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Section 5: Additional Operating Features; The Display; Status Indicators; Number Display Formats - HP 12c User Manual

Financial calculator.
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The Display

Status Indicators

Six indicators that appear along the bottom of the display signify the status of the
calculator for certain operations. These status indicators are described elsewhere
in this handbook where the relevant operation is discussed.

Number Display Formats

When the calculator is first turned on after coming from the factory or after
Continuous Memory has been reset, answers are displayed with two decimal
Although you see only two decimal places, all calculations in your hp 12c are
performed with full 10-digit numbers.
When only two decimal places are displayed, numbers are rounded to two
decimal places: if the third digit is 5 through 9, the second digit is increased by
one; if the third digit is 0 through 4, the second digit is not affected. Rounding
occurs regardless of how many decimal places are displayed.
Several options are provided for controlling how numbers appear in the display.
But regardless of which display format or how many displayed decimal places you
specify, the number inside the calculator — which appears altered in the
display — is not altered unless you use the B, !, V, Ý, or # functions.
Standard Display Format. The number 14.87 now in your calculator is
currently being displayed in the standard display format with two decimal places
shown. To display a different number of decimal places, press f followed by a
digit key (0 through 9) specifying the number of decimal places. In the following
examples, notice how the displayed form of the number inside the calculator —
14.87456320 — is rounded to the specified number of digits.
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Section 5: Additional Operating Features

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