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Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Applications Manual page 16

1 axis pulse positioning control module
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System configuration
The system configuration of the EH-150 is shown below.
The EH-150 is a module-type programmable controller with the configuration shown in Figure 3.1.
1) P o w e r m o d u l e
1) P o w e r m o d u l e
7) I / O c o n t r o l l e r
Device name
Power module
CPU module*1
I/O module*2
Basic base unit*2
Expansion base
Expansion cable
I/O controller
*1 Adopt EH-CPU308 or EH-CPU316 as CPU module with this EH-POS module. If EH-CPU104 or EH-CPU208 is
adopted as CPU module, please confirm ROM Version is 02 or more. In this case, access to external output area
of the slot, on which high function module such as EH-POS is attached, can not be executed by double word (DY),
but it is possible by word (WY). CPU module of ROM Version01 or less cannot be used with this EH-POS
*2 The same type unit can be used both for the basic unit and the expansion unit.
3 ) P o s i t i o n i n g m o d u l e ,
I / O m o d u l e
2) C P U m o d u l e ( * 1 )
6) E x p a n s i o n c a b l e
3 ) P o s i t i o n i n g m o d u l e ,
I / O m o d u l e
Figure 3.1
EH-150 System configuration diagram
Converts power supply to the power to be used within the EH-150.
Performs operations based on the contents of the user program, receives input and
controls output.
Positioning module, Input module, output module, analog module
Base in which the power module, CPU module, I/O module, etc. are loaded.
Base in which the power module, I/O controller, I/O module, etc. are loaded.
Cable that connects the I/O controllers for the basic base and expansion base.
Interface with expansion base and CPU module.
4 ) B a s i c b a s e
5) E x p a n s i o n u n i t ( o n l y w h e n E H - C P U 2 0 8 / 3 0 8 / 3 1 6 )
Description of function
Chapter 3 System configuration