Commissioning And Application - Haier HCP-80 Operating Instructions Manual

Co2 incubator
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Commissioning and application

Preparation before use
• The ambient temperature in the placement area of the incubator shall be at least 3~5 °C lower than
the control temperature;
• Always keep the outer door and the glass door opened;
Use distilled water
• Inject distilled water into the reservoir (close to room temperature) and make sure the volume is
lower than the maximum limit of the bottom reservoir;
• Avoid overfl ow during water injection;
Water quality requirements: In order to ensure trouble-free operation of the incubator,
use sterile distilled water or equivalent water with the same quality level as sterilized
and distilled water. The acceptable conductivity shall be within the range of 1~20 μs/
cm. (The resistivity shall be within 50 kΩ ~ 1 megohm).
Open the pressure regulating valve on the CO2 gas storage cylinder
Before operation, confi rm the output pressure of the low-pressure gauge is set properly. Open the
master valve of the cylinder counterclockwise. Observe the reading of the high-pressure gauge and
record the total C02 pressure in the high-pressure cylinder. Adjust the regulating screw clockwise
to open the low-pressure valve. Rotate the pressure regulating screw of the low-pressure gauge
clockwise to compress to open the valve. The high-pressure gas at the inlet is depressurized. The
low-pressure gas fl ow enters the working system through the outlet. The pressure of low-pressure
output gas shall be 1.0 Bar±0.2 Bar.
Please carefully observe or look up the instructions of the pressure reducing valve to
determine the regulating direction. Adjust the low-pressure adjusting knob properly for
a proper gas fl ow output to prevent a potential damage of the high effi ciency fi lter.
Power on
• Connect the main power supply;
• Turn on the main power switch;
Presse the main power switch to ensure the power is properly connected.
Initial setting for fi rst power-on
• Language:Select the desired display language;
• Network: Search for the Internet and connect the unit to the wireless network;
• Time:You can set the time manually or synchronize with the Internet time (if connected to the
• Temperature scale: Select the desired temperature standard °C or °F;
• Mode: Select the desired management mode. In normal mode, anyone can set and view the
parameters. In the authorization mode, only the administrator can set the parameters;
• Password: Set the administrator password for authority management; (Please keep the password in
a safe place. Contact Haier for technical support if you forget the password);


Table of Contents

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