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Kenwood KCA-iP100 Instruction Manual page 2

Usb direct connection cable for ipod (audio)
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Controllable iPod
Connecting the following iPod to the
Control unit with the KCA-iP100 allows you
to control iPod from the Control unit as a
sound source.
Controllable iPod:
• iPod nano
• iPod nano (Second Generation)
• iPod nano (3rd Generation)
• Fifth Generation iPod (iPod with video)
• iPod classic
• iPod touch
Update iPod software to the latest version.
You can download the latest iPod Updater from the
Apple Web site.
Connectable Control unit
Access the following URL:
Cautions for Usage
• Sound distortion may result when connecting
iPod to Control unit with its EQ (equalizer) function
• The setting may be different before connecting
iPod to the control unit and after disconnecting
iPod from the control unit. Reset the settings as
• Displayable character types and number of
characters may vary depending on the Control unit
• Remove all the accessories such as headphones
from iPod before connecting to Control unit.
When iPod is connected to Control unit with its
accessories connected, you cannot control iPod.
• Do not leave iPod in a car. iPod may be damaged
due to direct sunlight, high temperature, etc.
• For the iPod control method, refer to the instruction
manual for the Control unit.
USB terminal
• Location of the USB terminal varies depending on
the model of the Control unit. For details on the
USB terminal, refer to the instruction manual for the
Control unit.
Information on Disposal of Old Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (applicable for
EU countries that have adopted separate
waste collection systems)
Products with the symbol (crossed-out
wheeled bin) cannot be disposed as
household waste.
Old electrical and electronic equipment
should be recycled at a facility capable
of handling these items and their waste
byproducts. Contact your local authority
for details in locating a recycle facility
nearest to you. Proper recycling and waste
disposal will help conserve resources whilst
preventing detrimental effects on our
health and the environment.
Apple and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the
U.S. and other countries.
KCA-iP100 (1.5m)