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Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Applications Manual page 18

1 axis pulse positioning control module
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Functional Specifications
The function specifications of EH-POS are shown in the table below.
Number of controlled axes
Maximum Speed
Number of occupied points
Setting method
Positioning command unit
Speed command
Speed stage
Acceleration and deceleration
Acc./dec. time
Backlash correction
Pulse Output form
Pulse Output method
Function of homing
Absolute encoder
Manual (JOG) operation
I/O assignment
Operation of EH-POS in the CPU's stop
Caution 1.Positioner is not applied for CE marking and C-TICK.
2.When the CPU is stopped in the running, the motor goes slow down and stop.
3.Maximum moving distance is 2,147,463,647 pulses in one operation. In case of the over maximum moving distance,
the motion is stopped at the maximum moving value.
4.When a power supply of EH-150 is turned off during a power supply of servo system is on, EH-POS may output some
pulses. So, please turn off the power supply of the servo system, before turning off the power supply of EH-150. And
make homing operation after power supply is turned on in case of position control mode.
Chapter 4
Function and Performance Specifications
1 axis
400k Pulse/s
256 points
1. Sequence program
2. Positioner (Option)
1. Absolute system
2. Absolute + Increment system
3. Increment system
1. Pulse
2. µm
3. inch
4. degree
Automatic, manual, homing
6.25 to 400k Pulse/s
specification with µm/s, inch/s, degree/s
10 stages
Linear acceleration and deceleration
S-shaped acceleration and deceleration (3 stage acceleration and
1 to 65,535 ms
0 to 255 pulses
+2,147,463,647 to –2,147,463,648 pulses
1. Pulse train (CW/CCW)
2. Clock + direction signal (CK/Sign)
DIP switch No.1 & No.2 decide (Output form and logic polarity).
1. Open collector Output (Photo coupler isolation)
2. Differential driver Output (Photo coupler isolation)
1. Desirable homing
2. Low speed homing
3. High speed homing (Limit SW OFF edge)
4. High speed homing (Z or C Pulse input)
AD series of HITACHI, Σ/Σ
SANYO are available.
Pulse output by manual input
Word 4W/4W
Enable by I/O set or a Positioner (Option)
of YASUKAWA and P series of