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Intermec 730 User Manual: Known Issues; Application Version History; Version 1.48; Version 1.47

Intermec 730: user guide.
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Known Issues

\n\t as a postamble for scanning does not correctly move to the next field on some computers. Use \r\t instead.
CK30 Printing from meta tags and the line printer control do not work.
CE 5.0 computers may show Too... instead of Tools on the navigation bar.
Windows Mobile prompts for where to reinstall files if more than one storage option is available on the computer. To
prevent this, add the /noaskdest or /noui flag to the HKEY\cabfile\shell\open\command registry key, for example: Under
HKEY\cabfile\shell\open\command, set the default value to \windows\wceload /noui "%1"
CN2 scanning does not work properly and may take an extraordinarily long time to start up and exit the iBrowse
ITCAXEdit works only on 700 Color computers running either the Pocket PC orWindows Mobile operating system.
The use of the F3 function key on Intermec Windows Mobile 5.0 handhelds may trigger an error popup message that
says "':MSCprog' cannot be opened". This "error" is caused by the operating system intercepting the function key before
it gets to iBrowse and interpreting it as a request to launch a program called MSCprog.exe. This interception is by
Microsoft design. Please note that as the Windows Mobile 5.0 platforms continue to evolve, more of the function keys
are being reserved for the use of the operating system.
Application Version History
Version 1.48
Added support for 700 Color and CK32 computers running Windows Mobile 5.0 along with CV30 computers running
Windows CE 5.0.
Added new SIP selection section to the .ini file.
Added support for HomePage URLs longer than 128 characters.
Added new Page Refresh button to the Navigation bar due to the removal of the Page Not Found logic. (See Corrected
table below).
Corrected SIP handling so that the SIP is properly hidden when navigating to a new page on Windows Mobile
Corrected the handling of the META Tag IBrowse_Code39_Format_FullAscii.
The Page Not Found functionality could no longer be supported with new Windows Mobile 6.0 browser object now
being installed with the latest release of Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating Systems for Intermec mobile computers. The
Page Not Found functionality has been removed. Page load errors should be handled by returning to the Home Page or
Refreshing the current page.
Version 1.47
Added support for CN3, CV30 computers with Windows Mobile 5.0. Added support to enable/disable certain scanning
symbologies through the INI file.
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