General Grounding Requirements - Panasonic TA-DA2420 Installation Manual

Satellite dish antenna
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The universal mount and coaxial cables must be properly connected to grounding electrode(s) per National Electrical
Code (NEC) Sections 810 and 250, and per your local codes. For the three multiswitch options described, please see
top-level general grounding diagrams in Figures 11 and 12.
1. Slide the clamp/mount on the antenna assembly onto the Universal Mount mast and loosen/tighten the (2) azimuth
clamp bolts (see Figure 5A) and the elevation pivot bolt (See Figures 3 and 4) just enough that the antenna
assembly is set into the mast all the way until the top of the mast meets the elevation pivot bolt/spacer.
2. Tighten only the elevation pivot bolt. This will not restrict the azimuth (horizontal) rotation. If, after the antenna
assembly is already mounted on the antenna mast, and the elevation adjustment screws are loosened or the tilt adjust-
ment screws are also accidentally loosened, tightening the elevation pivot bolt will prevent any extra free play of
the Az/El mounting assembly. See Figures 3 and 4.
3. Install quality RG6 cables from the satellite receivers to the multiswitch. You may want to install one receiver first
until the satellite signals are acquired and fine tuned. Routing of receiver cables, if the multiswitch is mounted at
the back of the dish, is shown in Figure 9.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents