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Nokia C100
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  • Page 1 Nokia C100 User Guide...
  • Page 2: Get Started

    Memory/SIM card Get started Your phone comes with the SIM card preinstalled. Turn on your phone To swap the SIM or to insert a microSD card, follow To turn your phone on, press and hold the the steps below. Power/Lock key. To turn your phone off, press the Power/Lock key and the volume up key at the same 1.
  • Page 3 memory card while in use by an app. Doing so may automatically once your phone is connected to the internet. damage the memory card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card. RESTORE APP SETTINGS FROM YOUR PREVIOUS ANDROID PHONE Charge your phone If your old phone is also an Android , and your...
  • Page 4: Scroll Through A Long List Or Menu

    SCROLL THROUGH A LONG LIST OR MENU Use the touch screen Important: Avoid scratching the touch screen. Never use an actual pen, pencil, or sharp objects on the touch screen. TAP AND HOLD TO DRAG AN ITEM Slide your finger quickly in a flicking motion up or down the screen, and lift your finger.
  • Page 5 To lock the screen in portrait mode, swipe down NAVIGATE WITH KEYS from the top of the screen, and tap Auto-rotate > To use key navigation, tap Settings > System > Off. Gestures > System navigation > 3-button navigation. NAVIGATE WITH GESTURES To use gesture navigation, tap Settings >...
  • Page 6 CHANGE YOUR MESSAGE NOTIFICATION SOUND Tap Settings > Sound > Default notification sound. Notifications USE THE NOTIFICATION PANEL When you receive new notifications, such as messages or missed calls, indicator icons appear on To rearrange or add new items, tap , tap and hold the status bar at the top of the screen.
  • Page 7: Set The Phone To Silent

    SET THE PHONE TO SILENT networks. Tap Settings > Network & To set the phone to silent, press a volume key, tap internet > Wi-Fi, and turn Use Wi-Fi OFF. If you're listening to music or otherwise using and then tap your phone, but don't want to make or receive calls, turn the airplane mode ON.
  • Page 8: Connect With Your Friends And Family

    CORRECT A WORD 2. Tap and type in a number, or tap If you notice that you have misspelled a word, tap it select a contact you want to call. to see suggestions for correcting the word. 3. Tap TURN SPELL CHECKER OFF Tap Settings >...
  • Page 9 Send and receive messages 5. Tap SEND A MESSAGE Camera 1. Tap Messages > Start chat. 2. To add a recipient, tap , type their TAKE A PICTURE 1. Tap Camera. number in the To field, and tap . To add a 2.
  • Page 10: Internet And Connections

    Connect your phone to the computer with a Browse the web compatible USB cable. To set the USB connection USE YOUR PHONE TO CONNECT YOUR type, open the notification panel, and tap the USB COMPUTER TO THE WEB notification. Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and use your mobile data connection to access the internet with SHARE YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS your laptop or other device.
  • Page 11: Connect To A Bluetooth Device

    CONNECT TO A BLUETOOTH DEVICE Paired devices can connect to your phone when You can connect your phone with many useful Bluetooth is turned on. Other devices can detect Bluetooth devices. For example, with a wireless your phone only if the Bluetooth settings view is headset (sold separately), you can speak on the open.
  • Page 12: Organize Your Day

    4. Tap the device to connect to. You can see DELETE A VPN PROFILE the Bluetooth devices within range. 1. Tap next to the profile name. 5. If the other device needs a passcode, type 2. Tap FORGET. in the passcode. The passcode, which you can make up, must be typed in on both Organize your day devices.
  • Page 13 3. To make an event repeat on certain days, GET DIRECTIONS TO A PLACE tap Does not repeat, and select how often 1. Tap Maps and enter your destination in the the event should repeat. search bar. 4. To add a notification to the event, tap Add 2.
  • Page 14 3. In the app description, tap Install to settings and files stored by apps) will be backed up download and install the app. remotely. TURN ON AUTOMATIC BACKUP Update your phone software Tap Settings > System > Backup, and turn Back Keep your phone up to date and accept available up my data ON.
  • Page 15 between 15°C and 25°C (59°F and 77°F) for optimal Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi performance. A device with a hot or cold battery may Visible on Google Play not work temporarily. Note that the battery may drain Location turned on quickly in cold temperatures and lose enough power Find My Device turned on to turn off the phone within minutes.
  • Page 16 continuing to use it. Never use a damaged battery or Avoid dropping the phone or battery. If the phone or charger. Only use the charger indoors. Do not battery is dropped, especially on a hard surface, and charge your device during a lightning storm. When the user suspects damage, take it to a service charger is not included in the sales pack, charge center for inspection.
  • Page 17 HMD Global Privacy Policy, available at, applies to Reproduction, transfer or distribution of part or all of your use of the device. the contents in this document in any form without the...
  • Page 18 ©2022 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HMD Global is under license.

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