Onkyo HT-R500 Instruction Manual

Onkyo ht-r500: instruction manual.
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AV Receiver
Instruction Manual
Thank you for purchasing the Onkyo AV Receiver.
Please read this manual thoroughly before making
connections and plugging in the unit.
Following the instructions in this manual will enable
you to obtain optimum performance and listening
enjoyment from your new AV Receiver. Please retain
this manual for future reference.
Before using
Important safeguards ........................................ 2
Precautions ........................................................ 3
Features ............................................................. 4
Supplied accessories ......................................... 4
Before using the unit ........................................ 5
Facilities and connections
Index to parts and controls ............................... 6
Connecting antennas ....................................... 14
Connecting the power/
Turning on the AV Receiver ........................ 17
Enjoying music or videos
Speaker setup .................................................. 18
Playing the connected source ......................... 21
Listening to the radio ...................................... 24
Various functions common to
all the sources ............................................... 26
Enjoying the listening modes ......................... 30
Recording a source ......................................... 33
Remote controller
Using the remote controller ............................ 34
Pre-programming remote controller .................. 36
Troubleshooting .............................................. 38
Specifications ........................... back cover page


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  • Page 1

    AV Receiver HT-R500 Instruction Manual Thank you for purchasing the Onkyo AV Receiver. Please read this manual thoroughly before making connections and plugging in the unit. Following the instructions in this manual will enable you to obtain optimum performance and listening enjoyment from your new AV Receiver.

  • Page 2: Important Safeguards


  • Page 3: Precautions

    • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

  • Page 4: Features, Supplied Accessories

    This period is shorter when the unit is exposed to a very humid climate. Supplied accessories Check that the following accessories are supplied with the HT-R500. AM loop antenna × 1 Features Amplifier Features •...

  • Page 5: Before Using The Unit

    • Make sure the audio rack doors do not have colored glass. Placing the unit behind such doors may prevent proper remote controller operation. • If there is any obstacle between the remote controller and the remote control sensor, the remote controller will not operate. Receiver...

  • Page 6: Index To Parts And Controls

    HT-R500 to the standby state. This state turns off the display, disables control functions. STANDBY indicator [17] Lights when the HT-R500 is in the standby state and flashes when a signal is received from the remote controller. DIMMER button [27] Press to set the brightness of the front display.

  • Page 7

    Index to parts and controls Display DISPLAY button [27] Each time you press the DISPLAY button, the display changes. AUDIO SELECTOR button [28] Press to select an audio input signal format other than FM and AM. Each time this button is pressed, the setting cycles. Input selector buttons (DVD, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3, TAPE, TUNER, and CD) [21-25, 28, 33] These buttons are used to select the input source.

  • Page 8

    HT-R500. Connect the output terminals (PLAY) of the cassette tape deck or MD recorder to the TAPE IN L/R jacks on the HT-R500 and the input terminals (REC) to the TAPE OUT L/R jacks. Connect the output terminals (PLAY) of the video cassette recorder to the VIDEO 1 IN L/R jacks on the HT-R500 and the input terminals (REC) to the VIDEO 1 OUT jacks.

  • Page 9

    Index to parts and controls Remote controller Explanations on this page are for controlling the HT-R500. To operate other components, see “Using the remote controller” on pages 34 through 35, and “Pre-programming remote controller” on pages 36 and 37. For operational instructions, refer to the page indicated in brackets.

  • Page 10: Connecting To Audio/video Equipment

    Connecting to audio/video equipment Here is explanation of how to connect the main components to the HT-R500 in the standard manner. There are many ways that any one component can be connected, and it is up to you to decide which method best fits your situation.

  • Page 11: Dvd/video 1 & 2/monitor Out Jacks

    • If the DVD player has both 5.1 channel audio outputs and 2 channel audio outputs, and you want to connect the DVD player only using the FRONT L/R jacks on the HT-R500, use the 2 channel audio output jacks on the DVD player.

  • Page 12: Positioning Speakers/connecting Speakers

    Positioning speakers/Connecting speakers Two speaker systems (FRONT SPEAKERS A and FRONT SPEAKERS B) can be connected to the Receiver. The FRONT SPEAKERS A system is to be placed in the main room, and the FRONT SPEAKERS B system is to be placed in a second room.

  • Page 13

    (+) and negative (–) speaker wires. • Do not connect more than one speaker cable to one speaker terminal. Doing so may damage the HT-R500. • When you are using only one speaker or when you wish to listen to monaural (mono) sound, a single speaker should never be connected in parallel to both the right and left channel terminals simultaneously.

  • Page 14: Connecting Antennas

    The AM loop antenna is for indoor use only. Set it in the direction and position where you receive signals clearly. Put it as far away as possible from the HT-R500, televisions, speaker cables, and power cords. When reception is not satisfactory with the attached AM loop antenna alone, connection of an outdoor antenna is recommended.

  • Page 15

    Do not use the same antenna for both FM and TV (or VCR) reception since the FM and TV (or VCR) signals can interfere with each other. If you must use a common FM/TV (or VCR) antenna, use a directional linkage type splitter. Directional linkage type splitter To AV Receiver To TV (or VCR) FM outdoor antenna AM indoor...

  • Page 16: Connections For Remote Control (z)

    HT-R500 automatically switches to that component. If the power cord for an z-connected component is connected to the AC OUTLET on the HT-R500, or if the HT-R500 is turned on, this function will not work. Direct change function...

  • Page 17: Connecting The Power Turning On The Av Receiver

    • Make sure that all the connections from pages 10 to 16 are complete. • Turning on the AV Receiver may cause a momentary power surge, which might interfere with other electrical equipment such as computers. If this happens, use a wall outlet on a different circuit.

  • Page 18: Speaker Setup, Selecting Number Of Speaker Channels

    Speaker setup You need to set up the speaker configuration for the speaker system connected to the FRONT SPEAKERS A connectors (see page 13). (There is no speaker configuration setup for the SPEAKERS B system.) Notes • Speaker setup cannot be done if; –...

  • Page 19

    Speaker setup Setting the delay time In the procedure below, select the values which approximate the actual distances. This operation consists of entering the time error between output of sound from each speaker type (front, center and surround) and arrival at the listening position. The user should measure the distance from the listening position to each speaker type and obtain the time error (delay time) based on the appropriate table.

  • Page 20: Setting The Subwoofer Mode, Adjusting Test Tone

    Speaker setup SUBWOOFER MODE Setting the subwoofer mode Press SUBWOOFER MODE on the unit. With the first press of the button, you can check the present setting. Then each press of the button changes the subwoofer mode as follows (a tip on how to select the right subwoofer mode is in parentheses): →...

  • Page 21: Playing The Connected Source, Selecting/playing Sound Source

    SP A SP B About digital sound If the equipment is digitally connected to the AV Receiver, the sound from the digital input will automatically be selected and reproduced instead of the analog sound as explained below. The initial settings are as follows: •...

  • Page 22

    Playing the connected source DIGITAL INPUT Setting the digital inputs When connecting digital source components to the DIGITAL INPUT jacks on the rear panel, assign the input source button on the front panel to either a DIGITAL INPUT OPTICAL or COAXIAL jack depending on the type of connector on the digital source components.

  • Page 23

    2 ch, sound comes from all speakers. Switch the source from TAPE to MD You can set the AV receiver to show “MD” when the TAPE source is selected by pressing TAPE on the remote controller or on the unit.

  • Page 24: Listening To The Radio

    Note If you press and hold PRESET/ADJUST ™/£ short time, the AV Receiver enters the selecting preset stations mode. Refer to “Selecting preset stations” on page 25. 4. While the frequency is flashing (for about 3 seconds), press TUNING ™/£...

  • Page 25

    • Turning on/off the SPEAKERS A/SPEAKERS B systems • Muting the sound • Listening through headphones • Changing the display • Controlling the brightness of the lghts on the AV Receiver • Using the sleep timer Enjoying the surround modes while listening to radio programs See page 30.

  • Page 26: Various Functions Common To All The Sources

    If you turn off the unit during muting, and turn it on again, the sound will be restored. Listening through headphones Connect the plug of the stereo headphones to the PHONES jack on the AV Receiver. Notes • The speakers will not reproduce sound while headphones are connected.

  • Page 27

    Press SLEEP. “Sleep 90 min” appears in the multipurpose display for about 5 seconds, which means the AV Receiver will turn off and enter standby mode in 90 minutes. Also the SLEEP indicator is lit in the display while the sleep timer is on.

  • Page 28

    The adjusted values will return to the values set on page 20 when the AV Receiver enters standby mode unless you save the values. Note You cannot adjust the volume balance while the muting function is activated.

  • Page 29

    Various functions common to all the sources PRESET/ADJUST ™/£ Using the AUDIO ADJUST function (Speaker system A only) The AUDIO ADJUST function adjusts the following items. • Audio quality (Bass/Treble) • Late Night On/Off • Cinema Filter On/Off Note The adjustment is not available when the listening mode is “Direct” or Multich setting is “Tone Off”...

  • Page 30: Enjoying The Listening Modes

    DTS source, a short noise may be heard. This is not a malfunction. • The DTS indicator on the HT-R500 lights up while it plays the DTS source. When playback concludes and the DTS signal transmission stops, the HT-R500 remains in DTS mode and the DTS indicator remains lit.

  • Page 31

    Only Stereo or Direct can be selected when the PCM source has been recorded with a sampling rate 96 kHz. If you have an LD player with AC-RF output, connect it via a AC-RF demodulator to one of the HT-R500’s DIGITAL INPUT terminals.

  • Page 32

    DSP: The listening modes that can be selected are different between the main unit and remote control unit. DSP (on the front panel): Recall the Onkyo-original DSP mode. Each time this button is pressed, the listening mode cycles; “Orchestra” → “Unplugged” → “Studio Mix” → “TV Logic” →...

  • Page 33: Recording A Source

    Recording a source To record the input source signal you are currently watching or listening to Recording of video and/or audio signals can be performed on the components connected to the VIDEO 1 OUT and TAPE OUT (audio only) jacks. Input selector buttons 1.

  • Page 34: Using The Remote Controller

    Using the remote controller You can operate the z-connected Onkyo DVD player, CD player or cassette tape deck with the remote controller provided with the HT-R500. The shaded buttons in the illustration operates the HT-R500 in any mode. Controlling an Onkyo DVD player...

  • Page 35

    Using the remote controller Controlling an Onkyo CD player CD operation buttons Controlling an Onkyo cassette tape deck The z connector of the Onkyo compact disc player must be connected to the HT-R500 (refer to page 16). 1. Press CD. 2. Press player.

  • Page 36: Pre-programming Remote Controller

    Pre-programming remote controller You can make RC-478M remote controller to operate a product from other brand than Onkyo by storing the pre-programming code of the brand in the RC-478M. Brand AIWA AKAI DENON EMERSON FISHER 100, 101, 102, 140 103, 104 GE •...

  • Page 37

    No. 600: This code is for Onkyo DVD players that have an z connector that you are connecting to the HT-R500 with an z cable. You will then operate the DVD player by pointing the remote controller at the remote control sensor on the HT-R500.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Remedies • Check the connection of the power cord. • Disconnect the power cord, then connect it again. • Contact your Onkyo Service Center. • Disconnect the power cord, then connect it again. • Deactivate the muting function. • Check the connections to the AV receiver.

  • Page 39

    To reset the surround mode and other settings to the factory default settings, hold down the VIDEO 1 button with the HT-R500 turned on and then press the STANDBY/ON button. “Clear” appears in the front display and the HT-R500 enters the standby state.

  • Page 40: Specifications

    Tel: 201-785-2600 Fax: 201-785-2650 http://www.onkyousa.com ONKYO EUROPE ELECTRONICS GmbH Liegnitzerstrasse 6, 82194 Groebenzell, GERMANY Tel: +49-8142-4401-0 Fax: +49-8142-4401-555 http://www.onkyo.net ONKYO CHINA LIMITED Units 2102-2107, Metroplaza Tower I, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., HONG KONG Tel: 852-2429-3118 Fax: 852-2428-9039...

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