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Basic Financial Functions; The Financial Registers; Storing Numbers Into The Financial Registers; Displaying Numbers In The Financial Registers - HP 12c User Manual

Financial calculator.
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Basic Financial Functions

The Financial Registers

In addition to the data storage registers discussed on page 23, the hp 12c has five
special registers in which numbers are stored for financial calculations. These
registers are designated n, i, PV, PMT, and FV. The first five keys on the top row of
the calculator are used to store a number from the display into the corresponding
register, to calculate the corresponding financial value and store the result into the
corresponding register, or to display the number stored in the corresponding

Storing Numbers Into the Financial Registers

To store a number into a financial register, key the number into the display, then
press the corresponding key (n, ¼, $, P, or M).

Displaying Numbers in the Financial Registers

To display a number stored in a financial register, press : followed by the
corresponding key.
Which operation is performed when one of these keys is pressed depends upon the last
preceding operation performed: If a number was just stored into a financial register (using
n, ¼, $, P, M, A, or C), pressing one of these five keys calculates the
corresponding value and stores it into the corresponding register; otherwise pressing one of
these five keys merely stores the number from the display into the corresponding register.
It's good practice to press the corresponding key twice after :, since often you may want
to calculate a financial value right after displaying another financial value. As indicated in
the preceding footnote, if you wanted to display FV and then calculate PV, for example, you
should press :MM$. If you didn't press M the second time, pressing $ would
store FV in the PV register rather than calculating PV, and to calculate PV you would have to
press $ again.
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