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outdoors in cold temperatures, keep your phone
Obey local regulations. Recycle when possible. Do
not dispose as household waste.
Do not expose the battery to extremely low air
pressure or leave it to extremely high temperature,
for example dispose it in a fire, as that may cause
the battery to explode or leak flammable liquid or
Do not dismantle, cut, crush, bend, puncture, or
otherwise damage the battery in any way. If a
battery leaks, do not let liquid touch skin or eyes. If
this happens, immediately flush the affected areas
with water, or seek medical help. Do not modify,
attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery, or
immerse or expose it to water or other liquids.
Batteries may explode if damaged.
Use the battery and charger for their intended
purposes only. Improper use, or use of unapproved
or incompatible batteries or chargers may present a
risk of fire, explosion, or other hazard, and may
invalidate any approval or warranty. If you believe
the battery or charger is damaged, take it to a
service center or your phone dealer before
continuing to use it. Never use a damaged battery or
charger. Only use the charger indoors. Do not
charge your device during a lightning storm. When
charger is not included in the sales pack, charge
your device using the data cable (included) and a
USB power adaptor (may be sold separately). You
can charge your device with third-party cables and
power adaptors that are compliant with USB 2.0 or
later and with applicable country regulations and
international and regional safety standards. Other
adaptors may not meet applicable safety standards,
and charging with such adaptors could pose a risk of
property loss or personal injury.
Third -party chargers that comply with the applicable
CTIA requirements and bear the USB-IF logo, and
can connect to your device USB connector, may
also be compatible.
Only use the battery with a charging system that has
been qualified with the system per CTIA Certification
Requirements for Battery System Compliance to
IEEE 1725. Use of an unqualified battery or charger
may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or
other hazard.
Replace the battery only with another battery that
has been qualified with the system per this standard,
IEEE-Std-1725. Use of an unqualified battery may
present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage or other
Avoid dropping the phone or battery. If the phone or
battery is dropped, especially on a hard surface, and
the user suspects damage, take it to a service
center for inspection.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents