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F.a.q.'s 1 - GE 45130 User Manual

Garage door sensor
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Garage Door Sensor F.A.Q.'S
Q. I bought a new Sensor and the Control Center will not
recognize it. Why?
A. First, make sure that the yellow battery isolation tape
has been removed and that the battery is new. Second,
ensure the battery is inserted into the Sensor according
to polarity(+/-) markings. Third, confirm that the Sensor
has been correctly assigned to a Zone.
Q. I put the Sensor on Zone 4 and it will not set off the
alarm. Why?
A. Zone 4 is a Dedicated Alert Zone and is designed to
monitor Sensors in this Zone. It will only issue an alert
(LED will flash, continuous beeping will be heard). Sensors
in Zone 4 will not set off the alarm. Use Zone 4 for water
Sensors, garage doors, gates, sheds or other areas
that you want to monitor (i.e. areas that you want to be
alerted if there is a problem, but do not want the alarm
to sound).
Q. I erased a Sensor from a Zone and now all of my
other Sensors in that Zone will not work. Why?
A. The system can only erase entire Zones. You will need
to add the other Sensors back in that Zone to the
Control Center again.



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