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Toshiba Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter TIC-LF232A Product Manual

Electromagnetic flowmeter converter.
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Field Intelligent Device Series
Field Intelligent Device Series
Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter
Sanitary Electromagnetic Flowmeter
The electromagnetic flowmeter uses Faraday's Law of
electromagnetic induction to measure the process flow.
The device consists of two units: a detector, through
which the fluid to be measured flows and in which
low-level signals proportional to flow rates are
obtained; and a converter, which supplies excitation
current to the detector, and amplifies the signals from
the detector and then processes and converts the
signals into the 4–20 mA dc current signal.
The LF232 offers various outputs such as totalization
output and multi-range selection outputs. With it
patented Noise-Sentry original noise-suppression
circuit and advanced algorithms. The LF232 is highly
resistant to noise and provides a stable output even
when measuring fluids contain slurries. The LF232 can
be used with a separately mounted detector such as the
LF150 or LF470. The LF232 can also be used with
conventional models of detectors.
The AF900 hand-held terminal (HART*
communicator) can be used to communicate with the
flowmeter from a remote place. See the
Communications signal specification for details about
HART protocol.
*1: HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote
Transducer) is a communication protocol for industrial
sensors recommended by the HCF (HART
Communication Foundation).


Overall Specifications
Measurement range in terms of flow velocity:
Conbination LF150, LF470
0 –1.0 ft/s to 0 – 32.8 ft/s (0 – 0.3 m/s to 0 –10 m/s)
Fluid conductivity: 5µS/cm or more
Ambient temperature: -4 to 140 °F (-20 to 60 °C)
(Storage temperature: -13 to 149 °F (-25 to 65 °C))
Structure: IP67 and NEMA 4X Watertight
Accuracy: the accuracy is dependent on the type of
detector combined with the LF232. See the following
tables for accuracy when combined with specified
・Detector combined
LF470 (Meter size 1/10", 1/6", 1/4"
・Detector combined
LF150 (Meter size 28" to 120" (700 to 3000 mm))
Figure 1. LF232 Converter
Flow rate as a
percent of range
Accuracy: ±0.5 % of Rate*
* This pulse output error result is established under
standard operating conditions at Toshiba's flow
calibration facility, Fuchu Japan.
* Individual meter's measurement error may vary up
to ± 0.8 % of Rate at 3.28 ft/s (1.0 m/s) or more and
± 0.4% of Rate ±0.157 inch/s (4mm/s) at 3.28 ft/s
(1.0 m/s) or less.
* Current output: plus ± 8µA (0.05% of span).
* Refer to individual calibration data for each
individual meter's measurement error.
2.5 to 6 mm))
±0.8% of rate


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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter TIC-LF232A

  • Page 1: Specifications

    LF150 (Meter size 28” to 120” (700 to 3000 mm)) Accuracy: ±0.5 % of Rate* * This pulse output error result is established under standard operating conditions at Toshiba’s flow calibration facility, Fuchu Japan. * Individual meter’s measurement error may vary up to ±...
  • Page 2 Power supply: One of the following can be selected ・100 to 240 Vac (Allowable voltage 80 to 264 Vac, 50/60Hz)* ・24 Vdc (Allowable voltage 21 to 27 Vdc)* *1 When the 7 digit of specification code is “B”, power supply is 100 to 120Vac (Allowable voltage range is 80 to 132VAC, 50/60Hz) *2 When the 7 digit of specification code is “B”,...
  • Page 3 Mag-Prover “Field re-verification” Zero span calibration tool allows unit to be re-calibrated and verified using internal software program. (For more information contact Toshiba International Corp.) Conditions when power fails: Parameter setting values are stored in non-volatile memory and the values will be restored when the power returns to normal condition.
  • Page 4 TIC-LF232A Installation Dimensions 9.33 (237) 8.74 (222) 2.91 (74) Signal cable ground Output cable ground Grounding terminal 2.99 (76) 2.99 (76) 2.99 (76) Excitation cable ground 4-φ12 hole 6.10 (155) Power supply cable ground I/O cable ground Weight : Approximately18 lb (8 kg) (including a mounting bracket) Figure 2.
  • Page 5: External Connections

    External Connections Terminal box Ⅳ wire 5.5mm or more Grounded with 100Ω or less ground resistance Thick walled steel conduit Detector Signal cable (2-wire shielded hard-rubber sheathed cable) (3-wire hard-rubber sheathed cable) Excitation cable Output cable (CVV-S) Digital I/O cable Figure 3.
  • Page 6: Ordering Information

    2. Measuring range 3. I/O function specifications. 4. Ordering scope: Actual flow calibration data: (required or not) 50 100 200 5. Specification of combined detector 6. Other scope: Specification other than standard items. Consult a Toshiba representative before ordering.
  • Page 7 L F 2 3 2 Note 1: For applicable detector code, select one from the following table. To combine with an existing detector, select one depending on the type of replaceable converters. For combination with detectors not listed below, contact Toshiba. Applicable detector code Note 2: When the 7th digit is “B”...
  • Page 8 Specifications are subject to change without notice. ISO9001 and ISO14001 are certified. Printed in Japan 2008-5 (TDOC) © TOSHIBA Corporation 2008 Misuse of this product can result in damages to property or human injury. All Rights Reserved. Read related manuals carefully before using this product.

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