Cleaning And Sterilization - Haier HCP-80 Operating Instructions Manual

Co2 incubator
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Cleaning and sterilization

Some parts of the incubator are made of plastic. Solvents will dissolve plastics. Strong acid or
corrosive solutions will embrittle plastics.
Do not use hydrocarbon-containing solvents, solvents with alcohol content of more than 10% alcohol,
strong acids or corrosive solutions to clean plastic parts and surfaces.
Do not spray cleaning agents or other liquids onto the touch screen and the back electric cabinet of
the incubator. During wiping, make sure no moisture enters the electrical components.
If any questions about the compatibility of disinfectants or cleaning agents with the equipment
components or the materials in the equipment, please consult Haier or agencies designated by Haier.
1. Cleaning of the outer surface
• Use warm water and detergent solution to thoroughly remove dirt residue and sediment;
• Wipe the surface with a clean cloth and water;
• Dry the surface thoroughly with a clean cloth.
2. Cleaning of the display screen
• Clean the display screen with a dry cloth of 100% microfi ber!
Do not spray or wipe up the display with detergent.
Disinfection and sterilization
1.Pollution control process
In the process of using, the user needs to develop a corresponding pollution control process that is
compatible with the incubator in accordance with the following requirements.
• Wiping/spraying disinfection: Standard manual disinfection control procedures for the incubator
and accessories;
• Dry heat sterilization procedure: The incubator can automatically operate the dry heat sterilization
2. Preparation before disinfection and sterilization
• Take all the samples out of the working chamber and store them in an appropriate area;
• Remove the HEPA fi lter (if any) from the working chamber;
• Prepare a container with suffi cient capacity for drainage;
• Place the open end of the drain hose directly into the drain container, and insert the quick
connector at the other end into the drain valve at the lower part of the incubator;
• The reservoir will start to drain until no water fl ows out;
• Wipe up any remaining water to ensure no water inside the incubator.
3.Wiping/spraying disinfection
Manual wiping / spraying disinfection can be divided into three stages:


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