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Panasonic TA-DA2420 Installation Manual page 8

Satellite dish antenna


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In order to make assemby easier and safer for you and to avoid losing hard w a re, it is re c o m m e n d e d
that much of the assembly work be done on the ground in a clear area. More importantly, to sim-
plify satellite alignment, the permanent tilt and preliminary elevation adjustments should also
be performed on the ground.
IMPORTANT! Some bolts may not fit into holes of painted metal parts due to an accumulation
of paint in the hole. This is not a product defect, but is a result of normal variation in the paint-
ing process. If you are having difficulty installing a bolt, tap the head of the bolt lightly with
a hammer to remove this paint and assemble the bolt.
1. On the universal mount assembly, insert (2) " x " long carriage bolts through the mast and bracket slot and capture
with an external tooth washer and flange nut. Install a #10 self-tapping screw for ground wire attachment. See Figure 1.
2. After the mounting location is determined, drill mounting holes in the stru c t u re to match the Universal Base Bracket.
IMPORTANT! Take time to plumb the top straight section of the mast so it is vertical in
all directions before drilling the holes in the stru c t u re and after the Universal Mount
is installed. If the mast is not plumb, alignment to the satellite will be very difficult. See
Figure 2B.
• When attaching to wood framed stru c t u res, use the two center inside holes in the mounting base. They must be aligned
on the centerline of the stud or rafter. Attach with two
into a
" diameter pilot hole in a solid wood structural member. Apply silicone sealant around bolt entry to pre v e n t
water from entering the holes. See Figure 2.
• When attaching to masonry structures, use the four corner outside holes in base bracket and four appropriate
double-expansion anchors or toggle bolts with flat washers (not included). See Figure 2A.
" x 3" lag bolts and flat washers (not included) scre w e d


Table of Contents

Table of Contents