Gain; Shading Correction - Canon JCT-TF5G Instruction Manual

3cmos color camera
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② MANU (Manual white balance)
• Set the MODE to MANU on the WHT BAL menu.
(Refer to the item "7.2 (3) WHT BAL (white balance)" . )
• Shoot a known white object, adjust the white balance adjusting the levels of R GAIN and B GAIN on the menu,
confirming with a monitor etc.
(Refer to the item "7.2 (3) (3.2) Changing the setting in MANU (Manual) mode.)
5� 2 Gain
When shooting in dark locations, if the image is dark even if the lens iris is open, change the gain (video gain) to get
the proper video level.
For the gain adjustment of the unit, MANU (Manual gain control) and OFF (0 dB) modes are provided. Select the
mode on the GAIN menu. (Refer to the item "7.2 (2) GAIN (Video gain)" . )
① MANU (Manual gain)
Gain adjustment is performed on the GAIN menu. The adjustment range is from 0dB to 18dB in 1dB steps.
(Refer to the item "7.2 (2) (2.1) (a) Changing the gain in MANU mode" . )
Gain is fixed at 0 dB.
5� 3 Shading Correction
Due to the lens used or the environmental condition, vertical color shading may occur at the top and bottom of the
screen and at the corners. In this case, the shading correction can decrease the color shading. For the shading cor-
rection of the unit, MANU (Manual shading correction) and OFF (no shading correction) modes for V.SHAD. (Vertical
Shading) and C.SHAD. (Corner Shading) are provided. Select the mode on the SHADING menu. (Refer to the "7.2
(5) (5.2) Changing the manual V.SHAD. (Vertical Shading) correction setting" and "7.2 (5) (5.4) Changing the manual
C.SHAD. (Corner Shading) correction setting" . )
① MANU (Manual Shading)
Adjust the correction amount on the SHADING menu by monitoring the output video on a monitor or waveform
The status is no shading correction.
* The shading correction is effective when the lens iris or zoom ratio is fixed� Use the unit by setting V�SHAD�
and C�SHAD� to OFF�


Table of Contents

Table of Contents