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Battery Warnings - GE 45130 User Manual

Garage door sensor
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Note: The Sensor detection system is 'range dependant',
which means Sensors located closer to the Control Center
may seem to have batteries that last longer than those
Sensors at a greater distance. The Lithium cell battery in the
Garage Door Sensor can last up to two years.
Model #
*maximum potential life based upon usage and location
Risk of personal injury
- Prolonged exposure to alarm
siren may cause permanent
hearing loss
Battery Warning!
- Remove batteries before storing
the Alarm or Sensor for extended periods
- Batteries may leak harmful liquids or
ignitable materials or explode causing injury
and product damage
- Do not mix old and new or other battery types
- Replace all batteries at the same time
- Replace fully discharged batteries immediately
Control Center
Garage Sensor
Battery Type Battery Life*
(4) "AAA"
(1) "2032"
24 months
24 months



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