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Co2 incubator
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Product Description

1. Expected application
This product is a sophisticated laboratory instrument suitable for culture of biological cells, tissues
and bacteria used for biological experiments,which are widely used in the hospitals; research
laboratories; microbiological laboratories; sanitary-epidemiological surveillance service. It adopts
a fuzzy PID control algorithm to precisely control all parameters in the incubator to maximize the
culture success rate and culture effi ciency of biological cells and tissues. There are no absolute
contraindications to the product.
Caution The incubator must not be used for any purpose other than the expected function.
2. Product categories
This series of products is an directly-heated incubator.
3.Parameter control
The product is used to provide a culture environment with temperature range of ambient
temperature+3℃ ~ 55 ℃ , CO
adopts a computer control for the temperature parameters and CO
a digital display. The temperature display accuracy is 0.1 ℃ and the CO
accuracy is 0.1%.
4.Product structure
•The incubator body adopts table-type frame structure; the control circuit and the gas path are
installed behind the CO
incubator body; the 7-inch color touch screen is installed on the front of the CO
•The bottom of the working chamber adopts a water basin design, you can directly inject water into
the inner container by utilizing the inclined structure with high outer portion and low inner portion;
•The temperature control circuit is controlled by a microcomputer and is equipped with functions
such as automatic regulating characteristics and over temperature alarm. The incubator adopts
highprecision temperature sensor which greatly improves the control accuracy and reliability;
besides, it is also equipped with RS485 communication interface which making it possible to
realize remote control;
•The cabinet is built with a dual-door structure. The outer door is equipped with heating function to
ensure that there is no condensation on the inner glass door, making it convenient to observe the
product. At the same time, there is a door contact switch installed on the body behind the glass
door. When the glass door is opened, this switch can automatically close the CO
and turn off the fan provided for the gas circulation device, to avoid waste of CO
indoor CO
concentration caused by release of CO
•Double-layer medical grade silicone sealing strip is used to ensure product sealing performance;
•For the convenience of users, there is a CO
incubator for monitoring the CO
5.Safety system
•Multiple fault alarms: high/low temperature alarm, over temperature alarm, high/low CO2
concentration alarm, and door closing delay alarm;
•Multiple alarm modes: buzzing alarm, touch screen display alarm;
•All individual components are safely grounded.
concentration range of 0 ~ 20% and relative humidity of > 90%. It
incubator, and the main power switch is set at left side facing to the
concentration during use.
into the air;
monitoring port on the glass door of the CO
concentration parameter with
concentration display
incubator door;
solenoid valve
or increase the


Table of Contents

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