hold simultaneously Delay and until the appliance is in programme selection mode. 7.4 Reset With Reset you can cancel the running programme or the delay start.
  • Page 14 7.6 Option Delay With this option you can postpone the start of a programme by 3 hours. 1. Set the programme. 2. Press Delay. 3. Press to start the countdown. When the countdown is completed, the programme starts. 7.7 Opening the door while the appliance operates Do not try to close the appliance door Opening the door while a programme is...
  • Page 15: Hints And Tips

    7.8 At the end of the programme 5 min The indicator is on. After 5 minutes of non-use, the appliance enters standby mode and all the indicators are off. It decreases energy consumption. 1. Turn the knob to 2. Close the tap. 8.
  • Page 16 – Make sure that the current level of the 2. Make sure that the salt and rinse aid water softener agrees with the containers are full. hardness of the water supply. 3. Start the shortest programme with a – Follow the instructions in the chapter rinsing phase.
  • Page 17: Care And Cleaning

    8.6 Unloading the baskets 1. Let the tableware cool down before you After the programme is completed, water remove it from the appliance. Hot items can still remain on the inside surfaces of can be easily damaged. the appliance. 2. First remove items from the lower basket, then from the upper basket.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    9.3 External cleaning dishwashers. Follow carefully the instructions on the packaging of the • Clean the appliance with a moist soft product. cloth. • Only use neutral detergents. 9.5 Removal of foreign objects • Do not use abrasive products, abrasive Check the filters and the sump after each use cleaning pads or solvents.
  • Page 19 Problem and alarm code Possible cause and solution The appliance does not fill with water. • Make sure that the water tap is open. • The end indicator flashes 1 time intermittent‐ • Make sure that the pressure of the water supply is not too low.
  • Page 20 10.1 The dishwashing and drying results are not satisfactory Problem Possible cause and solution Poor washing results. • Use more intensive washing programmes. • Clean spray arm jets and the filter. Refer to "Care and Cleaning". • Refer to "Daily use", "Hints and tips" and basket loading leaflet. Poor drying results.
  • Page 21: Technical Information

    Problem Possible cause and solution Limescale deposits on the tableware, • The level of salt is low, check the refill indicator. on the tub and on the inside of the • The cap of the salt container is loose. door. •...
  • Page 22: Environmental Concerns

    product information sheet. Keep the energy For more detailed information about the label for reference together with the user energy label, visit manual and all other documents provided with this appliance. 12. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS appliances marked with the symbol with Recycle materials with the symbol .
  • Page 24 156912734-A-092023...

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