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3cmos color camera
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Note the following instructions when installing�
• Do not cover the product with any material.
• Do not place the product on any confined Inflammable material such as a
• Do not place the product in a narrow space, as this may cause heat to buildup
Failure to follow the above cautions may result in fire.
Do not place the product in direct sunshine and/or high temperature�
Temperature build up inside the product may result in fire.
Avoid placing in humid, smoky, vaporized or dusty places�
This may result in fire and/or electric shock.
Ask your dealer to perform a periodical check and internal cleaning
(approx� once every five years)�
Dust inside the product may result in fire. For inspection and cleaning cost,
please consult your dealer.
Do not point the lens directly at the sun and/or intense light such as direct
sunlight, etc�
Focusing of the light may cause eye injury and/or fire.
We disclaim any responsibility and shall not be responsible for any damages or losses incurred by
the user in any of the following cases:
1. Fire, earthquake or any other act of God; acts by third parties; misuse by the user, whether inten-
tional or accidental; use under extreme operating conditions.
2. Malfunction or non-function resulting in indirect, additional or consequential damages, including
but not limited to loss of expected income and suspension of business activities.
3. Incorrect use not in compliance with instructions in this instruction manual.
4. Malfunctions resulting from misconnection to other equipment.
5. Repairs or modifications made by the user or caused to be made by the user and carried out by
an unauthorized third party.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, CANON MEDICAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION's liabilities shall not,
in any circumstances, exceed the purchase price of the product.
Copyright and Right of Portrait / Privacy
There may be a conflict with the Copyright Law and other laws when, you, the customer, uses,
displays, distributes, or exhibits an image picked up by the camera without permission from the
copyright holder. Please also note that transfer of an image or file covered by copyright is restricted
to use within the scope permitted by the Copyright Law. In addition, Images taken by the camera
that may reveal the picture or likeness of any individual person may be subject to laws governing
publicity rights of portrait or rights of privacy. You are solely responsible for complying with all appli-
cable laws related to copyright, publicity rights of portrait and rights of privacy.
carpet or blanket.
inside the product.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents