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Satellite dish antenna
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7. If all have been done correctly but the system is still not aligned optimally, slightly change the "elevation"
adjustment of the dish antenna and repeat the pro c e d u re. The "tilt" must be set for a given installation
location by Zip code, per receiver's on-screen menu, and must not be changed.
Te m p o r a ry Loss of Signal
1. If there is an unusually heavy rainfall in the installed area, the signal may be lost temporarily. An optimally aligned
dish antenna minimizes the chances of "rain fades".
2. Make sure the dish antenna is mounted securely to prevent it from being permanently blown out of the correct
position in heavy wind.
3. Until it is removed, heavy snow accumulation on the LNBs or the dish may reduce the satellite signal strength.
4. A dish antenna with tree foliage in the line of sight to the satellite may have a good picture on a clear day,
but no picture with a slight rain.
R e c e i v e r
Your receiver requires adequate ventilation. It should not be stacked with other entertainment units such as VCR
and stereo. If stacking is needed, the satellite receiver should be on the top of the stack. Otherwise the receiver
may fail, which could lead to troubleshooting in the wrong area.
Installed System
The 4x4 multiswitch, which is supplied with this system, is powered directly from the satellite receiver(s), thus off e r-
ing greater flexibility in locating the multiswitch as described in the preceding pages. Nevertheless, the longer the
cable length, the higher the DC and the signal attenuation. Though rarely encountered in a single family home, cable
lengths longer than 100 feet, from the satellite receiver to the LNBs, should be avoided.
For installations where the RG6 cable run from the satellite receiver(s) to the LNBs exceeds 100 feet, such as often
e n c o u n t e red in a commercial or multi-dwelling building, it is receommended that you use an AC-powered multiswitch
(not supplied). An AC-powered multiswitch powers the multiswitch and the LNBs directly from an AC/DC power
module so that a satellite receiver is capable of driving a longer RG6 cable. Contact Channel Master Technical Serv i c e
for an Application Note concerning such installations. Other manufacturers may offer similar pro d u c t s .
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and are used with perm i s s i o n .



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