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GE 45130 User Manual page 13

Garage door sensor
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Q. Why does one of my Zones continually flash?
A. This can be caused by 1 of 2 conditions. First
condition, if it is a rapid flash it means a Sensor in the
Zone has a low battery. If more than one Sensor is in a
Zone, you will need to test each Sensor by putting the
unit into test mode (see pg. 9 of this manual). It may
also be that a Sensor is out of range and cannot make
contact with the Control Center. If this is the case, you
may need to move the Control Center closer or use a
Signal Repeater. The second condition, if it is a slow
flash, one of the Sensors is triggered. Check to ensure
the Sensors in the Zone are closed/reset (i.e. close door,
window, etc).
Q. If one Sensor has a low battery, should I replace all
of the batteries?
A. If Sensors were added at the same time, chances
are good all the batteries will need to be replaced.
Q. How do I know if any Sensors have low batteries?
A. The Control Center will indicate if any Sensor does
not have sufficient power to transmit a status signal
(battery is low). You can also check each Sensor
independently by using the Test Mode
(see pg.9 in manual).
Q. If one Sensor has a low battery, will the other
Sensors in the Zone (or other Zones) continue to
A. Yes, as long as the other Sensors have sufficient
battery power, they will continue to transmit
information to the Control Center and the system will
operate normally.



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