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Kenwood KPG-36X Troubleshooting Manual

Kenwood KPG-36X Troubleshooting Manual


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Summary of Contents for Kenwood KPG-36X

  • Page 1 KPG-36X KPG-46X Troubleshooting Version: 1.10 Last Updated: April , 2018 Language: English Type: © 2018 B5A-2782-00...
  • Page 2 This troubleshooting document is supplied on an “as-is” basis and no warranty is made, either express or implied, as to its suitability for any particular purpose. JVC KENWOOD Corporation will not accept any claim for damages whatsoever arising as a result of use or failure of this driver.
  • Page 3 If [UART] is selected, install "CP210x_VCP_Windows". If [USB] is selected, install "Kenwood_Type_1_USB_Driver". Question What do I do if KPG-36X or KPG-46X does not work properly on my PC? Answer Although the cause cannot be specified, the problem may be overcome by one of the following methods.
  • Page 4 How do I change the COM number for KPG-36X or KPG-46X. Answer Normally, a new COM number is automatically assigned to KPG-36X or KPG-46X in the existing PC environment. Depending on the PC, multiple communications ports for items such as a built-in modem or an infrared device are available.
  • Page 5 2. Make sure that the installation of the KPG-36X or KPG-46X driver has completed. 3. Make sure that KPG-36X or KPG-46X is not connected to a USB port on the PC. 4. For Windows 7: Click Windows "Start" button, and then click the "Search programs or files"...
  • Page 6 How do I uninstall the KPG-36X or KPG-46X driver? Question Follow the procedure below to delete KPG-36X or KPG-46X setup file and drivers. Answer 1. Start up the PC, and then make sure that Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 is properly running.
  • Page 7 If sliding the SW of KPG-36X or KPG-46X to [USB], the time required for Answer communication depends largely on the PC used. Also, it may take longer if the firmware is written by using KPG-36X or KPG-46X and the corresponding Fpro (Version 6.30 or later) or KFL (Version 1.22 or later). Note: ◆...

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