Panasonic TA-DA2420 Installation Manual page 17

Satellite dish antenna
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d. If the signal is still not found, adjust the elevation -2 degrees from the original value (-4 degrees from the current
setting) and sweep the azimuth again.
e. If the signal is still not found, check to make sure the cables are connected correctly. Using a bubble level, verify the
Azimuth, Elevation and Tilt angles, in addition to making certain the mast is plumb. (Alignment may be difficult to
achieve if the mast is not plumb.) See Figure 2B.
4. With signal meter locked onto a signal and displaying a value greater than 0, adjust the azimuth until the signal meter value is
maximized. Make a note of the elevation and the azimuth angles where signal meter was the highest. (The elevation angle can
be read from the scale, the azimuth angle can be noted by marking the mast and antenna bracket using a pencil.
5. Using the on-screen display, switch the signal meter to satellite at 119˚ (this might also be re p resented on-screen as "Satellite
B"). If the antenna, mast and multiswitch have been installed pro p e r l y, the signal meter should be locked onto a signal.
If no signal is available, check the connections to the multiswitch.
6. Once again, sweep the azimuth until the signal meter value for satellite 119˚ is maximized, then adjust the elevation
to peak the reception for satellite 119˚. Make a note of the elevation and azimuth angles.
7. Switch signal meter to satellite 101˚ to make sure that the signal meter is locked for both satellites.
7a. Further maximize the signal strength on both satellites by finely adjusting the Elevation Adjustment.
8. Carefully tighten all of the elevation and mast clamp bolts, (See Figures 3, 4, 6A), trying not to move the antenna on
the mast while you do so. After tightening the bolts, make certain that the signal meter is still locked onto a signal for
all satellites and the signal value has not changed.
9. Professional installers may want to use alignment meters or equipment, such as the Channel Master Model 1006IFD
Dual Satellite Signal Level Meter, or industry equivalent, to speed up alignment and achieve maximum signal strength
on both satellites.



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