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Future Or Past Dates - HP 12c User Manual

Financial calculator.
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Section 2: Percentage and Calendar Functions
Day-Month-Year. To set the date format to day-month-year, press gÔ. To
key in a date with this format in effect:
1. Key in the one or two digits of the day.
2. Press the decimal point key (.).
3. Key in the two digits of the month.
4. Key in the four digits of the year.
For example, to key in 7 April, 2004:
When the date format is set to day-month-year, the D.MY status indicator in the
display is lit. If D.MY is not lit, the date format is set to month-day-year.
The date format remains set to what you last specified until you change it; it is not
reset each time the calculator is turned on. However, if Continuous Memory is reset,
the date format is set to month-day-year.

Future or Past Dates

To determine the date and day that is a given number of days from a given date:
1. Key in the given date and press \.
2. Key in the number of days.
3. If the other date is in the past, press Þ.
4. Press gD.
The answer calculated by the D function is displayed in a special format. The
numbers of the month, day, and year (or day, month, and year) are separated by
digit separators, and the digit at the right of the displayed answer indicates the
day of the week: 1 for Monday through 7 for Sunday.
Example: If you purchased a 120-day option on a piece of land on 14 May
2004, what would be the expiration date ? Assume that you normally express
dates in the day-month-year format.
The day of the week indicated by the D function may differ from that recorded in history
for dates when the Julian calendar was in use. The Julian calendar was standard in England
and its colonies until September 14, 1752, when they switched to the Gregorian calendar.
Other countries adopted the Gregorian calendar at various times.
File name: hp 12c_user's guide_English_HDPMBF12E44
Printered Date: 2005/7/29
Sets date format to day-month-year.
(Display shown assumes date
remains from preceding example.
The full date is not now displayed
because the display format is set to
show only two decimal places, as
described in Section 5.)
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