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Start; Control Lock; Off; Clock/Timer Display - KitchenAid KDRS407VSS Use & Care Manual

Commercial style dual fuel convection ranges
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The START pad begins any oven function except the Timer,
Control Lock and Sabbath Mode. If not pressed within 5 seconds
after pressing a pad, "START?" will appear on the oven display as
a reminder. If not pressed within 5 minutes after pressing a pad,
the oven display will return to inactive mode (blank) and the
programmed function will be canceled.
If a function has been started and a different function is selected,
"START?" will appear in the display after 5 seconds. If the START
pad is not pressed within 5 seconds, the oven display will return
to the active/already started function.

Control Lock

The Control Lock feature shuts down the control panel pads to
avoid unintended use of the oven.
The Control Lock feature may be used either when the range is in
use or turned off (for example, during cleaning).
The Control Lock is preset unlocked, but can be locked.
When the control is locked, only the TIMER SET/START, TIMER
OFF and OVEN LIGHT pads will function.
To Lock/Unlock Control: Before locking, make sure the oven,
the Timer and Timed Cooking are off. Press and hold the START
pad for 5 seconds until "CONTROL LOCK" appears on the
display. Repeat to unlock and remove "CONTROL LOCK" from
the display.
The OFF pad stops any oven function except for the Clock, Timer
and Control Lock.

Clock/Timer Display

This is a 12-hour clock.
To Set Clock:
2. Press number pads to set time of day.
The Timer can be set in minutes and seconds or hours and
minutes and counts down the set time.
NOTE: The Timer does not start or stop the oven.
To Set Timer:
Press again to switch from MIN/SEC and HR/MIN.
2. Press the number pads to set length of time.
3. Press TIMER SET/START to start the timer.
When the set time ends, timer completion tones will sound,
then reminder tones will sound approximately every
10 seconds.
4. Press TIMER OFF anytime to cancel the Timer and/or stop
reminder tones.
If OFF is pressed, the oven will turn off.
The time can be reset during the countdown by repeating the
above steps.





Options Selection Pad

The OPTIONS selection pad allows you to access special
functions within the Electronic Oven Control that allow you to
customize the product to your needs. These special functions
allow you to change the oven temperature between Fahrenheit
and Celsius, turn the audible signals and prompts on and off, and
adjust the oven calibration. The Dehydrate and Sabbath Mode
are also set using the OPTIONS selection pad.
To Use:
Press OPTIONS. The oven display will scroll through the various
options, starting at 1 and ending in 7. You can also press the
OPTIONS selection pad and number pad to quickly enter the
desired hidden function.
Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion
Tones On/Off
Tones High/Low
Cooking Time Completion Tones On/Off
Oven Temperature Calibration
Sabbath Mode

Fahrenheit and Celsius - Option 1

Fahrenheit is the default setting, but setting may be changed to
To Change: Press OPTIONS, then 1 on the keypad for Celsius.
To convert back to Fahrenheit, press OPTIONS, then 1 again on
the keypad.

Tones - Options 2, 3, 4

Tones are audible signals, indicating the following:
One beep
Function has been entered
Three beeps
Invalid pad press
Preheat Completion Tone
One chime indicates a preheat cycle has been completed.
Timer Completion Tones
Three chimes sound when the timer reaches zero. This can occur
when using the timer for functions other than cooking.
Cooking Time Completion Tones
Three beeps indicate the end of a cooking cycle.
All Tones ON/OFF
All tones are preset to ON, but can be turned OFF.
To change: Press OPTIONS, then 2 to turn tones OFF. To turn
tones ON, press OPTIONS again, and then 2.

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