8 ) Returning To Factory Settings; Synchro. Scan Operation; 1 ) Setting By 1H; 2 ) Setting By The Frame - Canon JCT-TF5G Instruction Manual

3cmos color camera
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( 8 ) Returning to factory settings

All the settings can be returned to the factory default status (preset status).
(1) If characters are displayed on the screen, press the [DISP] button to disable the character display.
(2) Push [MENU DOWN] and [DATA DOWN] buttons simultaneously for approx. 1 second.
(3) The preset operation starts. When the preset operation finishes, the character PRESET OK is displayed for
approx. 1 second.
7� 3
Synchro� Scan Operation
The shutter speed can be set by the horizontal scanning period (1H) or by the number of frames.

( 1 ) Setting by 1H

You can set the shutter speed in increments of 1H (NORMAL: 13.74 μs/FAST: 11.31 μs).
You can set the following values.
Partial Scanning OFF 1H/586H to 571H/586H
Partial Scanning ON
* ROIVW is the value set for vertical width in partial scanning.

( 2 ) Setting by the frame

2FRM to 120FRM stand for the setting (long period exposure) by the frame.
The video signal stored during the frame period set is output as 1 frame video image at a frame interval specified.
(Internal VD)
RGB data
(video interval image)
1H/(ROIVW+42)H to (ROIVW+27)H/(ROIVW+42)H
(4FRM setting)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents