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Broadband media center.
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Media Center

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    User Guide BMC9012 BMC9022D Broadband Media Center...

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    Motorola and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. Digeo, the Digeo logo, the Moxi logo and combinations thereof are trademarks of Digeo, Inc. in the USA and other countries. All other product, service or brand names are the property of their respective owners.

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  • Page 4: Regulatory Information, Declaration Of Conformity

    According to 47 CFR, Parts 2 and 15 for Class B Personal Computers and Peripherals; and/or CPU Boards and Power Supplies used with Class B Personal Computers, Motorola, Inc., 101 Tournament Drive, Horsham, PA 19044, declares under sole responsibility that the product identifies with 47 CFR Part 2 and 15 of the FCC Rules as a Class B digital device.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction ... 2 BMC Features ... 2 BMC Diagrams... 3 Front View ... 3 Back View... 3 Installation ... 4 Ventilation Requirements ... 4 Equipment Required ... 5 BMC Connection Procedure... 5 Digital Video/Digital Audio Connection... 6 Digital Video/Stereo Audio Connection...

  • Page 6: Introduction, Bmc Features

    Chapter 1 Introduction The Motorola Broadband Media Center (BMC) family of products delivers digital video and audio, plus a whole new experience in interactive cable television. Finding what you want to watch and watching it when you want has never been easier. The BMC is simple to set up and easy to operate. The BMC9022D extends all its features to a second TV in your home.

  • Page 7: Bmc Diagrams, Front View, Back View

    Introduction BMC Diagrams The following illustrations identify the controls on the BMC. Slight variations may exist between these illustrations and your model. Front View Figure 1: BMC Front Back View Figure 2: BMC Back...

  • Page 8: Installation, Ventilation Requirements

    Motorola BMC User Guide Chapter 2 Installation This chapter describes how to install the BMC and verify the installation. The chapter also contains information to help you successfully disconnect, move, and reconnect the cable connections between the BMC and the TV.

  • Page 9: Equipment Required, Bmc Connection Procedure

    Equipment Required Video cable (Composite, S-Video, Component (YPrPb) or DVI-D) for TV/Monitor Audio cable (Stereo Analog, Digital Coaxial, or Optical) for TV and/or audio system Use the best connection supported by your TV, monitor, or audio system. See the wiring diagrams starting on page 6 for reference. BMC Connection Procedure The installation scenarios described in this section apply to all BMCs, including the BMC9012 and the BMC9022D.

  • Page 10: Digital Video/digital Audio Connection, Digital Video/stereo Audio Connection

    Motorola BMC User Guide Digital Video/Digital Audio Connection 1. Connect one end of the DVI-D cable to the DVI-D port of the BMC and the other end to the DVI-D In port of the TV or receiver. 2. Attach one end of the S/PDIF audio cable to the appropriate optical or coaxial S/PDIF port of the BMC and attach the other end to the S/PDIF in port of the TV or receiver.

  • Page 11: Component Video/digital Audio Connection, Component Video/stereo Audio Connection

    Component Video/Digital Audio Connection 1. Connect component video cables from the Y, P inputs on the TV or receiver. 2. Attach one end of the S/PDIF audio cable to the appropriate optical or coaxial S/PDIF port of the BMC and attach the other end to the S/PDIF in port of the TV or receiver. 3.

  • Page 12: S-video/stereo Audio Connection

    Motorola BMC User Guide 2. Attach one end of the stereo audio cables to the Left (L) and Right (R) audio outputs of the BMC and the other end to the respective L and R inputs of the TV or receiver.

  • Page 13: Composite Video/stereo Audio Connection

    Composite Video/Stereo Audio Connection 1. Attach one end of a composite video cable to the video (V) output of the BMC and the other end to the Video In port of the main TV or receiver. 2. Attach one end of the stereo audio cables to the Left (L) and Right (R) audio outputs of the BMC and the other end to the respective L and R inputs of the TV or receiver.

  • Page 14: Installation Wrap-up, Audio Configuration

    Motorola BMC User Guide Installation Wrap-Up 1. Verify that all cable connections are tight and secure, all coaxial connections are finger-tight and properly seated, and that all RCA-style plugs are fully seated. 2. Ensure that nothing blocks the vents of the BMC or other equipment.

  • Page 15: Video Configuration

    Video Configuration If you switch between composite/S-video and component/DVI-D input connections, do the following before proceeding: Hook up the new cables WHILE KEEPING THE EXISTING CABLES CONNECTED. If the new connection requires a different TV input, do not change it until step 4. 1.

  • Page 16: Video Settings Definitions

    Motorola BMC User Guide Video Settings Definitions p and i Designations In video resolution settings, the "p" and "i" designations stand for "progressive" and "interlaced." These terms are used to describe how a TV picture is displayed on the screen.

  • Page 17: Moxi Remote, Programming Procedure

    Chapter 3 Moxi Remote The Moxi remote allows you to access, control, and enjoy the many features of your Media Center. You can also use this remote as the primary remote for many brands of TVs and audio devices. Instructions in this chapter show you how.

  • Page 18: Television Codes

    Motorola BMC User Guide Programming by Search 1. Turn on the TV or receiver you want the remote to control. 2. On the Moxi remote, press and hold the MOXI and OK buttons simultaneously, until the LED light on the top of the remote blinks twice.

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    0054, 0030, 0179, 0020, 0024, 0028, 0036, 0096, 0186, 0187, 0230, 0386, 1254, 1454 Marantz 0054, 0030, 0037, 0444, 1554 Megatron 0178, 0145, 0003 Mercury 0001 Minutz 0021 Motorola 0093, 0055 0156, 0178, 0166 0092 Netsat 0037 Nisato 0391 Noshi 0018 Onwa...

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    Motorola BMC User Guide TV Brand Manufacturer Code Pilot 0030, 0039 Portland 0039, 0092 Prism 0051 Proton 0178, 0003, 0031, 0052, 0466 Pulsar 0017 0047, 0018, 0029, 0038, 0090, 0135, 0254, 0278, 0679, 0747, 1047, 1147, 1247, 1347, 1447, 1547...

  • Page 21: Audio/video Receiver Codes

    Audio/Video Receiver Codes Receiver Brand Manufacturer Code 3531 Adcom 3002, 3304, 3319, 3616 Aiwa 4089, 4405, 3121, 3125, 3158, 3162, 3189, 3249, 3284, 3301, 3361, 3544, 3601, 3745, 4188, 4243, 4321, 4388, 4641 Alco 4390 Audio Access 3403 AudioSource 3687 Audiovox 4390 3702...

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    Motorola BMC User Guide Receiver Brand Manufacturer Code Onkyo 3100, 3119, 3135, 3137, 3144, 3380, 3838, 3842, 4298 Orient Power 3744 Panasonic 4518, 3039, 3309, 3367, 3389, 4288, 4316, 4763, 4764 Parasound 3549, 3895, 4124, 4238 Philco 3479 Pioneer 4023, 3150, 3244, 3289, 3531, 3630,...

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    Visit our website at: 519445-001 9/04 MGBI...

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