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Nokia C10
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Issue 2022-10-20 en-GB


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  • Page 1 Nokia C10 User Guide Issue 2022-10-20 en-GB...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Nokia C10 User Guide Table of Contents 1 About this user guide 2 Get started Keep your phone up to date ........
  • Page 3 Nokia C10 User Guide 6 Internet and connections Activate Wi-Fi ......... . .
  • Page 4 Nokia C10 User Guide Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol ....... .
  • Page 5 Important: For important information on the safe use of your device and battery, read “For your safety” and “Product Safety” info in the printed user guide, or at before you take the device into use. To find out how to get started with your new device, read the printed user guide.
  • Page 6: Get Started

    Nokia C10 User Guide 2 Get started KEEP YOUR PHONE UP TO DATE Your phone software Keep your phone up to date and accept available software updates to get new and enhanced features for your phone. Updating the software may also improve your phone’s performance.
  • Page 7: Insert The Sim And Memory Cards

    Nokia C10 User Guide Some of the accessories mentioned in this user guide, such as charger, headset, or data cable, may be sold separately. Parts and connectors, magnetism Do not connect to products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. Do not connect any voltage source to the audio connector.
  • Page 8: Charge Your Phone

    Nokia C10 User Guide 4. If you have a memory card, slide it into the 5. Put the back cover back on. memory card slot. Use only original nano-SIM cards. Use of incompatible SIM cards may damage the card or the device, and may corrupt data stored on the card.
  • Page 9: Switch On And Set Up Your Phone

    Nokia C10 User Guide SWITCH ON AND SET UP YOUR PHONE When you switch your phone on for the first time, your phone guides you to set up your network connections and phone settings. Switch on your phone 1. To switch on your phone, press and hold the power key until the phone vibrates.
  • Page 10: Lock Or Unlock Your Phone

    Nokia C10 User Guide Manage your SIMs Don’t want work to interfere with your free time? Or do you have a cheaper data connection on one SIM? You can decide which SIM you want to use. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > SIM Cards .
  • Page 11 Nokia C10 User Guide Tap and hold to drag an item Place your finger on the item for a couple of seconds and slide your finger across the screen. Swipe Place your finger on the screen and slide your finger in the direction you want.
  • Page 12 Nokia C10 User Guide Scroll through a long list or menu Slide your finger quickly in a flicking motion up or down the screen and lift your finger. To stop the scrolling, tap the screen. Zoom in or out Place 2 fingers on an item, such as a map, photo, or web page, and slide your fingers apart or together.
  • Page 13 Nokia C10 User Guide Lock the screen orientation The screen rotates automatically when you turn the phone 90°. To lock the screen in portrait mode, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap Auto-rotate . Navigate with keys –...
  • Page 14: Basics

    Nokia C10 User Guide 3 Basics PERSONALISE YOUR PHONE Change your wallpaper Tap Settings > Display > Wallpaper . Change your phone ringtone Tap Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone SIM1 or Advanced > Phone ringtone SIM2 , and select the tone.
  • Page 15: Control Volume

    Nokia C10 User Guide Use the quick setting icons To activate certain features, tap the quick settings icons on the notification panel. To see more icons, drag the menu down. To rearrange the icons, tap �, tap and hold an icon, and then drag it to another location.
  • Page 16: Automatic Text Correction

    Nokia C10 User Guide AUTOMATIC TEXT CORRECTION Use keyboard word suggestions Your phone suggests words as you write, to help you write quickly and more accurately. Word suggestions may not be available in all languages. When you start writing a word, your phone suggests possible words. When the word you want is shown in the suggestion bar, select the word.
  • Page 17: Accessibility

    Nokia C10 User Guide 6. Stop apps from running in the background: connection. Stop your phone scanning for tap � > CLEAR ALL . available wireless networks. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi , and disable 7. Use location services selectively: switch Use Wi-Fi .
  • Page 18 Nokia C10 User Guide • To switch the radio on, tap �. • To save a station, tap �. • To search radio stations, tap � > Scan . • To listen to a radio station using the phone’s speakers, tap �. Keep the •...
  • Page 19: Connect With Your Friends And Family

    Nokia C10 User Guide 4 Connect with your friends and family CALLS Make a call 1. Tap �. 2. Tap � and type in a number, or tap � and select a contact you want to call. 3. Tap �. If you have a second SIM card inserted, tap the corresponding icon to make a call from that SIM.
  • Page 20: Send Messages

    Nokia C10 User Guide SEND MESSAGES Send a message 1. Tap Messages . contact. 4. To add more recipients, tap �. After 2. Tap Start chat . selecting all the recipients, tap Next . 3. To add a recipient, tap �, type in their number, and then tap �.
  • Page 21: Camera

    Nokia C10 User Guide 5 Camera CAMERA BASICS Take a photo Shoot sharp, vibrant photos – capture the best moments in your photo album. 1. Tap Camera . 2. Take aim and focus. 3. Tap �. Take a selfie 1. Tap Camera > � to switch to the front camera.
  • Page 22 Nokia C10 User Guide Share your photos and videos 1. Tap Gallery , tap the photo that you want to share and tap �. 2. Select how you want to share the photo or video. Copy your photos and videos to your computer Do you want to view your photos or videos on a larger screen? Move them to your computer.
  • Page 23: Internet And Connections

    Nokia C10 User Guide 6 Internet and connections ACTIVATE WI-FI Using a Wi-Fi connection is generally faster and less expensive than using a mobile data connection. If both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections are available, your phone uses the Wi- Fi connection.
  • Page 24: Bluetooth

    Nokia C10 User Guide Use your phone to connect your computer to the internet Use your mobile data connection to access the Internet with your laptop or other device. 1. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering .
  • Page 25: Vpn

    Nokia C10 User Guide Share your content using Bluetooth If you want to share your photos or other content with a friend, send them to your friend’s phone using Bluetooth. You can use more than one Bluetooth connection at a time. For example, while using a Bluetooth headset, you can still send things to another phone.
  • Page 26 Nokia C10 User Guide Edit a VPN profile 1. Tap � next to a profile name. 2. Change the information as required. Delete a VPN profile 1. Tap � next to a profile name. 2. Tap FORGET . © 2022 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 27: Organise Your Day

    Nokia C10 User Guide 7 Organise your day DATE AND TIME Set date and time Tap Settings > System > Date & time . Update the time and date automatically You can set your phone to update the time, date, and time zone automatically. Automatic update is a network service and may not be available depending on your region or service provider.
  • Page 28: Calendar

    Nokia C10 User Guide CALENDAR Manage calendars Tap Calendar > �, and select the type of calendar you want to see. Calendars are added automatically when you add an account to your phone. To add a new account with a calendar, go to the apps menu and tap Settings > Accounts > Add account .
  • Page 29: Maps

    Nokia C10 User Guide 8 Maps FIND PLACES AND GET DIRECTIONS Find a spot Google Maps helps you find specific locations and businesses. 1. Tap Maps . 2. Enter search words, such as a street address or place name, in the search bar.
  • Page 30: Apps, Updates And Backups

    Nokia C10 User Guide 9 Apps, updates and backups GET APPS FROM GOOGLE PLAY You need to have a Google account added to your phone to use Google Play services. Charges may apply to some of the content available in Google Play. To add a payment method, tap Play Store >...
  • Page 31: Back Up Your Data

    Nokia C10 User Guide BACK UP YOUR DATA To ensure your data is safe, use the backup feature in your phone. Your device data (such as Wi-Fi passwords and call history) and app data (such as settings and files stored by apps) will be backed up remotely.
  • Page 32: Protect Your Phone

    Nokia C10 User Guide 10 Protect your phone PROTECT YOUR PHONE WITH A SCREEN LOCK You can set your phone to require authentication when unlocking the screen. Set a screen lock 1. Tap Settings > Security > Screen lock .
  • Page 33: Change Your Sim Pin

    Nokia C10 User Guide Unlock your phone with your face To unlock your phone, just turn your screen on and look at the camera. If there is a facial recognition error, and you cannot use alternative sign-in methods to recover or reset the phone in any way, your phone will require service.
  • Page 34 Nokia C10 User Guide Lock code Lock code is also known as security code or password. The lock code helps you protect your phone against unauthorised use. You can set your phone to ask for the lock code that you define. Keep the code secret and in a safe place, separate from your phone.
  • Page 35: Product And Safety Information

    Nokia C10 User Guide 11 Product and safety information FOR YOUR SAFETY Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or against local laws and regulations. For further information, read the complete user guide. SWITCH OFF IN RESTRICTED AREAS...
  • Page 36 Nokia C10 User Guide AUTHORISED SERVICE Only authorised personnel may install or repair this product. BATTERIES, CHARGERS, AND OTHER ACCESSORIES Use only batteries, chargers, and other accessories approved by HMD Global Oy for use with this device. Do not connect incompatible products.
  • Page 37 Nokia C10 User Guide GLASS PARTS The device and/or its screen is made of glass. This glass can break if the device is dropped on a hard surface or receives a substantial impact. If the glass breaks, do not touch the glass parts of the device or attempt to remove the broken glass from the device.
  • Page 38: Network Services And Costs

    Nokia C10 User Guide NETWORK SERVICES AND COSTS Using some features and services, or downloading content, including free items, requires a network connection. This may cause the transfer of large amounts of data, which may result in data costs. You may also need to subscribe to some features.
  • Page 39: Recycle

    Nokia C10 User Guide • Keep the device dry. Precipitation, • Unauthorised modifications may damage humidity, and all types of liquid or the device and violate regulations moisture can contain minerals that governing radio devices. corrode electronic circuits. • Do not drop, knock, or shake the device or •...
  • Page 40: Crossed-Out Wheelie Bin Symbol

    Nokia C10 User Guide CROSSED-OUT WHEELIE BIN SYMBOL Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on your product, battery, literature or packaging reminds you that all electrical and electronic products and batteries must be taken to a separate collection point at the end of their working life.
  • Page 41: Small Children

    Nokia C10 User Guide temperatures and lose enough power to switch off the phone within minutes. When you are outdoors in cold temperatures, keep your phone warm. Obey local regulations. Recycle when possible. Do not dispose as household waste. Do not expose the battery to extremely low air pressure or extremely high temperature, such as disposing of it in a fire, as that may cause the battery to explode or leak flammable liquid or gas.
  • Page 42: Implanted Medical Devices

    Nokia C10 User Guide IMPLANTED MEDICAL DEVICES To avoid potential interference, manufacturers of implanted medical devices (such as cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps and neurostimulators) recommend a minimum separation of 15.3 centimetres (6 inches) between a wireless device and the medical device. Persons who have such devices should: •...
  • Page 43: Vehicles

    Nokia C10 User Guide VEHICLES Radio signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately shielded electronic systems in vehicles. For more information, check with the manufacturer of your vehicle or its equipment. Only authorised personnel should install the device in a vehicle. Faulty installation may be dangerous and invalidate your warranty.
  • Page 44: About Digital Rights Management

    Nokia C10 User Guide During general use, the SAR values are usually well below the values stated above. This is because, for purposes of system efficiency and to minimise interference on the network, the operating power of your mobile device is automatically decreased when full power is not needed for the call.
  • Page 45 The HMD Global Privacy Policy, available at [] (, applies to your use of the device. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of the Nokia Corporation.

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