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Hitachi HIDIC EH-150 Applications Manual page 14

1 axis pulse positioning control module
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Chapter 2 Features
Build-in continuous automatic operation function
Maximum 256 steps of Automatic operation, Continuous Automatic operation are installed.
Step operation, cycle operation, Continuous cycle operation are possible.
2 . "Velocity change in Run mode " function.
EH-POS realized velocity change in RUN mode, by changing velocity data.
( E x a m p l e )
S-shaped acceleration function
At acceleration method, S-shaped acceleration mode (3 steps acceleration mode) is added.
At setting of acceleration mode in common parameter, "trapezoid acceleration mode" or "S-shaped
acceleration mode" can be selected.
ABS (absolute value) encoder input
EH-POS applies for ABS (absolute value) encoder input.
At setting of "Homing mode" in common parameter, you can set homing mode of absolute encoder.
(Applied manufacturer/series : Hitachi AD series,YasukawaΣseries/Σ
EH-POS applies EEPROM as memory and realizes to back-up memory without battery. It is
rewritable up to about 100,000 times.
Preparing for frequent rewriting velocity and position data, a dedicated command is prepared.
Easy to use by positioner
If you do not have a programming tool, the positioner can allow you to operate "Homing operation",
"Manual operation", "Automatic operation" and "Teaching". Common parameter setting or
automatic operation data setting is available too.
Positioner can display a position and error code. Positioner is an option.
Ease of using position command
EH-POS supports four kinds of position command modes (pulse,µm, inch, degree).
Differential Line driver output method
The differential driver output is added in pulse output method. Both open collector and
differential driver are available on different output terminals.
01 to 03 step,
B e f o r e c h a n g i n g v e l o c i t y
S t e p
A f t e r c h a n g i n g v e l o c i t y
R u n m o d e
D i s t a n c e , t i m e
S - s h a p e d a c c e l e r a t i o n
Trapezoid acceleration
Distance, Time
, FF ( 2 5 5 )Step
Continuous Cycle Operation
Distance, time
Chapter 2 Features
series, Sanyo Electric P