Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 450X Operator's Manual

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 450X Operator's Manual

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Operator's manual
450X/450XH EPOS
EN, English
Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you
understand the instructions before you use the product.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 450X

  • Page 1 Operator's manual ® HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 450X/450XH EPOS EN, English Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you understand the instructions before you use the product.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Safety 6 Troubleshooting 1.1 Safety definitions...........3 6.1 Introduction - troubleshooting......26 1.2 General safety instructions........3 6.2 Fault messages...........26 1.3 Safety instructions for installation......4 6.3 Information and warning messages....32 1.4 Safety instructions for operation......4 6.4 LED indicator lamp on the charging station..33 1.5 Safety instructions for maintenance......
  • Page 3: Safety

    To prevent damage to the product and accidents to the product, refer to vehicles and persons, do not install work areas and • If there is a risk of thunderstorm, Husqvarna transport paths across public pathways. recommends that the mains cable to the charging •...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions For Installation

    Use the park mode or set the product to OFF when persons, especially children or animals are in the To set the product to OFF work area. Refer to on page 23 . Husqvarna recommends to set the 4 - Safety 1970 - 001 - 10.10.2022...
  • Page 5: To Lift And Move The Product

    1.7 To lift and move the product To safely move the product from or in the work area the product can be lifted or operated with appDrive. Refer to appDrive on page 22 . WARNING: The product must be set to OFF before you lift the product.
  • Page 6: Introduction

    The serial number and the product number are on the product rating plate and on the product carton. • Register your product on Enter the serial number of the product, the product number and the date of purchase to register your product.
  • Page 7: System Overview

    2.4 System overview Satellites Stay-out zone Satellite signals Work area Reference station Mobile device Correction data 10. Docking point Charging station 11. Transport path Virtual boundary Not included. Not included. 1970 - 001 - 10.10.2022 Introduction - 7...
  • Page 8: Product Overview

    2.5 Product overview Body 16. Low-voltage cable LED indicator lamp of the product 17. Power supply STOP/START button 18. Extra blades Ultrasonic sensors 19. Screws for securing the charging station Front wheels 2.6 Symbols on the product Rear wheels Cutting system These symbols can be found on the product.
  • Page 9: Symbols On The Battery

    WARNING: Read the user The low-voltage cable must not be instructions before operating shortened, extended or spliced. the product. Do not use a trimmer nearby the low- voltage cable. Be careful when trimming edges where the cables are placed. WARNING: Disable the prod- uct before working on or lift- ing the product.
  • Page 10: General Manual Instructions

    2.9 General manual instructions The following system is used in the Operator’s Manual to make it easier to use: italics is a text that is in the • Text written in ® Automower Connect app, or is a reference to another section in the Operator’s manual.
  • Page 11: Installation

    Read and understand the instructions about where to Note: Refer to for more put the reference station. Refer to the Operator's manual information about installation. for the reference station. 3.5 To examine where to put the 3.2 Primary components for installation...
  • Page 12: To Examine Where To Put The Power Supply

    3 m / 9.8 ft. • If the work area has 2 parts separated with a steep slope, Husqvarna recommends to put the charging station in the lower section. CAUTION: Do not install the charging station where there are metal objects in the ground.
  • Page 13: To Examine Where To Install The Objects On The Map

    3.7 To examine where to install the • Make sure that there are no trees with thick vegetation in the areas where the product objects on the map operates. • Make sure that the product can receive radio CAUTION: If the work area is adjacent signals from the reference station in all parts of to water bodies, slopes, precipices or a the work area.
  • Page 14 Install the reference station. Refer to the Operator's manual for the reference station. To install the Install the charging station. Refer to charging station on page 14 . ® Install the Automower Connect app on your ® mobile device. Refer to To install the Automower min 30 cm / 12”...
  • Page 15 Connect app on your install the objects on the map on page 13 . mobile device. On the map you can install the objects that follow in the Sign up for a Husqvarna account in the ® Automower Connect app: ®...
  • Page 16 A work area is specified by virtual boundaries. Maximum Note: The position of the waypoint when you install a 20 work areas and secondary areas can be installed on work area or a stay-out zone is in the front left corner of a map.
  • Page 17 • max 1 cm / 0.4” Note: Walk 2-3 m / 6.5-9.8 ft. behind the product • Add the waypoint at the outer corner to install the when you operate the product with appDrive. virtual boundary around a corner. To make a work area Minimum 3 waypoints are necessary to make a work area.
  • Page 18: Settings

    • Operate the product counterclockwise around the • Operate the product and add waypoints to make a boundary of the stay-out zone. path to the charging station. • Add waypoints on the map. Add the waypoints • Save the maintenance point to automatically minimum 3 cm / 1 in.
  • Page 19 In the Operation's menu it is possible to change the Note: The operation capacity is approximate and is settings of the Weather timer, ECO mode and Spiral calculated for flat and open work area. If the work area cutting . has a lot of slopes or obstacles, you need to increase Schedule settings.
  • Page 20 The factory setting is to require PIN code and the Note: alarm duration is 1 min. Husqvarna recommends to use the headlights at night time. Require PIN code This function means that the product cannot be operated or controlled after the STOP button has been pushed ®...
  • Page 21 deactivate the alarm and to start the product again. The GeoFence is only enabled when the product is switched ® ® 3.9.8 Automower Connect (Bluetooth only) ® Automower Connect you can enable or disable the ® Automower Connect module. You can also see the signal strength, connectivity status, initiate new pairing or remove the product from the paired accounts.
  • Page 22: Operation

