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Get started
Turn on your phone
To turn your phone on, press and hold the
Power/Lock key.
Keys and parts
1. Microphone
2. Loudspeaker
3. Flash
4. Camera
5. SIM/memory
card slot
6. Front camera
Memory/SIM card
Your phone comes with the SIM card preinstalled.
To swap the SIM or to insert a microSD card, follow
the steps below.
7. Microphone
8. Headset connector
9. Earpiece
10. Proximity sensor
11. Volume keys
12. Power/Lock key
13. USB connector
1. Open the Memory/SIM card tray using the
pin tool included in your package. Insert the
pin tool in the tray hole and gently push until
the tray ejects, then slide the tray out.
2. Place the microSD or SIM card in the
designated slot on the tray with the metal
contacts facing downward.
3. Slide the tray back in.
Note: The microSD card is sold separately.
Important: Use only compatible memory cards
approved for use with this device. Do not remove the
memory card while in use by an app. Doing so may
damage the memory card and the device and
corrupt data stored on the card.
Charge your phone
1. Plug a compatible charger into a wall outlet.
2. Connect the cable to your phone.
Your phone supports the USB-C cable. You can also
charge your phone from a computer with a USB
cable, but it may take a longer time.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents