Precautions For Use - Haier HCP-80 Operating Instructions Manual

Co2 incubator
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Precautions for Use

1. Structure and components: this product include insulation box, heating system, control system
(including alarm system), data recording system (optional) and shelves with freely adjustable spacing.
2. The displayed temperature of the incubator is the value at the temperature sensing probe in it.
Although the displayed temperature sometimes diff ers from the actual value at center of the incubator,
it will gradually reach the actual temperature.
3. Clean the incubator with diluted neutral detergent. Do not use brushes, acids, gasoline, polishing
powder, polishing powder or hot water to clean the incubator. as these materials may damage painted
surfaces and plastic and rubber parts. Do not use volatile solvents such as gasoline to wipe plastic
and rubber parts.
4. The stainless steel parts inside the incubator are not acid-resistant, please take measure to
prevent. Never use acidic media in the incubator!
5. Unplug the power supply if the incubator is not in use for a long time.
6. When placing or taking samples, please minimize the the time of door opening to avoid fl uctuations
of temperature, humidity and CO
7. After opening the door, the temperature and CO
sharply for a short time, which is normal; The temperature and CO
recover within 10 min after closing the door.
8. Do not open the door randomly under dry heat sterilization mode.
9. Pay attention to the calibration periods of the pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge.
10. User-prepared CO
regulations and management specifi cations for pressure vessels.
11. Be sure to reserve certain clearance around the product, with a clearance of no less than its right-
side dimension. This space will easily cut off the power supply in an emergency.
12. After each test, dry the water in inner walls of the working chamber to avoid growth of bacteria.
13. The basic functions claimed by the electromagnetic compatibility test:
the basic function of incubator are: heating system working normally to realize temperature
control inside the incubator; controlling of CO
concentration control inside the incubator;the data recording system (if any) working normally to
realize the data record transmission function; the electronic door lock (if any) working normally to
realize the corresponding function; buzzing or text display on the screen in the case of alarm.
14. Electromagnetic compatibility requiremen:
a) This machine complies with the emission and immunity requirements specifi ed in EN 61326-1;
b)This machine is designed and tested as Class A equipment specifi ed in CISPR:11. In domestic
situations, this machine may cause radio interference and protective measures shall be taken;
c) It is recommended to evaluate the electromagnetic environment before using the machine;
d)It is prohibited to use this machine near strong sources of radiation (such as unshielded video
sources), otherwise it may interfere with normal operation of this machine.
concentration inside the incubator.
cylinders are pressurized vessels and must comply with relevant national
concentration inside the incubator will change
concentration in the specifi ed range to realize CO
concentration will generally


Table of Contents

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