    4 Operation 4.1 Main switch • Use the right arrow button (D) to rotate the product to the right. • Use the center button (E) as a joystick to move and WARNING: Read and understand the rotate the product in any direction. safety chapter before you use the product.
  • Page 23: To Stop The Product

    Park or Start is selected product is paused until either in the Automower ® Connect app. 4.5 To stop the product Push the STOP button on top of the product. The product stops and the cutting motor stops. Note: When you push the START button again, the product continues to operate in the same operating mode as before.
  • Page 24: Maintenance

    Do not use a high-pressure washer or running water to clean the charging station. 5.2 Clean the product Husqvarna recommends to use a special cleaning and Note: maintenance kit, available as an accessory. Speak to The product cannot enter the charging station your Husqvarna representative for more information.
  • Page 25: Battery

    Replace worn or damaged blades for a safe operation. Replace the blades regularly for a satisfactory cut result Take your product to your Husqvarna central service for and a low energy use. All 3 blades and screws must service prior to winter storage. Regular winter service...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Messages menu in Automower ® All messages can be found in the Connect. More suggestions for steps to take in the event of malfunction or symptoms can be found on Note: Messages menu is only available for short-range connectivity (Bluetooth ®...
  • Page 27 Message Cause Action No loop signal The power supply or the low-voltage ca- If the LED indicator on the charging sta- ble for the charging station is not connec- tion is out, it shows that there is no pow- ted. er.
  • Page 28 Message Cause Action Empty battery The product cannot find the charging sta- The product has no accurate position tion. and cannot find the charging station. There is an obstacle that prevents the product to find the charging station. Battery on The battery is at the end of its life cycle.
  • Page 29 Message Cause Action Wheel motor blocked right/ The wheel is blocked by grass or other Examine the wheel and remove grass or left objects. other objects. Alarm! Mower stopped Secur- The alarm was started because the prod- Adjust the security settings in the ®...
  • Page 30 Message Cause Action Map problem ® There is no specified work area. Make a work area in the Automower To make a work Connect app. Refer to area on page 17 . The charging station or the reference sta- Move the charging station or the refer- tion was moved.
  • Page 31 Message Cause Action Reference station communi- The product is not connected to the refer- Do a pairing operation between the prod- cation problem ence station. uct and the reference station. The reference station is not installed cor- Examine the installation of the reference rectly.
  • Page 32: Information And Warning Messages

    6.3 Information and warning messages Messages menu in the Automower ® The information messages in the table below are shown in the Connect app. Speak to your Husqvarna representative if the same message shows frequently. Message Cause Action Cutting system imbalance...
  • Page 33: Led Indicator Lamp On The Charging Station

    For a fully functional installation, the indicator lamp in the charging station must show a solid or flashing green light. If another color shows, follow the troubleshooting guide below. There is more help on If you still need help, speak to your local Husqvarna representative. Light...
  • Page 34: Symptoms

    6.6 Symptoms If the product does not operate correctly, refer to the symptoms table below. Symptoms Cause Action 0 posi- 1 position, The Main switch is set to the The Main switch is set to the Set the Main switch to the ®...
  • Page 35 Symptoms Cause Action Schedule settings, or start The product is parked for The product is parked because of the set Change the Schedule setting, or because Park until hours in the charging station. the product. further notice is selected. The product does not operate if the bat- The product starts to operate again when tery temperature is too high or too low.
  • Page 36: Transportation, Storage And Disposal

    Keep the product in a dry, frost free space. a Torx 20. • Keep the product with all wheels on level ground during storage, or use a Husqvarna wall hanger. • If you keep the charging station indoors, disconnect and remove the power supply from the charging station.
  • Page 37: Technical Data

    8 Technical data 8.1 Technical data ® ® Dimensions Automower 450X EPOS Automower 450XH EPOS Length, cm / in. 72 / 28.3 75 / 29.5 Width, cm / in. 56 / 22.0 63 / 24.8 Height, cm / in. 32 / 12.6 35 / 13.8 Weight, kg / lbs 14.4 / 31.7...
  • Page 38 ® ® Sound data Automower 450X EPOS Automower 450XH EPOS Sound level, perceived, dB (A) Measured sound power noise level, dB (A) Noise emissions uncertainties K , dB (A) Sound pressure noise level at the operator’s ear, dB (A) ® ®...
  • Page 39: Registered Trademarks

    8 . 8.2 Registered trademarks ® Bluetooth Bluetooth SIG, inc. and any use of such word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by marks by Husqvarna is under license. 1970 - 001 - 10.10.2022 Technical data - 39...
  • Page 40: Warranty

    The blades and wheels are seen as disposable and are not covered by the warranty. If an error occurs with your Husqvarna product, please contact Husqvarna customer service for further instructions. Please have the receipt and the product’s serial number at hand when contacting Husqvarna customer service.
  • Page 41: Applicable To Us/Ca Market

    Conformity and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Issuer: Husqvarna AB, Drottninggatan 2, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Page 42 42 - Applicable to US/CA market 1970 - 001 - 10.10.2022...
  • Page 43 1970 - 001 - 10.10.2022 Applicable to US/CA market - 43...
  • Page 44 AUTOMOWER ® is a trademark owned by Husqvarna AB. © Copyright 2022 HUSQVARNA. All rights reserved. Original instructions 1143191-95 2022-10-13...

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