Change The Volume Settings; Set The Phone To Silent - Nokia C110 User Manual

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Control volume
If you have trouble hearing your phone ringing in
noisy environments, or calls are too loud, you can
change the volume to your liking by using the
volume keys on the side of your phone.
Do not connect to products that create an output
signal, as this may damage the device. Do not
connect any voltage source to the audio connector.
If you connect an external device or headset, other
than those approved for use with this device, to the
audio connector, pay special attention to volume


Press a volume key on the side of your phone to see
the volume status bar, tap
on the volume bars left or right.


To set the phone to silent, press a volume key, tap
and then tap
Battery life
To save power:
Always charge the battery fully.
Mute unnecessary sounds, such as touch
sounds. Tap Settings > Sound, and select
which sounds to keep.
, and drag the sliders
Use wired headphones, rather than the
Set the phone screen to turn off after a short
time. Tap Settings > Display > Screen
timeout and select the time.
Tap Settings > Display > Brightness
level. To adjust the brightness, drag the
brightness level slider. Make sure that
Adaptive brightness is disabled.
Turn on the power saver: tap Settings >
Battery > Battery Saver, and turn ON.
Use location services selectively: turn
location services OFF when you don't need
them. Tap Settings > Location, and disable
Use location.
Use network connections selectively: turn
Bluetooth ON only when needed. Use a
Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet,
rather than a mobile data connection. Stop
your phone scanning for available wireless
networks. Tap Settings > Network &
internet, and turn Wi-Fi OFF. If you're
listening to music or otherwise using your
phone, but don't want to make or receive
calls, turn the airplane mode ON. Tap
Settings > Network & internet > Airplane
mode. Airplane mode closes connections to
the mobile network and turns your device's
wireless features off.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents