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Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Applications Manual page 5

1 axis pulse positioning control module
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Read this manual and related documents thoroughly before installing, operating, performing preventive maintenance or performing
inspection, and be sure to use the unit correctly. Use this product after acquiring adequate knowledge of the unit, all safety
information, and all cautionary information. Also, make sure this manual enters the possession of the chief person in charge of safety
Safety caution items are classified as "Danger" and "Caution" in this document.
However, depending on the circumstances, items marked with
In any case, they both contain important information, so please follow them closely.
Icons for prohibited items and required items are shown below:
: Indicates prohibited items (items that may not be performed). For example, when open flames are prohibited, is shown.
: Indicates required items (items that must be performed). For example, when grounding must be performed,
1. About installation
Use this product in an environment as described in the catalogue and this document.
If this product is used in an environment subject to high temperature, high humidity, excessive dust, corrosive gases,
vibration or shock, it may result in electric shock, fire or malfunction.
Perform installation according to this manual.
If installation is not performed adequately, it may result in dropping, malfunction or an operational error in the unit.
Do not allow foreign objects such as wire chips to enter the unit.
They may become the cause of fire, malfunction or failure.
Safety Precautions
: Cases where if handled incorrectly a dangerous circumstance may be created, resulting in
possible death or severe injury.
: Cases where if handled incorrectly a dangerous circumstance may be created, resulting in possible
minor to medium injury to the body, or only mechanical damage.
may result in major accidents.